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More Solid Shootin’!

One state over in the lands of the Buckeyes, Columbus, Ohio…

Disturbing footage shows the moment an Amazon warehouse security guard trainee tried to shoot his supervisor in the back of the head before he was gunned down during a firefight with police. 

Ali Hamsa Yusuf, 22, was captured on surveillance video shuffling into the Amazon facility in West Jefferson, Ohio, where he waved a pistol around on May 12 around 4:40 p.m., video from XSYX showed.

Hiring someone named Ali Hamsa Yusuf as a security guard. What could go wrong?

His gun jammed the first time so he racked it and cleared it, the supervisor being completely unaware of that distinctive sound, before firing at him….

….and missing completely. Nice shootin’ Tex! The head is a pretty small target if you are keyed up and a crap shot, he would have been better served to just shoot him center mass a couple of times but the breadcrumbs get their combat experience from video games where headshots are easy.

He fled the premises and was pursued by Columbus cops before getting into a gunfight. He managed to land one shot in the body armor of a cop before the cops took him out.

The security guard told dispatchers that he’d been training Yusuf for approximately two weeks before he tried killing him in cold blood. 

It remains unclear why Yusuf targeted his supervisor. 

Why? Because he is a black guy and anything sets them off, that is why. Maybe the supervisor said something that pricked his honor or maybe nothing at all. His supervisor ran like the high sheriff was after him.

It is 2024 and people are still baffled as to why blacks act like blacks.


  1. SirLawrence

    West Jefferson Ohio is 97% White. Moslem African invader shooting at his hyphen African supervisor with pistol issued for his “good jobs” protecting Chinese junk in AMZN globo warehouse to be purchased on credit by waddling consumer Americans because our economy is who we are.

    Globalism delivered to your front door.

    From what I have heard about working in the Bezos garage sale, I am actually surprised that the whole “going postal” thing hasn’t become “going Amazon”.

    The governor on violence is perhaps a function of the mass apathy and techno-chemical sedation of the workforce.

  2. Harbinger

    You might think that after two weeks on the job, mustafa dindoofus would know that there are cameras literally everywhere at the facility. And how come Amazon has not installed metal detectors at the entrances/exits of their warehouses? They’ve got them at middle schools. They’ve got them at concert venues and sporting events. They should have them at fast food eateries and literally anywhere that ferals, either employees or patrons, are to be found. Not just for weapon detection but to discourage “shrinkage”.

  3. Ohio Copperhead

    Wait a minute! His supervisor who is supposedly a trained SECURITY GUARD didn’t know what it sounds like when someone attempts to fire a gun and it jams?! WTF?!
    Something tells me that head shot wouldn’t have had much of an effect even if he hadn’t missed.

  4. Alex Lund

    While I like your explanation we shouldnt give them hints.
    How can we make sure that if they target their own group they should fire center torso but every other group they should shoot at the head?
    Then their numbers would decrease substantially.

  5. Mike_C

    Whoever captioned that photograph is a poor judge of distance. The shooter is not “about three feet away”. More like 6 to 8 feet, depending on whether you’re talking about distance between their bodies or gun to noggin.

    As to why Yusuf whatever missed? Dare I say it? It was obviously buck fever.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Good Grief. My grandparents home in Dayton, Ohio, built in 1868 for the first wife; never had a locked door until 1956 when the Blacks started moving in. Now, my friends tell me that most of Dayton isn’t safe even in the daytime. Bring the third world or Africa to your shores, and that is exactly what you get. We need a major cleansing in this country.

  7. Joe Blow

    It’s not that people are surprised when blacks act like blacks, it’s that we’ve been conditioned to believe what our eyes observe makes us racist.

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