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I’ve been thinking more about normies and my recent post: None Are Beyond Red-Pilling.

It is often said that the Republican to Libertarian to Dissident Right pipeline is real and for many it is, in fact that was more or less my path. I grew up in a staunchly conservative, traditional Republican family and embraced conservatism when I became an adult. I believed the rhetoric about “muh free markets” and defeating the godless commies and that Ronald Reagan belonged on Mt. Rushmore. As I got older and watched the GOP run one moron after another (H.W. Bush and Dole) and especially with the rise of the imbecilic “compassionate conservative” George W. Bush, I realized that the Republican party was utterly useless and contemptible.

Still thinking that the solution to all of our woes was smaller government and freer markets, I gravitated to Libertarianism, going so far as to vote for Gary Johnson in the Presidential elections of 2012 and 2016. He was a pothead idiot but I could not vote for Mitt Romney and I didn’t think Trump was really going to do anything about immigration. As 2016 unfolded I finally gave in trying to pretend the electoral process worked and went full on to the dark side.

That path worked for me but it doesn’t mean it works for everyone. I have come to the point where I believe that it is far more effective to try to get normies that just don’t pay attention to politics rather than converting the people that consider themselves hard-core conservatives or “politically aware normiecons”.

Politically aware normiecons, and I by that I mean they watch Fox News and read Breitbart and not that they really know what the hell is going on, are for the most part completely brainwashed by those same media outlets. Fox News has never been a serious news organization but now it is Pravda for the neocon military-industrial complex. While it is a waste of time, I do troll normiecon pages on Faceberg on occasion on the subject of Our Greatest Ally and the responses are depressingly uniform.

You can make headway on race issues, especially black crime and illegal mestizo aliens, with these “conservative” types but on the JQ? They refuse to hear it and it seriously upsets them to have anyone so much as question it.

While I am not a JQ absolutist that would say anyone not fully on-board with the JQ is useless, for example American Renaissance and VDare both are great outfits who never bring it up, eventually when you start to look around you are going to run into Them over and over again. At the same time, many of /ourguys/ are going to bring up the JQ at least occasionally or make comments that can be construed as Auntie Zemitism.

That is why I have been thinking that guys who aren’t glued to Fox News and Breitbart might be an easier sell rather than trying to convert normiecons who are convinced that no amount of White blood is too much to be shed to defend Israel. Regular guys that don’t pay that much attention to the news might seem like a tougher sell but I think they are fertile ground, more so in many cases than conservative talk radio junkies.

I would never suggest you don’t try to red-pill normiecon news junkies, just know that being politically aware might not be the advantage you think. Don’t ignore the guys that listen to classic rock while working on their cars that don’t read the news sites or watch Fox News. They might be more open to some of the more…controversial…aspects of dissident politics.


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    As long as that Rapture Express horseshit is around it won’t get any better.
    Lenin made the quote about the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves and saw some comments earlier about prove the Grand Old Politburo isn’t the opposition or that WAR isn’t coming.
    The Marxist WAR of all against all to burn it down for good.
    These people are only useful as boat anchors or bullet catch cover and the glowies don’t care about your poasty, that’s why computer muh internet sensation status will never be taken away.
    Who cares about status as long as the ideas are out there and give up on this fourth world queefocracy as it is already done.

  2. Warren Shafer

    All I hear is about the 6 million. Never is mentioned is the up to 60 million Christians murdered by the communists under Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin from 1918-1930″s.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Absolutely this. It pisses me off to no end that somehow “the 6 million” (that actually wasn’t, even by the very numbers cited by current memorials at the camps, as I understand it) is the worst crime ever perpetrated, but the bolsheviks/soviet commies and Mau’s body counts mean sweet fuck all, even though the numbers are orders of magnitude worse. How the brainwashing was so effective at making the smallest of the major recognized 20th century genocides the “worst thing ever” is beyond me. But it is beyond infuriating that they’ve managed to do it, so fuck those guys.

      • Arthur Sido

        Take ten people from the street of a college town and ask them about Mao and the Stalin purges, you will get blank stares because no one knows anything about them.

        • Big Ruckus D

          Yes, and all by design. Because if they were aware of those purges, “The Holocaust”™️ would just be a second rate historical event of comparatively minor consequence, and couldn’t be so effectively used for the 80 year guilt trip and extortion campaign it has so successfully enabled.

          • Berglander

            Honestly, with the exception of the Holodomor, I doubt the large numbers given in the lChinese and Soviet mass murders. Surely it was in the millions; however 50-60 million seems unlikely and, like the holocaust, the evidence for it is scant. It started as Cold War propaganda and from what I’ve seen, the numbers don’t add up.
            That said, I could be completely wrong and am happy to see other evidence of it.

            • Big Ruckus D

              I’ll concede 50-60 million dead seems like an incomprehensible number. It’d be a lot of work to kill that many, and the required effort alone (short of something like a pandemic that did most of the heavy lifting) calls those figures into question. Nonetheless, the point that the much vaunted 6 million has eclipsed all other large scale human atrocities of the 20th century is solely the result of a well executed decades long propaganda campaign. And that overtly manipulative bullshit just rubs me the wrong way.

    • pyrrhus

      And the 6 million is of course fantasy…There were only 2 million in German occupied countries, many of whom escaped or survived…or in Germany, were members of the military, major corporations, or academic faculties….

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yes, which makes the whole to do about it even that much more insulting. The problem is that the “winners write the history”, thus insofar as the prevailing accepted narrative goes, it is still…6 fucking million (and don’t you dare try to dispute it, goyim).

        Those of us who know it’s bullshit, or are even willing to contemplate that it might not be entirely truthful, are very much in the minority. The rest still either believe it without giving it much day to day thought, or are downright rabidly defensive of the narrative, and cannot even begin to be debated or reasoned with.

        Seeing the present normie reactions to the situation in Israel, and the “pro gaza campus protests” (the latter of which is almost entirely astroturfed bullshit paid for by soros or similar troublemakers) really drives home how ingrained the jew worship is. Yes, the protesters suck, because they are shitty people who have co-opted a ready made narrative for nefarious ends. However, that doesn’t make Israel the good guy. I can’t stand to be within earshot of a TV that has Fux Nooze on (or really any TV showing anything at all for at least the last 5-6 years). The slob and bobbing they give Israel is pukeworthy, they’re sucking so hard they could make the foreskin grow back. And a massive contingent of boomercons are effortlessly taken in by this schtick.

      • Don Curton

        Given the number of times I’ve seen it repeated, I’d say there’s more of a chance that there’s 6 million “holocaust survivors” walking around today than there was 6 million killed. Hell, every single jew in media probably claims to be a holocaust survivor, without any cognitive dissonance about age or history.

        • Big Ruckus D

          Ha, too true. I like to point out to people that WWII was 80 years ago now, and how long does a typical human life last? But somehow we have all these survivors running around. I bet there will be people claiming to be survivors still in another 20 years, which will be mathematically impossible, yet pointing out that obvious disparity will be anti-semitic, naturally.

            • Big Ruckus D

              That is the growth industry now. Apparently some of them figured out the time elapsed since the end of WWII was making it a little too obviously fake and gay to make claims of being a survivor of the camps. This is the same bullshit blacks pull with slavery. How many generations removed are they from the time slaves were a thing? And still they go on milking it until the teat shrivels up.

              Save for those over 85-90 years old, one claiming in 2024 to have been in the camps would damn near have had to been born in one. So, they found a new angle to exploit for fun and prizes.

            • Steve

              This is the next grift, or cudgel they will wield to try to leverage their way over everyone else.
              I haven’t experienced it myself yet, but I can see certain people attempting to try this and yes, the over-emoting over the protests in certain venues is sickening. I’ve watched it with my kids and I just kept repeating the same thing to them, “Remember, these same people who are screaming about anti-semitism are the same people who not only had nothing to say when these same protesters go on an anti-white tirade, but their people encouraged it.”

  3. SirLawrence

    Fair point. Admittedly I waffle on my own convictions relating to my lack of grace for those on their own path.

    I know it’s easier to see once you are here on this side but I also have a real hard time believing the current year conditions to be comparable to those of the past when we stumbled through the progression. The clown is to eleven.

    But then that’s why your point makes sense.

    The guys who see themselves as informed, edgy on the politik, well read in terms of airport departure lounge literature and social media and blog-lite memefarms are going to be more rigid than we were those years back.

    Current year is a sea of madness. People find a flotilla in the vast emptiness and they will tend to cling to it. Even if it’s a giant pink flamingo and a bunch of neon jet skis from the early baywatch days. Telling them there is land just over the horizon is a tough sell.

    A buddy of mine who I thought was right there with me is in fact a full anti-anti-Semite now. The news cycle has these guys buy the balls. They can only cast off so many on-ramps to normiecon before one finally strikes a nerve and they are back on the plantation.

    And sadly these guys are already among the few with any kind of balls.

    The civnat cocktail that these guys sip on reminds me of the whole “poolside for the collapse” theme of the before times manosphere. But without the self awareness.

    Which brings me full circle. I’m okay with the men who are just honest about their price and terms, their position on matters as it serves them. I don’t like it but I understand it.

    But the men who lie to themselves and others, like addicts or secret kings, well time is just too short these days. Just own it or GTFO.

    • Arthur Sido

      It makes me suspect that the whole October 7th thing was carefully coordinated by Netanyahu to create a new narrative of victimhood. Jews in the past have already proven more than happy to kill off fellow Jews to advance Their agenda.

  4. Harbinger

    Frankly, jooz and muzzies bore me. Why on earth should I care about some tiny spit of sand so far away with no strategic interest to me or my country (which has far too many internal concerns of its own). As far as I am concerned, this is two non-White groups who are hell-bent on destroying one another, and I say Godspeed, both of you. I really do not understand this worldwide obsession with a couple of ancient cultures that have no relevance to me and mine in modern-day America. It is reminiscent of the bloody war between Rwandan Hutus and Tutsis that killed over 2 million dindus. So they are genociding one another. I got bills to pay. Why the fuck should I care?

    • Berglander

      Because they’re not only on a tiny spit of land halfway around the world. They own DC and the Jawas are always bringing more sand people into White countries.

    • Arthur Sido

      The difference is that Hutus and Tutsis don’t control the major institutions of the U.S. If Jews and Muslims would confine their activities to the Middle East, I would happily cheer on both sides to kill the other, but They are already here and are hellbent on dragging us endlessly into their squabbles.


    One thing I love about the articles and comments here is learning new things.

    I had to look up the JQ. Search took me to Wickedpedia and I immediately went there because it’s so reliably 180 degrees from the truth and easy to figure out.

    I’ll freely confess to my dissident brethren that I voted for McStain and Shit Romney. And voted for Orange Man Bad.

    I went the same route, “conservative” Republican, to libertarian, and ultimately dissident.

    The lone thing I admire about Orange Man Bad is that the homo/pedo JQ/DOJ cabal have to keep pulling down more curtains and revealing the true face of Oz.

  6. Xzebek

    Always try to prostelytize and convert. We need more allies and you never what you might say to a normie that will click for them.

      • Berglander

        If I’m not effective talking about these things, I’ll change my approach. I can’t control someone’s receptivity to what I say, but I can absolutely change how I deliver the message and maybe something will stick.
        I have found that starting with “IT’S THE JOOOOOOOOZ!” never works.

  7. saoirse

    As I said many times already: Only when the bread and circuses stop will normies and cucks really start paying attention. By then most have been hopelessly corralled and compromised. The ones in various stages of ‘waking up’ don’t get to continue their epiphanies unnoticed.
    You don’t think that ZOG is just going to let them grow a pair so they can turn on them do you? Those budding dissidents will be steered in any direction necessary to mitigate a rebellion. There will be plenty of fake opposition groups to channel them into – all paper tigers. If the dissention continues to mount they’ll whip out more scamdemics and false flags. They ain’t letting go of their goyim slaves!
    The “we were all normies once” mantra is nothing more than a hackneyed cope at this point. What creates a bona fide radical White dissident is a spark – not so much from an external source but from inside one’s own soul. It’s the call from our distant ancestors not from some piece of electronic shit. This spark cannot be extinguished once it takes hold.
    You want to waste your time trying to ignite asbestos tinder go ahead.
    Best of luck to you.

    • Anon

      Alex Jones, for decades, would never name the jew, often instead claiming it’s duh natsees of all people. Joe Rogan’s guests? Often jews. Carl Tucker? At least while on fox, he might have said something approaching key subjects, but would immediately circle around the jew in the room. A bunch from AmRen? No talk of jews. And so on and so on all over the sphere.
      At least they are making it real obvious since oct 23 who controls the us even to the point that Jones had to break down and name Zionists (but of course that is not all jews) and to the point that their golems in the left are starting to malfunction so they send the zogbot golems to break it back into submission. Good for us that this happens finally and sooner than the full collapse (though that needs to happen much sooner as well to give Whites a chance to grab some breathing room and the strength for a reconquest).

    • Berglander

      Thanks, I for one will keep trying to bring more Whites into the fold. Others didn’t give up on me, so I’m not giving up on them.
      Hail victory. Hail our people.

          • berglander

            He’ll get more by trying than by not trying. Fact.
            It’s sad that you’ve given up hope on your race. One thing I admire about niggers and jews is that they are never quick to abandon their people. We could (re)learn a lot from that.

            • saoirse

              Given up hope on my race, because I don’t fall in line with your ideas? Take your “my way or I’ll get pissy and condemn you” attitude and stick it in your ass to keep your brain company. Pompous eunuch!

              • Berglander

                You doing okay, bro? Seriously, you don’t need to go on frothing attacks just because folks disagree with your constant defeatism.

                You want to give up on normie Whites, fine. Whatever. There’s no need to kvetch and wail against those of us who don’t.

                • Lineman

                  Yea never had a normie go zero to a hundred on me but that’s probably because it’s all been in the real and people speak politely when there is consequences to their speech… Don’t understand what it is with our side that they can’t disagree civilly but maybe some really aren’t on our side…Hard too tell when it’s only online…

                • saoirse

                  Says the Republicunt-to-paper-zealot convert who, now that his pious cup runneth over, thinks he’s free to bitch at all apostates without being bitch-slapped.
                  I believe it was I that said best of luck to those that I think are wasting their time. No cheap shots or innuendo because you and your ilk want to do it your way.
                  You’re like the alkie that, upon sobering up, insists his clarity is beyond reproach. So go right ahead and sit in your circle jerk feeling superior. The shit on your face is the shit you tried to talk to someone that wouldn’t put up with it.
                  Get over yourself “bro”. I’m not here looking for allies, especially the know-it-all bandwagon types!

  8. Don Curton

    I’ll use my wife as an example. She’s Gen X like me but definitely displays some boomer attitudes. She’ll do that Christian thing where all of us are equal, we’re all children of God, that sort of thing, then marathon a whole day of investigation discovery TV where it’s just one show after another of black men murdering their white girlfriend/wife. Every time I walk thru the room I’m yelling loudly NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER and eventually she’ll finally say “what the hell is wrong with white women, can’t they find any white men? Hooking up with niggers never works.” I think I have finally made a break-thru.

    Then next day she’s all NA(x)ALT, or IKAGO. What really sets her off is Mexicans, cause she has direct contact with them daily. So, yeah, real life definitely radicalizes her, but since we don’t really interact with the black community it’s more of a theoretical for her and she just can’t quite get there.

    The guy you see who doesn’t read the news, just wants to work on his musclecar and have a few beers? It really depends on his life experience. Has he had to work around niggers and jews? Does he have daily contact? Or is it all an abstraction right up until it slaps him in the face? That’s the telling point right there. I’ve seen more men turn absolutely hardcore racists when they are forced to work with blacks in the field and see how it really goes.

    • Arthur Sido

      Racism is a learned behavior, a response to being forced to interact with blacks and mestizos. As for my wife, she is about the nicest person you could meet but she gets the issues.

  9. Steve

    I stopped voting since HW was first on the ticket. Saw it was a rigged game. Only voted once after that, and only for one candidate, Jesse Ventura (Governor, MN), on the idea that the most absurd candidate would make for the most laughs.

    About a decade or so ago, a Bible-Thumper challenged me on my hardcore Anti-Zionist stance. So I read up on its origins, and became the most Super-Pro-Zionist you ever could meet. Give them their own place to live, and kick them out. I get that’s not going to happen until you also deport blacks, Central- and South-Americans, and a gazillion others. Including those damn Canucks. 😉

    I’m agnostic about JQ, but I don’t see any advantage to having them here, either.

  10. Danny

    Kemosabe … Tonto hold horses while you go vote. Then we ride away fast – government will attack with arrows to make look like Indian attack.

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