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Momma Don’t Play

This is a charming Mother’s Day story for my more sentimental readers, a heartwarming tale of a mother’s love.

Man who attacked, robbed women downtown threatened to have his mom beat up the cops who arrested him, police report says

“If I call my mom, she’ll come to beat your a** and she’ll kill your retard a**,” (Ldarius) Jenkins allegedly told one of the officers. He was also accused of threatening to take matters into his own hands, telling the cop, “I’m finna beat your a**.” However, neither he nor his mother followed through on those alleged threats.

This ties in nicely with the prior post, as this piece of shit was randomly punching women. From April 23rd to May 1st, he is accused of punching three different women, ages 21, 25 and 27, repeatedly. Was it the crack or the black or the just plain crazy? Maybe all three? I would love to see a pic of his momma, I bet she is a landwhale that probably could beat up a cop or three.

I think his name is really Ldarius. His momma was so lazy she didn’t even bother with a vowel between the L and d, or so much as an apostrophe.

The family that finna beat cop ass together, stay together and sheeit!

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Xzebek

    More impulse control on display at Howard University where the graduation gor the nursing program was canceled after family members broke windows at the venue.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Finna? That still elicits a chuckle when I hear (or even moreso read) that “word”. These bixnoods talk like clowns and sheeeit.

    I submit we should start referring to their use of punctuation in their sprogs names as a “muhpostrophe”.

    • Bobsuruncle

      Shiite, I have been trying to figure out the correct spelling of “all right” since 1991. Ah’ite, aiiite, al ight……? Im flummoxed, if there was only an unabridged boon language dictionary. Somebody help.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Mom shot pappy in the gut with a .22 short after he pushed her through a sliding glass door!
    The best was right before the divorce where she threw a meat tenderizer at him and it missed only to stick in a cabinet drawer.
    All of this over some strange panties in the travel bag.
    And some commie rat pieces of shit think they are going to scare me with some burning it all down.
    Yeee Hawww!

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