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Lie Down With Dogs, Get Up With Fleas

Being a mudshark is dangerous business. Even if you avoid being killed or at best abandoned to care for your mixed race children alone, you still run the risk of being collateral damage. Like this chick, Olivia Brown. She and her dusky fella, Darian Wiley, were strolling along in Indianapolis last May…


….when a couple of breadcrumbs are seen on camera running up behind them before fleeing the way they came. Brown and Wiley were murdered and their killers have never been arrested. I am not saying that if she was with a White guy that she would be alive today but I am suggesting that the odds of her being alive would be a lot higher. This is Olivia Brown…

This picture is a few years old I think but what a beautiful young White woman. According to several online sources, she had her bachelors degree and a masters degree.

Liv was a 2016 graduate of Columbus North High School. She went on to graduate from Ball State University and then received her masters degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. Liv was working on receiving her LCSW.

She had a lot going for her but made one significantly poor and eventually fatal decision.

blacks tend to congregate with other blacks and blacks also tend to draw drama like flies to manure, drama that all too often turns into outright violence. Just from my own personal research on mass shootings, it is clear that in most shootings where more than a couple of people are shot, a significant portions (sometimes all of them) are not the intended target. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and especially are around the wrong people. For every mass shooting where Whites are the majority of victims, there are 50, 75 or 100 mass shootings where blacks are the majority of victims and again most of those victims are not the intended target.

The police have described the killing of Olivia Brown as a likely “botched robbery” but I haven’t seen any evidence that would support that. It is just as likely, far more likely in my opinion, that there was some personal beef involving the two black killers and Darian Wiley. I am again basing that on my observation over the course of many years of black criminal behavior. Perhaps there is some evidence to the contrary, I just haven’t seen it.

The odds of getting caught up in hood violence are a lot higher….if you are in the hood and around the residents of the hood. It is just another reason to stay clear of blacks but some young White women just refuse to learn and end up paying the toll.

This is one of my very favorites so far….


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    Again, in many cases, this is more drug-driven than pop-culture driven. At the top of the illicit foodchain you have the whites and Jews of the deepstate making money for blackops, self-enrichment, and the (further) corruption of the political classes. Below them you have the mainly Hispanic cartels and below them on the street level you have the black street dealers. Each part of this hierarchy reflects its various comparative advantages: crooked whites, and Jews have the highest IQs and lowest time preferences, the Hispanics are intermediate, while the blacks are the dumbest, most thuggish and are a protected class because of Jew-driven ideology–perfect for keeping degeneracy and chaos going at the local level where (unlike high level ds deaths) it can be seen and used for gun control.
    Ever hear of the Diss Right writer Giles Cory’s story about how he got into drugs in college? Many of those colleges are in cities, very close to hoods and all are too PC to crack down on black dealers getting product to students.
    Also, read the AmRen stories about white girls in mostly black schools becoming dependent on drugs that blacks monopolize the street distribution of.
    Not every case contains these elements but many do.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      This is one reason why I don’t believe the cashless society will ever happen. The regime would have a hard time explaining how the illegal drug trade still exists while maintaining the facade of “democracy.” Assuming they are still at the stage where they have to explain or justify anything.

  2. LGC

    i had to look it up: LCSW: licensed clinical social worker.

    That says it all, right there. no further comment needed.

    • saoirse

      My thoughts exactly. “Social worker” is typically a euphemism for shitlib shitskin sitter. Strikingly pretty White girl chose to end her gene pool. Good riddance!

      • Berglander

        Social workers are useless eaters.
        Agreed; good riddance, but bittersweet. It’s a sad state that White woman choose this road.

        • saoirse

          Yes, it is sad, and a blow to our race – by design of course.
          I know the answer is indoctrination but still, I can’t for the life of me understand how women so good looking can mate with ugly sub-human pongids. Used to be that just observing them was a potent enough deterrent to cancel out any brainwashing.

          • Berglander

            They’ve been told their whole lives that we’re all equal. That’s why it’s so hard to convert normies. We’re asking them to ignore everything they’ve ever been taught, and to trust their own eyes instead.
            Women love attention, and one way they get attention from their peers is by fucking exotic animals.

            • Max Wiley

              Not just the racial equality scam.
              They are taught to FEEL SORRY for them.
              We all know the penchant of civilized women to gravitate towards salvage projects, in men and animals. It is often a result of misplaced mothering instinct.
              Look at the women who form the majority of the Humane Society – animal rescue nexus.
              Mudsharking and social justice are the same energy.

              • Berglander

                Yep. The “education” has been going on for decades now. Look at how most (not all, fellow commenters, MOST) boomers are completely unaware that the country they grew up in no longer exists.
                We certainly have our work cut out turning it all around…

        • Big Ruckus D

          Concur. And she partook of the double whammy of making herself irredeemably lost: she got a degree to take on a useless shitlib occupation (indicating a fundamental and likely non-correctable defect in mindset), and worse still, she burned the coal.

          There was no coming back to respectability after that, and no real White man would have any part of that mess (assuming she might have ever reached a point of wanting to cast off her bad life decisions and “return to the fray”). I’m sure there would’ve been simps lined up for a shot at damaged goods, but the fundamentally screwed up nature of simps means they are generally write offs as well.

          Once again, choices have consequences, and sometimes those consequences are permanent. Her personal history would’ve made her a huge liability, and who has the time for that? As it is, her poor decision making had permanent consequences of a different sort.

          At least the damage was limited to herself and her “boyfriend”, though I’m sure her violent end had an
          effect on her surviving family.

          But then her parents bear some culpability for the outcome, since they raised her. Unless she was just flat out rebellious (and it remains a parental duty to attempt counteract that, at least) there is a good chance she was brought up steeped in typical PC bullshit about all being equal, and not discriminating based upon appearances, etc. etc. If that is in fact the case, the parents bear direct responsibility for her failure.

          And God knows we’ve seen that play out any number of times (Mollie Tibbets and her parent’s reaction to her murder by an invader, anyone?) so it is entirely within the realm of plausibility she was raised to walk right into such a situation without so much as a second thought. Parents cannot be absolved in any such case of their responsibility for the outcome.

          • Berglander

            Ironically about social workers: a girl I knew in college got a bachelor’s and then a master’s in social work.
            After graduation, she went to work at a call center for $11.00/hr. LMAO.
            But it gets better. About a year later, she finally got a job doing social work…in some nigger-infested part of Kansas City. She called me crying one day, sobbing “You were right. They’re animals!”
            I lost contact with her so I have no clue how that all ended, but damn being exposed to nogs is one of the best ways to make someone hate them.

            • Big Ruckus D

              Would be nice to know if the lesson stuck, or if she simply resorted to denial of reality and carried on doing a job she hated with people she couldn’t stand, all the while believing she was doing the right thing and making a difference.

              Women have an innate talent for that sort of thing, creating an alternate reality in their minds so as to escape – however tenuously – the dissonance in the cognition. I’ve seen it happen many times, and still can’t believe that delusions can so often overcome reality.

              • Ohio Copperhead

                Like men don’t? How many normie men are still acting like QAnon idiots waiting for that sellout Trump to save them?

                • Big Ruckus D

                  True, but how many of them have had an actual moment of clarity where the truth broke through (and they admitted as much), only to then return to the same delusion thereafter? There are men who do that, but by my observations it is far more common to see it happen (and repeatedly, at that) in women.

                • Berglander

                  Look Patriot You Need To TRUST THE PLAN!!1!11!!!
                  Q Is Real And He Said That Real President Trump And The Good Guys Are In Control!!!1!

                  Damn the Q thing was cringe. Lineman and I went to a meeting of very well-meaning people and listened to a Q-lady talk. It was shocking how many people lapped it up.

                  • Lineman

                    Grasping at straws trying to save themselves from drowning in a sea of muds instead of swimming to the shores of White Nationalism because they don’t want to be called racist or God forbid a auntie semite…

            • Ohio Copperhead

              You should try to reconnect with her and send her some highbrow, high-info AmRen articles while she’s still open to it. See if you can find her some job listings for social work in Appalacia. If we want to save our race we need to do less comment thread complaining and more with creating practical solutions to the problems TPTB create to try to demoralize us.

            • Arthur Sido

              If we simply stopped subsidizing that crap by ending Federal student loans, we wouldn’t have an endless number of “college graduates” looking for employment and unable to pay back those loans.


            David Allan Coe has a great underground album and one song in particular dedicated to the deceased, pretty coal burner. I’m glad I got the actual hard copy of the CD because it’s mostly scrubbed from the webs.

          • Arthur Sido

            On the bright side it doesn’t appear that she left behind a passel of mixed race kids that society would have to try to raise until they were incarcerated.

  3. ghostsniper

    Due to circumstances, I have had extensive exposure to negros from my mid teens to my mid 20’s (and not much since then). I worked in concrete construction in southwest Florida, then I enlisted in the army.

    I worked with negros in construction, and I lived with negros (roommates) in the army.

    I was also in numerous fights during that period, with whites, browns and negros.

    2 facts:
    1) Until you have been punched solidly in the face it is not really possible for you to understand the total inhumanity human beings are capable of. All you can do is imagine.

    2) Unless you have lived directly with a male negro you cannot fully comprehend the differences between them and whites nor can you grasp their animalistic and irrational nature. Again, all you can do is observe and imagine.

    In this country, up until about 1960, most people knew that there was major incompatibility between negros and whites and both races mainly avoided each other.

    From my earliest memories, about maybe 5 or 6, I knew about “that part of town” and we did not go there.

    If we did have to drive through “that part of town” it was like it is today, massive litter, squalor, run down buildings, lots of negros standing around, and a general dismalness to the whole place.

    And this was in a small rural town in central PA. It was even worse in the large metropolis’s.

    There is no “cure” for these differences, as history has shown. The best scenario is for the gov’t and private entities to stop funding the continuance of this species and eventually it will die on the vine and by it’s own hand.

    If the gov’t wanted to be helpful to the country at large it would place a bounty of say, $2 an ear, and the problem would vanish in less than a year.

    I’d venture to say the bounty itself wouldn’t even be necessary. Just announce “open season”. Problem solved!

  4. Arete

    Well, I know there are some commenters on here who think there are _no_ ‘good’ blacks, but I disagree, and based on what I read about this, Wiley sounded like one of them. Even just in the surveillance video, you can see he doesn’t dress or carry himself like a ‘hood’ black. He also went to Ball State, apparently worked in construction management and was an active and much admired mentor to kids in a construction program at his former high school. Dad present and accounted for and by all appearances a loving father who is devastated.

    • Max Wiley

      In some neighborhoods, his mere presence – decently dressed, obviously not a hood rat, with a pretty white girl – is enough to get him the label of “uppity Uncle Tom” and place a target on him. Not all of those places would be where blacks live, either.
      It’s as good an explanation as any.
      And as always, there will be individual exceptions to any group profile BUT that in no way disqualifies proven tendencies. The question is always does the group contribute more to society than the problems they cause and in this case that is a resounding “NO!”
      And before you ask…. no relation.

      • Arete

        It’s also a possibility, based on the fact that it was dark out and his clothes and gait did not indicate ‘hood,’ that the two pieces of shit who did it thought they had a couple of easy, white marks. Either way, nothing in my remark suggested that individual exceptions disprove a valid generalization. I just noted that are indeed exceptions, and this young man seems to have been one of them.

    • Anon

      This is why they are still around. Attitudes like this. You spend an entire reply defending a “good one” as if that cancels out all the rest.

      • Arete

        Nowhere did I suggest he canceled out all the rest. Just pointing out that what evidence there is suggests he was a decent guy who didn’t live a life that supports the idea of this having been a revenge killing.

        • Berglander

          They can go be good in Africa.
          There are a couple good ones that I work with…but they still have to go back.

    • Arthur Sido

      It said he attended Ball State but not that he graduated. Even the “good ones” still tend to attract violence and mayhem. There was an old saying when I was growing up, you can take the nigger out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Just found the great David Allan Coe Underground Album in HQ the other day.
    It has the LMFAO Jogger Humper tune, a classic.
    The first nude woman I ever saw (h/t-KD), a beautiful amazon blonde, was a coal burning smoke jumper back in 1982.
    How to tell that you were a miserable failure as a father?
    Daughter is on the stripper pole, Stormy weather flakes, or on the arm of a jogger.
    Always uncivil, always uncouth, always testing limits while riding a unicycle on the third rail.
    Yes we can!

  6. Harbinger

    It is very troubling that a White woman who is this attractive and accomplished feels that her best (or only) option is to miscegenate. This tells me that, barring serious mental issues and early life trauma, she has made the conscious decision that none of the available White men of her acquaintance measure up to what she expects in a partner.

    There have always been White women who burn coal, but through my early adult life they were invariably the very dregs of White society. Fat, stupid, ugly drug users with toxic personalities that naturally made them unattractive as potential mates, at least to normal White men. I was never sorry to bid any of them good riddance.

    But this modern phenomenon of worthy White women, some very worthy, seeking mating opportunities outside their own demographic is literally the death knell for our people. They are committing cultural suicide, all the while shining their virtue beacons for the empty approval of like-minded White lemmings. Any rational being can see the writing on the wall. Why can’t they?

    • Ohio Copperhead

      Hey, Harbinger, did you mention once that you worked in the IT divisions of the dotmil? And saw the same DEI crap there?

      • Harbinger

        Systems engineer for one of the Big Three defense contractors, lo these thirty-plus years. I’ve seen my field go from attracting the best and brightest to prostrating itself before the hydra-headed god of diversity. Just grinding out the last years toward a pension that today’s STEM kiddies could only dream of building.

        • Ohio Copperhead

          I thought so. And alot of other commentators here are equally smart and skilled. There’s something disturbing about seeing the best white minds just sitting around complaining in futility.
          We carry the genes of those who built the modern world! My maternal great uncle was an engineer who helped put the railroads through the swampy, malaria-infested Solomon Islands. Rather than bitching, why don’t we approach the problem as one for which a partial solution can be engineered. Clown world was engineered by men (mostly Jewish ones) and what men can make other men can unmake. The gist of the problem is that the American regime is a de facto parasitic superorganism whose parts work together to defend it, but it has all the weaknesses as well as strengths of a parasite, weaknesses which point to how to (legally/non-violently) overcome it. I was wondering if you had a gab account so that I could DM you some ideas. If nothing else, you might find the empirical/engineering approach to the problem an interesting change from just complaining about it in the comment threads.

    • Arthur Sido

      It seems odd but on the other hand a ton of young White men are weak and soft. It also mentioned in the article that she was passionate about her tattoos so I wonder if she went off the rails a few years ago and went down the piercing/tats/mudshark thing.

  7. Lineman

    The parents hold most of the responsibility of why their daughter was burning coal…You let your daughters go to school with apes then it’s on you if they start breeding with animals…

    • Big Ruckus D

      The public education system is one of the primary vectors of cultural rot. It, along with the universities, are where the left have spent generations inculcating their diseased ideology in young impressionable minds, and they’ve had great success at it. Burn all that down – along with the major media – and then prevent any reestablishment of same under control of any government. Only after so doing can real progress against the enemy actually be claimed.

      Until those institutions are wiped out and their influence permanently curtailed, nothing changes for the better. The present model of indoctrination via education must be broken, but too few people are ready for that. They still claim to have “good schools” (the illusion of which props up the tenuous and mostly fictitious valuations of their homes, which are their single largest measure of wealth and success in life), continue to worship their alma maters by making donations, sending their kids there “because tradition”, and buying into the negrolatus sportsball spectacles that are an integral part of the American college experience.

      Further, they eagerly send their daughters (and sons, of course) into these hellholes despite knowing the things that go on there, and turn a blind eye to the destructive influence of it all. No, the masses are not ready to give all that up, so the destruction of their spawn – and in turn their country – will go on unabated. Collapse will happen, because it has to. There is essentially nothing (even us few pissing into the wind) acting as an effective countervailing force against the masses who still don’t get it, and likely never will. They will suffer the indignity of bitterly watching everything they’ve known slip away from them, and still won’t understand the cause and effect underlying it all.

      Our culture, such as it is, needs a complete redo. FDISK the whole drive and wipe the data with a recursive overwriting utility. A clean OS install is clearly needed, the system can’t continue running on the current virus infested setup.

      • Lineman

        I know it better than most Brother…I have tried to get parents around here on board with doing a one room schoolhouse but the sports aspect of school kept them from doing anything more than saying it was a great idea…

        • Big Ruckus D

          Yes, the modern decadent lifestyle replete with ones stylish accessory children being paraded around in various extracurricular activities (often and obviously for the fulfillment of the parents moreso than the children) is not something they are even close to finding an willingness to dispense with. It is simply too central to their very existence to contemplate it not existing as they have known it.

          I’m not suggesting kids should sit at home and waste their lives watching TV, but the fact is public education is two things: socialized babysitting, and a central hub for children’s activities (mostly sports related) as something the parents are heavily invested in.

          That is the inertia that keeps the whole rotten system in place until it will inevitably blow up. And we are well down that trajectory, but there will be no one (capable of gaining any traction and public support, at least) who steps in and raises the concern that maybe trying to maintain the status quo at all costs isn’t such a good idea.

          I’ve resigned myself to the idea that it will have to die under the weight of all the cancerous tumors that have formed in it, and that – assuming any useful number of surviving remnant – civilization will have to be rebuilt from very nearly zero. The reticence to kill off a system – that clearly isn’t working for it’s adherents – before it’s inevitable collapse is just too strong in too many who have a vested interest in holding onto it for that to ever happen. Yes, we’re going to do this the hard way.

      • Arthur Sido

        That is the case for acceleration in a nutshell. It is going to happen anyway so might as well have it happen while I am young enough to hopefully survive it and help reshape the future.

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