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Jared Takes On Haiti

Good video from Jared Taylor at American Renaissance, looking at the bizarre impulse of Whites to go around the world trying to save non-Whites, the very same people that would gladly and often do kill their would-be White saviors. This is a solid companion to my piece about Davy and Natalie Lloyd, What A Damn Waste.

I liked this line in particular:

“Only White people have such an absurd combination of arrogance, zeal, self-indulgence and lunacy”

Haiti is a bottomless pit for misplaced White suicidal altruism.


  1. Filthie

    But that is the very hell of it, Art.

    I know a few of those guys and they drive me bonkers too. It’s not hubris, naivety or virtue signalling. They know the risks, and they go anyway. It’s…faith, I guess? I want to punch the one at our church right out! He’s a nice guy, one of God’s own, but every couple of years he and his wife spend six months in these shitholes trying to help the locals… and their mission comes straight from God, they answer to Him and if God decides their fate is to be torn apart by lower order primates – they are just peachy with it! They’ll be lucky if they don’t get themselves killed.

    They’re nice people and I worry about them.

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      I guess they never got that mild as doves, but wise as serpents thing counseled to Christians in a largely hostile environment.

    • Anonymous White Male

      “It’s not hubris, naivety or virtue signalling.”

      Actually, it’s all three. Present day Churchianists are merely the Pharisees of our time. Like the Messiah said, “And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.” Typical evangelical and fundamentalist Christians can recite Bible verses. They know what they say, but they don’t know what they mean. They belong to a clique and it is about indoctrination, not about wisdom. Anybody that does missionary work in Haiti and not in their own community is a Pharisee, desiring to appear “spiritual”. They have been deceived by mentors, that were deceived by mentors, that were deceived in seminary school to quote back the doctrine they were force fed. They are not thinkers and have no functional bullshit detector. They have no idea that Lucifer and his minions have infested the highest levels of the franchise they belong to. They somehow think that God would not allow them to be deceived. God has always allowed “believers” to be deceived when they choose to be. He’ll always allow some evil persons to provide a “golden calf” to be worshipped, and, if you’re stupid enough to fall for it, you could be killed in Haiti.

      • Steve

        That’s weird. Your argument shows it’s none of the three, but instead some combination of ignorance and stupidity. They (and their clergy) are being deceived and don’t even realize it.

        I also don’t think the major problem with the Paulians is fundamentalism, but progressivism. (Musloids are the reverse.) For example, it’s not the fundamentalists that are importing third worlders or catering to the perverts. That’s the mainstream lay and clerisy firmly on the Left.

  2. Harbinger

    You can show a 70 IQ feral savage how to shit indoors. But you will never teach him why.

    The only type of person I loathe more than dark-hued sub-humans is the blindingly White do-gooders who anoint themselves Jesus’ personal emissaries on Earth to bring civilization and prosperity to those who neither want nor understand civilization’s purpose. These meddlesome fools are disposable, and Mother Nature herself will ensure that they are disposed of. Haiti is a literal black hole of despair, escape from which is impossible. As with all regions where human evolution has stalled, let Nature take its course.

    Good riddance.

    • Anonymous White Male

      “That’s weird. Your argument shows it’s none of the three, but instead some combination of ignorance and stupidity. They (and their clergy) are being deceived and don’t even realize it.”

      Ignorance and stupidity do not preclude hubris, naivety, or virtue signaling. Embrace the “and”. Plus, you saying that fundamentalists are not importing 3rd worlders or catering to the perverts ignores the fact that they are doing nothing to stop them. Unfortunately, the belief that the “Law has been done away with” has infected all of Christianity. The Creator told us on multiple occasions that if we obeyed The Law we would be protected from evil. Lucifer knew, like Balaam, that he could not interfere in the affairs of Israel, unless he was able to make them violate The Law and bring the promised curses upon themselves. If evangelicals and fundamentalist do nothing to murderers, abortionists, race mixers, homosexuals, etc., they incur a curse upon the land. We are in the end state of the curses that “Christians” have allowed to happen.

  3. Pig Walrus

    I used to run into Haitians off and on in South Florida. The dumbest rudest AIDS infected people you will ever meet. Universally hated.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    They thought taking care of pickaninnys would save them?
    That is so cute.
    Read that the male made some comments about the Armor Of God but you always keep a weapon in your hollowed out Bible.
    Reality is undefeated and never going to lose.
    Massive DJ Himmler, Women Of The SS, Sturmfuhrer, jam session!
    Bout to cut the floor with some moves.

  5. Pastor Martin Lindstedt

    Ben Baker is a Christian Zionist Scubag politician and the state rep for Granby. I was happy to hear that his daughter was likely rped and her husband burnt for eating. This scumbag pays the local baby-stealers to steal white children and then the ones not adopted by rich perverts age out without family support and turned loose with a trash bag to hold they;s scant possessions. This piece of shit did this to my family and let me tell you I’d hunt them down come the next Regvolution. These lawyers and judges need to have done to them what the Frenchand Russians did to theys regime criminals.

    With theys faggotry and do-gooderism they are doing the spawn of Satan’s work and destroying Adamic man. I don’t blame the Haitian nigger 6th-Day Beasts of the Field nearly as much as I blame Satanic whiggers like Ben Baker. Thanks for responding to my tip Arthur, and you too Filthie. Hate these Satanic followers with a Genesis 3:15 hatred..

    Hail Victory!!!

    Pastor Martin ‘Mad Dog’ Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
    LibberToon Candidate for District #1 Newton County Commissioner

    • Steve

      Crap, don’t talk about it! You will be the first suspect. Just do it. Right now if someone else were to do that for you or for himself, most likely you would be the one on death row.

  6. Troy L Messer

    “I don’t blame the Haitian nigger 6th-Day Beasts of the Field nearly as much as I blame Satanic whiggers like Ben Baker. ”

    What pisses me off about these missionaries is a point Arthur made. There is plenty of misery here in the former USA that could be ameliorated. Young White men are killing themselves with fentynal because they have lost hope. AINO (America In Name Only) has homeless in the thousands. When I became homeless, I couldn’t get work because I was “over qualified” (whatever the fuck that is supposed to mean.) All I wanted was a job, a warm place to sleep, and a private place to poo. Plenty of good, not crazy, willing to work men have been thrown to the wolves.

    If there are still Christians like Martin in or around Joplin or Neosho, I might have to consider moving back.

  7. Arete

    I assume what motivates a lot of the missionaries is the large number of orphans, and I can understand that. (I expect someone will respond that those kids aren’t worth the sacrifice, since they will just grow up to be like the adults, but that’s pretty heartless.) Adults there, as are the adults here who have become used to the idea that they are under no obligation to provide for themselves, are beyond help. But no child deserves to starve or live on the street by virtue only of where and to whom they happened to be born, so that keeps the welfare money flowing here, and the aid money there, and yes, it doesn’t do anything in the long run to solve the problem, and in many ways perpetuates it. Solutions could be found, but they would involve some pain and political cost, and would take at least a couple of generations to bear fruit, and our feckless government does not think or plan beyond the next election cycle.

    • Steve

      The old me would likely agree with you. But now, not so much. No one “deserves” anything other than a kick in the seat of the pants. We all fail to utilize our talents. That does not mean it’s our fault, but it also does not mean it’s the kids’ fault. It’s just reality, showing up to kick butt and take names.

      There is no such thing as solutions. Only tradeoffs. Resources get used once. Do you allocate those resources to your kin? Your community? Your nation? Other nations? Utopia is not an option, as nice as that would be.

      • Arete

        ‘Deserve’ was probably not the best word choice, as things do happen all the time to people who don’t ‘deserve’ them, either by chance or fate or God’s “permissive will,” as I heard it phrased once. (That is my reply to you, I guess, Anonymous White Male–no they probably didn’t, yet it happened anyway.)

        I would disagree that there are no solutions, but there are certainly no perfect solutions, and yes, they require tradeoffs. That’s what the do-gooders will never understand. They want to alleviate any and all ‘suffering’ and yet are blind to the fact that eliminating any natural consequences to certain actions just keeps the sources of the suffering flourishing.

      • Big Ruckus D

        No. But what is lacking in the judgement of these fools is the pragmatism of admitting we just can’t save them all.

  8. Pig Walrus

    I was at a flea market in Labelle FL probably 40 years ago. A guy was selling cast iron cookware.
    Good stuff, Griswold, Wagner, etc.
    A solid 300# Haitian sow picks up a skillet and says “How Much?”
    The vendor says “How’s about 50 bucks?”
    With a straight face she says “2 Dolla”
    The guy came unglued. Called her everything you could imagine.
    She never flinched. No shame, and you can’t hurt their feelings.

    • Mike_C

      Howza bow two silva dolla?

      Not flea market but thrift shops: prices on lots of household stuff has basically doubled in the last two years, with the biggest increases the last six months. (And about 90% of the cast iron is Lodge. Sigh.)

      • Steve

        Metallurgically, speaking, cast iron is more or less cast iron. You can make Lodge work. Burn off their coating, clean up their sand-cast pebbling, re-apply coating. I kind of like the heavier weight. Makes a better cornbread than some of the “better” skillets, IMO.

        • ghostsniper

          I bought a 12″ Lodge skillet on amazon 2 years ago and then had to spend a couple hours making it serviceable. Random orbital sander and 80 grit sandpaper.

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