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Insane Or Just Black? You Decide!

In prior posts I have looked at the idea of black behavior, so baffling to White people, as the result of most blacks exhibiting at least some traits that in a White person would be diagnosed as sociopathy (see: High Time Preference And A Lack Of Empathy). It certainly seems that many blacks and more by the day are just flat-out mentally ill. We see the crazed behavior all the time especially in larger cities where obviously crazy blacks push random people down stairs or in front of subway trains. Often when a black guy is shot by cops, he is described as having a “mental health crisis”. That raises the question, what is the difference between standard black violent outbursts and antisocial behavior and genuine mental illness? Or isn’t there a difference and is that behavior simply the result of a low IQ coupled with a propensity for violence and sociopathy?

Here is a fine example of that toxic blend of mental illness and a lack of impulse control with the aid of some crack cocaine:

‘She stabbed me in the back’: Indy woman charged with stabbing a pregnant woman

 An Indy woman has been charged with several felonies after police say she stabbed a pregnant woman in the back and punched her in the face while high on cocaine.

Asha Marie Abdou, a 40-year-old Indianapolis resident, was arrested last month after McCordsville police responded to a stabbing incident at a local apartment complex.

Court documents show that officers were called around 2 a.m. on April 30 to an apartment on West Fox Chase Lane for an intoxicated suspect. The caller, a pregnant woman, said that Abdou was attacking and charging at her after getting drunk and high on cocaine….

…..Abdou was soon taken into custody and placed in a squad car. However, police noted that she smelled of alcohol, was sweating profusely and didn’t understand her Miranda Warning. Officers said she was in an “altered state,” “not fully there” and likely high on narcotics.

Here is the “Indy woman”

“She” looks nice. The story gets better. She has at least four prior arrests including a recent one in November of last year that you might have to read twice….

In addition to these previous cases, Abdou currently has a pending case in Marion Superior Court where she was charged in Nov. 2023 with battering a public defender with bodily waste and operating a car while intoxicated.


I don’t even want to know what exactly one would have to do in order to be charged with battering a public defender with bodily waste. I assume it was literal zoo behavior involving flinging feces.

Is Asha Marie Abdou genuinely crazy or just a drug addled, low IQ breadcrumb or some combination? Then there is this guy, Kashaan Parks….

You might have seen the video, it is horrifying. He casually walks up behind a woman on a street, the woman is clearly oblivious to his presence behind her at 3 AM. He throws his belt around her neck, “lassoing” her and almost immediately rendering her unconscious before dragging her between a couple of cars and raping her.

His own momma apparently convinced him to turn himself in although she still was convinced he wuz a gud boy despite knowing he raped a woman on the street:

The unemployed, married father of two has been struggling with drinking and drug issues in recent weeks, since learning his father died last month in a hospital in Belize, according to his mom.

“He … had a one-year-old baby. It’s not like he was walking the street committing crimes and doing this,” she said. 

“I had my son go be accountable for his actions, no matter that he was drunk, that he was on drugs, that he was grieving,” she added.

“He did something wrong and he has to deal with it. Period.”

Well I hate to be contrary but it is precisely like he was walking the street committing crimes and doing this. It is on video.

There is another factor to consider. It is clichéd to blame “urban culture” as culture is downstream from race, but I absolutely believe that the endless messages of violence, of the bizarre black “honor culture” that demands retribution and escalation to any perceived slights (being “dissed”) and of course the constant drumbeat of black victimization by Whites frequently pushes easily triggered blacks over the edge into acting on their violent nature. Simpler minds can’t distinguish between fantasy and reality. I can listen to Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy” without feeling as if I should go out to literally seek & destroy someone.

Dare I suggest that being black makes a certain level of what we would call mental illness in White people all but inevitable? The sociopathy, lack of empathy, violent tendencies, delighting in cruelty. That raises a host of other issues to add to the already insurmountable issues surrounding black crime. If black behavior is indistinguishable from mental illness, how can law enforcement respond to the plague of black criminal behavior?

This one came out pretty realistic, it is kind of creepy


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Mugshot number one: that’s a man, baby! Damn, it almost looks like an inversion of Mr. Clean, or maybe Mr.
    Potato Head brought to life. She was channeling Triumph the insult comic dog, “more substandard legal representation….for me to POOP ON!”

    You have a good working theory going here, in any case.

  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Blacks are just crazy-period. A woman that I work with had a 19 yro daughter, living with the baby-daddy, who was beaten to death while being just days away from giving birth. They were both black, but the baby-daddy thought the daughter “disrespected him” and so, wanted to teach her a lesson. Imagine……beating a 9 months pregnant woman to death. The year before, a young Hispanic girl was knifed, run over, and shot by her black boyfriend because she broke up with him. It’s simply genetic.

  3. Moe Gibbs

    You can bet that the day is not far off when the “cultural defense” is raised and upheld in U.S. courts. Dog-fighting? Cannibalism? Honor killings? Rape committed during a ‘sexual emergency’? All understandable and well within the cultural norms of certain demographics, each of which the left deems equally moral, relative to one another.

    Jews and muslims think we are barbaric for eating pork. We think the sandworms are barbaric for dressing their women in death robes and stoning them for violating the oppressive norms of their peaceful religion. I am certain that the day will come when there will be legally codified differences in judgment and sentencing for Whites and non-Whites. We’ve already got a de facto two-tier justice system in place in every large blue city.

    I don’t want to play this game anymore. How do we get off this ride?

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Being insane in the membrane has never bothered me.
    In fact it is just right for burning it all down times.
    The only problem is that the ruff n’ tuff creampuffs don’t want to play anymore when the 20 round box mag is showing with six more on the belt.
    As for mooncrickets you always let them know…don’t start none and there won’t be none.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Now you know why “justice” ketanji has such difficulty defining what a “woman” is. She’s spent too much of her life around such speciMENs.

  5. Squib

    In the 50’s a bowhunter named Howard Hill made a movie, “Tembo”. His exploits on the Dark Continent. Was somewhat hokey. What was not hokey, but very real, was a scene he filmed with a bunch of locals. They danced right up to the camera with spears shaking- and then just lost their shit. Like a switch got thrown. They were obviously ready to kill and eat what they killed. I am sure you could not find the movie available today.

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