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Headlines You Only See When blacks Are Involved

First off, why the hell is there a “graduation ceremony” for kindergarten kids? Second….

Three people were arrested after a video obtained by FOX13 shows adults and children fighting at a kindergarten graduation.

Deputies were told that a fight happened on May 15, 2024, at Buckley Carpenter Elementary’s gym during the schools’ kindergarten graduation where hundreds of parents and schoolchildren were present.

The deputy said he saw a large group of adults fighting in the bleachers. One deputy was able to grab a woman, Tyeisha Humphreys, who was punching another person, identified as Kierra Smith, records show.

The report also reads that the deputy separated the women and placed Humphreys in a hallway, but she went back to fight Smith again in the gym with the other group. Humphreys was grabbed again and was detained and escorted outside the school.

Tyeshia be the chick on the right and if the part in her nappy head goes any further it she might have a reverse Mohwak, her mama Rhonda Humphreys is in the center and was also arrested but as you will see in the video, she claims she dindu nuffin.

It gets even more niggery from there….

Investigators spoke with Humphreys and she said she was sitting in the gym during the graduation when Smith smacked her and then caused a large fight to break out. She also told investigators that she grew up with Smith, and she has an order of protection against her.

Smith told investigators that Humphreys actually smacked her after she was speaking to a child. 

Video obtained by law enforcement showed that Smith was seated in the bleachers and Humphreys entered the gym and sat behind Smith. Humphreys then moved up several rows from Smith when a child and their father, Freddie Springfield, came into the gym and sat next to another child and Smith, records show.

Investigators obtained video showing an argument between a child and Smith. The child then stood up and took an aggressive stance. Smith then stood up as well and that was when Humphreys came down the bleachers and hit Smith from behind.

Humphreys continued to attack Smith and a large fight ensued between 10-12 adults and children, records show.

The child took an “aggressive stance”? JFC. The male breadcrumb in the photo above is one Dantavious Gilchrease. What did Dantavious do to get arrested?

Records also show that a man identified Dantavious Gilchrease was charged as well for an argument outside the school and telling a woman, Rhonda Humphreys, during the feud that he would shoot her in the face. 

Threatening to shoot a woman in the face. What a tough guy! It wasn’t just the adults…

Several children were charged as well, records show.

Here is the news report, if you can figure out what these people are saying because all of them including the reporter sound borderline illiterate.

There are over 500 chidlins at Buckley-Carpenter Elementary School, around 2/3 are black. You can be sure that many of them will be arrested during their remainder of their school years and beyond.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Had my man Dontavious made good on his threat and capped mama Rhonda in the face, it would only have been an improvement, if that mugshot tells me anything.

    Kindergarten “graduation”. I guess they have to celebrate the smallest of successes, given what the future holds for the majority of those children. What could any of them possibly have to look forward to, given the start in life that they’ve had?

  2. Charlie E Hargrave

    I just got back from a niece’s graduation in Austin. I was a bit nervous with the large number of blacks there.
    They had a clear bag policy, but no checks for weapons in any other way.

    Very visible and numerous police presence. Other than them being really loud when their graduate crossed the stage it went smoothly.

    I was quite happy to get outta there.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Heh. I had a kindergarten graduation ceremony back in 1979, though I attended a Catholic school, where that seems to have been thing. I guess public “schools” co-opted it at some point. Maybe it was a regional sort of thing, hell if I know. I can tell you we had zero breadcrumbs in my class, and the ceremony was a nice, orderly affair with my grandparents even in attendance. This news back when multi-generational family bonds were a lot stronger than they are now, and familieschqd children younger, so we actually got to spend time with our grandparents. A novel concept, I know. Nowadays, so many kids have had their grandparents pre-decease them, or they’ve moved away from the Midwest to Florida or Arizona for retirement. Please indulge my brief reminiscing, it was a nice little diversion from thinking about wonton niggotry for a few minutes (which is something I end up doing far too much, as an internationally reviled thought criminal).

  4. Randolph Scott

    Monkey see monkey do. Kinda like nigaa see, nigaa gonna shoot shiet that ain’t his.

    We need to enforce monkey laws and let niggas continue to shoot each other.

    • Arthur Sido

      It can’t be overstated that when little niglets see older nigs acting like this, it signals to them that acting on their base impulses is proper. Then dey mama acts surprised when Darquiverous gets capped on the corner cuz he wuz a good boy.


    Kindergarten graduations were something I did not grow up with either. Now, it’s a graduation from that, middle school, junior high, you name it.

    Unless it’s high school, I don’t attend them or bother to even respond to the invitations (invoices).

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    I’m loving this steaming fundamentally transformed West South Africa third world turd worldwide laughingstock.
    Yes we can!
    Can I axe you a questions, what happens if all the Magic Soil evaporates?
    Burn it all down?
    Please make it so, by any means necessary.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    I damned near needed a translator when Mama Rhonda Humphrey was talking. Ebonics is the future! Give the country another 4 years and we will all be speaking in our native tongue(s).Graduation from kindergarten is ridiculous. Most didn’t learn the whole alphabet or get beyond the primary colors. No wonder no country in the world takes us seriously.

  8. John Wilder

    There used to be kindergarten and 8th grade graduations. I still have my kindergarten diploma, I think it said “Master of Fun”, or something similar. Might have been rural.

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