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Dumb And Dumber

A couple of local yokels that capped a different local yokel got sentenced for the murder and the mugshots? Wow.

This is the guy that was killed, Jaiyvian Rashad Hamilton. He looks like he might be on the right side of the black bell curve.

Honestly with a name like Jaiyvian the odds of him being murdered by another black guy were close to 100%. The guy that actually committed the murder is one Michael Glover who just turned 21last week before being sentenced to 50 years in prison. Happy birthday Mike!

Dead eyes? Check. I wonder what he is thinking about or if he is even capable of thinking at all.

As painfully dumb as Michael Glover looks, his accomplice Jonathan Lee Taylor might have the lowest IQ (measured by the stupid look on his face) in recorded history….

That goes past dead eyes or a vacant stare into territory I can’t even define. Taylor was sentenced to 16 years for “aggravated battery inflicting injury that causes serious permanent disfigurement” which seems like a pretty specific crime, especially since the victim is dead and unlikely to be concerned with serious permanent disfigurement.

Why did Michael Glover kill Jaiyvian Rashad Hamilton? We have a clue in the story:

Jaiyvian Hamilton was a central figure in his family’s life – the oldest child who looked after his siblings, two of whom are autistic.

Lukresia Outlaw, a behavioral consultant who works with the family, explained just how big a hole was left after Hamilton was gunned down, presumably because both he and Glover were led to believe they were the father of the same woman’s child.

Ah, some local cum-dumpster who was collecting semen samples from the entire neighborhood got knocked up and at least two of the brothas thought dey was dat baby daddy so one decides to kill another. Weird because I am sure once the baby is born Glover would have nothing to do with it. Once more the perverse black “honor culture” comes into play. Glover felt “disrespected” because some whore he was banging was also banging some other guy (guys) so of course the only possible remedy is to shoot the other guy. Now he gets 50 years in jail (minus 5).

Our local news never fails to disappoint when covering anything firearms related….

Hamilton read the pre-sentencing investigation and found that Glover claimed he shot Jaiyvian in the arm, as if shooting him in the arm was not as bad as another place, she said. But the weapon he used was a Draco, Michelle Hamilton said while recounting the pre-sentencing investigation, which is an assault rifle that uses bullets deadlier than other weapons.

First, the Draco is technically a pistol, and second most Dracos are chambered in 7.62×39. Sure I wouldn’t want to be shot by a 7.62 but I would rather be shot by that than a 30-06. Morons. At least there weren’t a ton of grammatical and spelling errors which is typical for the local “journalists”.

On the bright side, the victim leaves behind who knows how many little siblings including two that are “autistic” so I am sure the entire family will be a solid addition to the Fort Wayne community in the years to come. Meanwhile the baby mama/community cum dumpster is about to have a baby with at least two possible fathers, one murdered and another in jail for 50 years for his murder. Maybe she can pin the baby on a different dude? If it is Michael Glover’s spawn you can bet it will be at least as dumb and violent as him.

Round and round she goes.


  1. Harbinger

    How does one determine autism in a young dindu? Their regular behavior seems to place the vast majority of them squarely on the spectrum, and by IQ alone, some 75% of blacks fall south of the threshold of mental retardation. They collectively exhibit BPD and a welter of other psychological disorders that in White subjects would be easily diagnosed as anti-social tendencies. Is there a black DSM that relates specifically to that demographic’s unique blend of human failings? If there ain’t, there should be.

    • Arthur Sido

      That was my question as well, it seems like it would be tough to diagnose but I bet if you can get someone to sign off on that autism diagnosis, dey momma can get more Federal shekels.

        • Bear in Indy

          I am underwhelmed by any serious effort of originality these people display. They are truly F,ing retarded.
          Used to think I wasn’t very bright, until I started reading your blog. Now, as I second guess most of my choices, I find I am not so bad as my ex girlfriend says I am.
          Bear in Indy

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    The Medusa hair?
    A brotha was working his Milli Vanilli weave in the front window of the local scruel (school) like some narcissist Friday.
    Tell me more about how burning it all down isn’t a feature.
    I wonder if any mind altering substances were involved with this one?
    Even ol’ Warpig Ozzy pissed on the Alamo while high as a kite.
    Someone should remind him of the classic song as he pimps for more war in the Kraine.
    For autism check from Uncle Sugar you have to be almost helmet for safety and acting out, cursing all the time level, and whites need not waste time applying.
    If you do get a sugartit check and don’t make a bank account, they take it away after two months.

  3. Xzebek

    In the same vein, there was a shooting at a baby shower in Brooklyn. 1 dead 4 wounded. With that ratio I’m betting chimps. I wonder how many of the local hold rats hit up the “mother” like in this story.

  4. ghostsniper

    My hope is that Glover breaks loose and guns down the ho and the imbedded future criminal it carries.

    Then the jackboots gun him down with 431 “high powered” rounds.

    I’ll pay 100 of my favorite legal tenders to view video of that entire event unedited and complete with sound and full color.

  5. TakeAHardLook

    A “Draco.” Why, ever’body know dat doze thangs can shoot “magic bullets” dat, yo, can hit you an’ den dey goes all ’round yo body, den come up outta yo ass.

    Brutha takes a cap from dat ‘n he gwine be daid, knowwhad i’m sayin’ to y’all? Sheeeeeeeit!

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