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Don’t Interfere With blacks Being black

Another dead White guy who tried to intervene when a black guy was having a temper tantrum.


The story is all too familiar. The black guy, Anthony Martin Landry (no relation to Tom Landry) was having a temper tantrum, demanding a refund from the workers at a Houston McDonald’s. He was berating the staff and according to reports was using “racial slurs”. The attorney, Jeffrey Limmer, attempted to intervene. The men got into an argument and it escalated into one of the men shoving the other down. The different reports I have read say Limmer pushed Landry down while others say the opposite. It seems more likely that the White guy, Limmer, pushed Landry down. Either way, the black man, Anthony Landry, reportedly went to his truck, grabbed a pistol and then shot Limmer twice, killing him.

Limmer made a classic White guy mistake, interfering with a black guy acting like a black guy. Limmer apparently thought that he could reason with Landry like a human being, but once a black guy thinks he is being disrespected you can’t talk them down. Better to just let them go. Sucks for the McDonald’s staff but then again it sucks working at McDonald’s in general.

It is important to note that Landry walked away and got his gun, there is no indication that Limmer was pursuing him or presenting an ongoing threat. That is critical for people that would be like “Hey what about castle doctrine and self-defense?”, it is not considered self-defense if you go get a firearm and shoot someone that isn’t a threat at the time.

There are two things that are likely to happen if you interfere with a black person being black in public.

One, you can end up like Daniel Penny or Derek Chauvin and be arrested.

Two, you can end up dead like Jeffrey Limmer.

It is bullshit but that is what it is. The law of the jungle rules and while Landry was arrested and will likely be convicted of murder, that doesn’t bring Limmer back. A White guy is dead, a black guy will spend decades in prison. No one wins.

The rule is unchanging. Avoid cities and crowds, avoid blacks and never relax around them and don’t interfere with blacks acting like blacks. Failure to follow these rules can lead to you being in prison or the ground.


  1. SirLawrence

    Given black “culture” is the dominant culture across FUSA, it is best to avoid interfering with whites that are acting black as well.

    There was probably a time in that dayglow of the ’80’s when you could still talk a whigger down from the vines but anymore the pale apes of the dollar store strawberry vape Serengeti throw off the same kind of vibes.

    Same goes for the tore up “lets you and him fight” mudsharks who absolutely won’t tolerate no racisms.

    Of course, the darkies lead in all categories – and urban density is just an actuarial lottery scratcher, but there are plenty of wrong-place-wrong-time winners out here where the blacks just drive through on the interstate in their escalades. The Jungle is everywhere now.

  2. Harbinger

    I do not mean to make excuses or go all IKAGO here, but we’ve noticed a world of difference between the blacks we endured up north and the ones we interact with down here in South Texas. Up north they were ALL on hair-trigger, just itching for trouble all the time. Down here, they can be genuinely personable, to my utter shock.

    Last night at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen our waitress was a charming, thin young black woman who made eye contact and smiled (something that NEVER happened in New York) and earned her tip. At least half of the patrons at the ridiculously crowded restaurant were groups of blacks taking mama out for her special day, and none were loud, or rude, even while waiting up to two hours for seating. It was like being in another world.

    I wouldn’t trust a one of them as far as I could spit, however, for I know that if you scratch the surface, even Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas would revert right back to their jungle roots. But it was refreshing to see that under ideal conditions, they can make the effort to act civilized, even when in the majority.

    Unlike our late, lamented lawyer friend in the McDonalds incident, there is no conceivable circumstance under which I would intervene in a nascent chimpout that did not directly involve me and mine. You might suppose that as a lawyer he would be well versed in the ways of those who so frequently run afoul of the law. That takes some world class arrogance to suppose that he could talk down a riled-up feral with his courtroom smack.

    • Filthie

      All that is required is simple race realism.

      The statistics and bell curve don’t lie. 40% of blacks are literally too stupid to hold a mundane job. The average black IQ is 85. Mohammed Ali had an IQ of 79 which is mild mental retardation in white people. Combine an intellect like that with a volatile temperament… and you get hell on wheels and niggers with guns.

      The old adage is to avoid stupid places with stupid people in them. Fast food and low end restaurants are favourite gathering places for low order primates and vibrant monkeyshines. Generally speaking they are good places to avoid for the more intelligent.

      • Jeffrey Zoar

        Majority of white/black interactions, and virtually all the IKAGOs, are on the right side of the bell curve. Most whites are rarely or never exposed to the left side. This has a way of unrealistically “coloring” white perception on the matter.

    • Anon

      >Here in South Texas
      This event happened in Houston. That not South Texas enough?
      It’s everywhere, wherever they may be.


      I’m in Houston often, and have been in that Mickey D’s on Katy Freeway and Chimney Rock a few times stuffing my gullet.

      Apparently the victim lawyer lived in that nice neighborhood behind there. Kind of like the story in Stand By Me where the good guy lawyer tries to break up a fight and gets shanked or shot. Tough shit, lawyers bleed, too.

  3. saoirse

    Family and friends refrain from becoming radicalized – too ‘righteous’ for that. Instead, they’ll bask in the attention for a few days, then it’s back to living in willful ignorance. They’ll vote harder for the ‘law and order’ prostitutes this time.
    Gubment won’t prosecute as a hate crime. Nigger may even be released during the next prison overcrowding ‘crisis’.
    Rinse and repeat.
    Next White victim step right up!

  4. ghostsniper

    “…it sucks working at McDonald’s in general.”

    I worked there in the summer of 1970 at age 15 and was glad to do so.
    I made $1.25 hr and at the end of an 8 hour summer day in SW Fla I had made $10. How else can a 15 yo make that kind of money? The previous 2 summers I mowed at $3 each and did maybe 2 day. In the blazing sun. The following summer when I was 16 I was working in concrete construction making $4 an hour.

    McDonalds type jobs were never intended for lifelong losers and the work it self is mundane and trivial and meant as a stepping stone to higher rungs of the ladder to success.

    Anyway, I don’t understand how anyone can have anything to do with any negro any where. They are ticking violent timebombs and repulsive to even look at. The very idea of trying to consume a meal in a commercial establishment with even one negro in view is beyond my grasp. As long as white people continue to accommodate negros into their lives in any way, the negros will demand even more from them. The accommodating whites get what they deserve.

    • Lineman

      Exactly Right Brother…Sad that our side still lives around them because they are too comfortable to get out from living amongst them…

      • ghostsniper

        Overall? No. The gov’t has made it almost impossible to hire a 15 yo. So where does that leave McDonalds? They have to hire people that are beyond the gov’t grasp, which require more money.

        I worked in construction at ages 16 and 17 and I believe OSHA put a cease to that. Once again, everybody gets it in the asspocket when the gov’t gets involved.

      • pdx r13

        I worked at a Seattle Mc Donalds location for 10 weeks as a junior in HS. It was a useful training experience, by the company, coworkers and customers. I was fire-extinguished by a black co-worker for his amusement. I learned every job (crew) as well as how to supervise day and overnight shifts. My high school football (stars) would attempt to get 99% discounts. I did arrange for a 30 gallon garbage bag of “waste” (food under lights for 30 minutes-uggh) to be dropped into a pickup truck bed instead of locked dumpster. Legendary team feast occurred, never to be repeated. 10 weeks was plenty of FF experience to make USAF seem pretty great a few years later. In retrospect, there were very few darker Americans in Seattle of early 1980’s, or I did not frequent sporty venues and they avoided my bookstores, libraries, boatyards, and Ballard.

  5. Max Wiley

    In today’s political climate, especially in Houston, it is not at ALL certain that the murderer is going away for decades. White guy crossed the invisible line, as you said interfering with a black guy doing black things, it won’t be hard to get a jury in Houston that will never vote to convict.
    I predict the DA is well aware of this fact and even sympathetic and will allow it to be plead down to something truly ridiculous.
    Get out of blue run cities, right now. The best time was 10 years ago but now will work if you missed that window. They are no place for civilized people.

    • Lineman

      But, but, but muh job, muh house, muh lifestyle, muh places of food and entertainment the list goes on and on and on…So tiresome to hear the constant excuses of why Whites can’t do what is necessary for the survival of their family and race…

      • ghostsniper

        THOSE whites are not wanted on our side. They are obviously a burden, only 1 or 2 steps above negros. So let them stay and become victims. Serves em right. Harden your heart.

      • Bobsuruncle

        From the movie “Kingpin”. Woody Harrelson’s character, Roy Munson an up and coming bowler makes a corrupt bet with some shifty dudes that they treat him to a hand amputation via the bowling ball return machine, the term then becomes well known for a dumbass getting hurt for being a dumbass basically. Getting Limmered just took dumbassery and the penalty up a notch.

        Just watch the movie, its hilarious. if you dont get it go back to Murder she Wrote. I hear angela is pretty hot, maybe hotter to some than Angel.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    I watched a YouTube video of a Russian shopping mall in Moscow. Jesus-it was 1959 all over again; CLEAN, shops were full of beautiful clothing-including Dior, Lancome, Adidas, etc. The cafes and restaurants were modern, CLEAN, people were talking, visiting with other patrons, and enjoying life. I kept thinking, what is wrong with this picture? Then it occurred to me: no negroes. It was/is all white people. Of course it is clean, well run, and busy.

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