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Chiquita Update

A quick update on the Banana Slayer. When we last checked in on the mass shooting in Stockton, Alabama we found that three people had died, among them Chiquita Ewing (See: May Day! May Day!). Two fellas have been arrested, including one charged with the death of a different breadcrumb named Christian Bradley.

The second suspect arrested in connection with the May Day shooting in Stockton is due in court this afternoon, News 5 has learned.

WKRG News 5’s Debbie Williams spoke with investigators after 19-year-old Tyquan French was arrested and charged with the murder of 24-year-old Christian Bradley last night.

Bradley was French’s target, investigators believe, but authorities say that doesn’t mean French will only face charges related to his murder.

“When you have a crowd of a thousand people and you’re firing numerous rounds at a person, some of those are going to miss, and some of those are going to go into a crowd, so certainly there’s a potential (that) he will be charged with additional felony charges,” said Baldwin County Chief Deputy Anthony Lowery.

`19 years old. Life is over for that boy. Naming your kid Tyquan is a near-certain way to ensure he ends up in jail for life or dead. This shooting led to three deaths so far and 15 others wounded, so at least 18 people shot in total. I wonder why no one seems to be covering it?


  1. Anonymous

    We make much fun of the silly scrabble names that these creatures are born with, but Tyquan French could have been named Jay Hollingsworth Bennington III and the trajectory of his life would not have been altered by so much as a fraction of a degree. The ghetto names just add an element of humor while giving away the game when the media plays coy by withholding the scowling mugshot. The time is fast approaching when providing the revealing names will be deemed as promoting racism and single letter abbreviations will have to suffice. At that point, sans mugshot and full name, we’ll be reduced to assuming the race of perp by the savageness and stupidity of the crime.

  2. Skeptic

    “That boy” has no place in a first world society. Never did. He is genetically incapable of functioning within it, so he did the equivalent of a monkey throwing his shit – he shot into a crowd.

  3. ghostsniper

    They have no sense of time.
    They have no sense of conscience.
    They have no sense of empathy.
    They have no sense of consequence.
    Therefore prison can never be a deterrence to them.
    Further, most of the males in their circle are familiar with prison.
    For most of them, the prison environment is a major step up.

    At birth, upon being named “Tyquan”, the head nurse should have pulled a scalpel and opened it’s jugular.

    Think of all the future heartbreak that would eliminate.

  4. Scot Irish

    I still chuckle about Shitavious Jones. Most think I’m joking, but there really is a scholar with that name. He’s probably out of prison by now.

  5. Arete

    “19 years old. Life is over for that boy. Naming your kid Tyquan is a near-certain way to ensure he ends up in jail for life or dead.”

    You have some disagreement over that, it appears, but it’s a valid observation. Not that the name alone will do it, but it certainly doesn’t help, and trying to help is what decent parents do–they try to give their kids every advantage that they are able, in the hope that they are helping them succeed in life. If Tyquan were named Timothy, a job application might result in a phone call and an offer of an interview, and one positive step often leads to another. But unless someone has zero other options, the kids with the ‘hood names aren’t going to get the call.

    It’s easy to say that someone is ‘genetically incapable of functioning’ or would end up in the same place no matter what, but it’s simply not true. Lots of little black kids might be born without the ability to become rocket scientists, but they do have the ability to grow up and live law-abiding lives. But if they are born to parents who are basically feral cats and dogs, and no one teaches them how, they essentially have no chance.

  6. Lineman

    Sitting at a graduation at a 90% White school and they have a black kid giving the welcoming speech talking about making it through racial injustice…Just fucking gross…

    • Arthur Sido

      We had a recent experience of some ungrateful negress bitching about being at a predominantly White institution. Bitch, there are plenty of HBCUs you could have attended.

  7. Filthie

    I disagree.

    Our ancestors were not heartless monsters, contrary to the jewry and their nigolatry narrative. They understood blacks, which is why they whipped them and even lynched them when it was appropriate. Some tough love might have saved that boy had we the wisdom to apply it. This is what comes of coddling niggers and criminals and tolerating jews, I’m afraid. Hate to say it but something wicked (and extremely stupid) – this way comes.

    • Original Grandpa

      you win the ‘web with truth today, Glen. And Brother Lineman – of course they did; so they wouldn’t be perceived as all “racysst ‘n sheeit”. You have to remember that they used to be ‘kangz ‘n sheeit.’
      Send ’em all packing, back to Wakanda

    • Arthur Sido

      For all of their complaining, it is hard to argue that blacks have it better now than they did when they were under the thumb. Sure they needed to use a different drinking fountain but they weren’t shooting each other by the thousands and at least some black couples got married.

  8. Xzebek

    The chimps are getting worse. They are incompatible with a first world western society. The greatest pist civil war mistake was failing to repatriate them to Africa. Our society would be all around better and our crime rate would be equivalent to Japan.

  9. Leo

    Just watched a Youtube video on Gary Indiana. The narrator went over all the economic issues which led to its decline but ignored the 800 lb gorilla in the room. He stopped and talked to some local scholars who were in the parking lot of a place that looked much like Fallujah after we captured it, with the stark difference of no people and many niggers. Like other pests/vermin, they seem to remain long after people have departed.

    This sub-species brings nothing but woe, chaos, violence, vile smells, mayhem and retarded obese specimens no matter what locale they infest.

  10. anonymous

    “19-year old Tyquan!!??”

    Dude looks thirty-odd years old. Gaunt cheeks, bags under eyes, forehead creases. Hard life looks, overall.

    Just like used up women, they all show a lot of age solely from their evil activities.


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