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Another Day In Fake-N-Gay Clownworld

Yesterday was primary election day in the Hoosier state, I chose not to participate.

Indiana’s primary is pretty late in the process, May 7th this year, so in some ways it is a non-event as Orange Man Bad has already locked up the nomination. Some 100,000 Democrats did show up to vote in the primary for Nikki Haley, something I thought was amusing. “John McCain With A Vagina” pulled in 20% of the votes, I would imagine that the downballot races were not marked at all for most of those.

In other ways, Primary Day is a big day in the Hoosier state. It is so uncompetitive in the general election that winning the GOP primary is basically the same as winning the election. Our useless governor Eric Holcomb won handily in 2020 and the Democrat pulled in a whopping 32% of the vote. Hell the libertarian Donald Rainwater got 11%, we aren’t far from a scenario where Democrats come in third place in Indiana. If you can get the nomination, you pretty much are guaranteed to win the election unless you do something really stupid.

It is a game of musical chairs but the number of chairs never changes. With Eric Holcomb prohibited from running for another term thanks to term limits, one of our sitting Senators, Mike Braun, cruised to the nomination. His open Senate seat will be taken by my current Congressman Jim Banks who ran unopposed for the Senate nomination. In a state where winning the GOP primary means winning the Senate, no one else ran against him except some kook that was disqualified early on. Banks’ House seat was open and that primary was also yesterday of course and was won by Marlin Stutzman. Stutzman was already my Congressman before he quit to run for the Senate and was replaced by Jim Banks. It is all very incestuous.

As is typical, the entire slate of candidates up and down the ballot were incredibly uninspiring. Most are dimwits and empty suits. My Congressman Jim Banks reminds me of the fictional character of Congressman Murray, the Congressman Ben Wyatt worked for in one season of Parks and Recreation. In the Season Five episode, Sex Education, we meet the Congressman who sits motionless with a frozen smile in an office until he is called on to say something in front of the camera.

Mike Braun is a dimwit as well. Stutzman seems OK and comes from a farming family but he has also been in or running for office most of his adult life.

The thing is, the vast majority of people “leading” America are flat out fucking morons. I am not saying that to be hyperbolic, these people are genuinely stupid. Fetterman? Maxine Waters? Ilhan Omar? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Not to mention Speaker Mike Johnson, Lindsey Graham, John Bolton.

It isn’t like there are no smart people in America but most of them simply won’t debase themselves to run for office and what is more, the Powers That Be don’t want smart, accomplished people to run. They want idiots and perverts, people that are easy to control and also people who are just not very threatening. I believe this is by design.

The most powerful argument against most “conspiracy theories” is that the people who are in charge are way too dumb to pull it off. It’s a good argument. Would you trust Nancy Pelosi with a secret and hope she didn’t blurt it out after a third box of chardonnay? Of course not.

Our dimwit political class exists to provide plausible deniability for every nefarious plot.

My operating assumption is that only those you have never heard of are actually pulling the levers in D.C.. The political class? Those morons don’t control anything. They barely qualify as puppets but they do serve the purpose of making it seem impossible that the Powers That Be could actually be organized and have a plan. It really is pretty brilliant. Almost no one has heard of Yuval Harari but that piece of shit is a serious influencer and a straight up monster who does more to steer policy than Chuck Schumer.

The political kabuki theater of primaries and elections and debate give the normies somewhere to focus on while They are working behind the scenes to tear it all down. I regret how much time and effort I wasted focused on that crap when I was younger but at least now I know a little better.


  1. Rando

    Local politics in my part of Florida isn’t much better. Local county is solid GOP, so no real competition to speak of. The developers and chamber of commerce own the county commissioners completely and they cater exclusively to their interests. They are turning my area, which used to be nice, into a shithole. Just endless stretches of clear-cut wasteland being turned into endless tracts of mcmansion developments shoddily slapped together by illegal scab labor. We’ve been getting Iraq-tier dust storms from the unfinished developments, which we used to have ordinances against, until the commissioners scrapped it to please the developers.

    • JerseyJeffersonian

      Brace yourself for the water runoff from all of the newly paved roads, patios, etc. Should be a blast when the next hurricane passes over.

      Some years back, the ill-considered, frenetic suburban development in our neighboring municipalities, with little to no consideration of this potential for those downstream, consequently lead to bad consequences for my parents’ property which backed up to one of the overloaded streams.

      The circle jerk of developers and local politicos is a fixture of life in “Our Democracy”.

    • Bobsuruncle

      Same as in my part of Florida. Masons dont go against masons, f’ what the people say. I said almost exactly this yesterday in a comment.

  2. saoirse

    “Our dimwit political class exists”………. because dimwit normies, cucks, crischuns, ‘patriots’ etc. can’t muster up the intestinal fortitude to send them all to the gallows. Instead, they create endless copes to legitimize their cowardice. Dimwits beget dimwits. The traitorous ‘leadership’ reflects the traitorous electorate. All too stupid to realize that the lever they actually pull is the flush lever.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Comrade Holcomb is owned by Lily and the only thing he did right was Constitutional Carry.
    The telescreen panopticon world was constructed for the muh convenience uber alles crowd and when the velvet gloves come off and the iron fists are showing, it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of NPC queefs.
    We won’t leave you alone? Your terms are acceptable, I’ll be showing up at your house at 4AM because two can play.


    Amen. I voted in the Tejas primary to unseat the RINO turd Texas Speaker of the House Drunk Dade Phelan


    and his lead contender actually made it to the runoff with about 48 something %. It’s gonna take two flushes to get this RINO turd down the shitter, but it gives me a stiffy.

    I heard sheboon Maxipad Waters is talking about YT up in the hills training. So whut if we are, nigger?

  5. Bear in Indy

    “Maxipad Waters”, the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.
    I just hope the fat, ugly, be-ua-tch is right.
    Make ‘Remember Ruby Ridge’, the rallying cry of the death knell for the current Federal government. FJB
    Bear in Indy

  6. Max Wiley

    Politics in this country is rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I only have time and resources for my lifeboat these days.

  7. Don W Curton

    Reagan was the last politician I voted FOR. Every election since my vote has been decided by who I’m voting AGAINST. I voted against Dukakis, I voted against Clinton (3 times now, yay), I voted against Gore, against Obama, against Hillary, against Biden, and will probably vote against Biden again, if I’m not doing anything else important that day, like washing my dog or mowing the yard. Cause you know it don’t matter. Outside of Trump, the R’s have put up nothing but has-beens, sell-outs, and dog turds.

    Wiley is right, rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Makes you wonder, was the last several hours on board as it sank an open bar situation?

    • Steve S6

      Reminds me of Robert Heinlein’s rules for voting. If you can’t find someone to vote for, find someone to vote against. In the absence of either get the advice of some well meaning fool and vote the opposite. Back in his day that worked. Now, I’m more often with Arthur, waste of time and energy unless you do it just to make them have to work the cheat harder.

  8. Grumpy

    I was raised with “didn’t vote, don’t complain” but that’s just a mantra for the game. If you DO vote and your person doesn’t win, complaining just makes you a sore loser – you agreed to the rules ahead of time. The same with putting a false name or 3rd-party candidate.

    The ONLY upper level positions I vote for are the write-ins and I put “withdraw consent”

    I do vote in my local community elections.

  9. WDS

    I was gonna make fun of the situation Arthur then remembered that here in SC we got losers like Lindsey Graham, Jimbo Clyburn, Joe Wilson, Time Scott, that Mace broad… You get the idea.

  10. 3g4me

    Politics is a theater of the absurd. Only the useless, the lazy, the highest in baseless self-regard are funded by the string pullers to be candidates. Most people are still shockingly stupid. Politicians appeal to that stupidity. Adding women to the mix simply ratcheted up the stupid. As an aside – just saw at Zerohedge a Norwegian study on the effect of limiting/banning cellphones in schools. Major reduction in bullying, counseling, etc. for girls. Boys? No change. Tell me again women aren’t easily swayed cows.

    Electoral politics in the US is a massively funded and massively successful distraction. Takes up millions in time and energy all to effect . . . nothing. It keeps people thinking they have a purpose in life, a ‘say’ in what happens. The whole fantasy of equality is fueled by the misconception of ‘freedom.’ In Christianity it’s called free will. Similarly misunderstood. Everyone is limited by his genetic background, resultant culture, and society. Ultimately, the only choice one genuinely has is “Whom do you serve?” People think they are somehow ‘in charge’ of themselves and their lives, but that’s just another useful fallacy. You have a choice – good or evil. God or Satan. Label it whatever you want but that’s what it boils down to. The rest is sound and fury signifying nothing at all.

  11. pyrrhus

    The American population is getting dumber by the year…Most of the people crossing our borders are sub 90 IQ, while real Americans have been fluoridated, vaccinated, and “educated” by the boobtube into passive stupidity…So these idiot politicians are merely a reflection of America’s rapid decline…

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