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Another Day, Another Toll Paid

It took three and a half years but they finally got ’em.

An Indianapolis man is charged with murder more than three and a half years after a homicide on the city’s near east side.

Rakeem Thompson, 32, is charged with murder in the death of 31-year-old Brittany Burns.

Apparently he beat her to death.

Police were called by Thompson and found Burns unresponsive and barely clinging to life.

The victim was rushed to Community East where she died 10 days later.

In March 2021 — five months after Burns died — the Marion County Coroner’s Office ruled her death a homicide, determining she died of mixed modality trauma, including asphyxia and blunt force injuries.

It sounds like everyone knew he killed her…

From day one the victim’s family believed Thompson was responsible for the domestic-related killing and they still wonder why it took so long for a murder charge to be filed.

“I honestly thought he was going to get away with it. I almost accepted she was not going to get any justice,” said the victim’s cousin, Gina Camerena.

According to court records unsealed this week, neighbors told police they witnessed Thompson punching and kicking the victim before he called paramedics.

Neighbors saw her being kicked and punched and her death was ruled a homicide from blunt force injuries, and the cops had been called out previously for domestic violence calls but it took three years to charge this nigger? Oh and here is Brittany Burns.

Of course. She wasn’t some 19 year old girl with daddy issues, she was 31 years old and should have known better than to burn the coal and especially with a nigger that was apparently beating her already before he finally kicked her to death.

At least one comment on the local news Facebook story makes it sound like they had a couple of little mulatto kids who, as so often is the case, now have a murdered mom and a “dad” who will likely spend decades in jail. I am sure they will grow up to be well adjusted adults.

Still, I am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that he was beating her in front of witnesses and she died of blunt force trauma, presumably he was the only person in the house other than her, and it still took years to bring charges. Ryan Mears, the prosecutor for Indianapolis, is either grossly incompetent or is willfully not charging people. Probably a bit of both.

Regardless Brittany Burns burned the coal and paid the toll, and now society in general has to foot the bill.


  1. Jeffrey Zoar

    Well he did kill her in 2020. If ever there was a year for a negro to commit a crime and get away with it. Or almost get away with it. Maybe it took all this time for a kernel of sanity to return to LE.

    Maybe it’s just the light, but she looks beaten in that picture too.

    • Arthur Sido

      I think she is bruised, all the more reason for a lack of sympathy. Where the hell is her dad? Some nigger raised his hands to any of my girls and jail be damned, I would bury them. Not that any of mine would be in a relationship with a negro in the first place.

  2. Filthie

    You’re looking at it wrong, Art.

    This is a good thing. We can safely make some other predictions about this girl. I will bet she bends the knee to the rainbow flag and the perverts it represents. She probably votes liberal and democrat and thinks there is a free lunch, solar cells and wind mills work, and that unicorns exist. She probably virtue signals like and SJW and abuses those that disagree with her. You can just imagine the kind of parent she might have become – especially to a couple mixed race goblins.

    I know this to be true from my volunteer work at a battered woman’s shelter: there are any number of women out there that SHOULD be slapped into the middle of next week. More than a few should be horsewhipped and imprisoned. A few deserve capital punishment and no bones about it. Most women that take up with blacks are contrary, contentious whores and/or lunatics. When they get killed by their pets… it is just nature taking its course. So it goes for men too… except they are far, far more likely to suffer the consequences of their stupidity than women are.

    It is entirely possible this is actually a happy ending: a young witch is dead, and a dangerous baboon is being taken off the street. In the looming reckoning we are rushing headlong to meet… we can no longer assume that women are innocent and pure as the driven snow, that jews are our friends and allies, that blacks are our equals. This assumptions can get you killed and probably will when this cultural shit show inevitably goes kinetic.

  3. saoirse

    “I am sure they will grow up to be well adjusted adults.”
    Took my toddler grandson to a beautiful park yesterday. Ninety-eight percent White here. Four little niglets (actually half -niglets, but who cares) from ‘out of town’ were there with what looked like their blonde white (ain’t capitalizing it for her) grandmammy. As expected, they acted like typical niggers. They were throwing the rubber mulch at each other on the big playset and I told them to stop. They ignored me until I went up to one and said, emphatically ” hey boy, stop throwing that or I’ll toss you and your chimp friends out of here”. They all put on the biggest dindu sob face and ran to Miz whitey who dutifully consoled them. I glared at her and she turned her back. They came back shortly and it didn’t take long for them to start the zoo behavior again but more subdued because I was glaring at them the whole time. What made my day was my grandson blurting out “they act like monkeys”. The oldest niglet – about 12? – looked over about the same time a normie family did so I took advantage and said out loud “yep, it only takes a few of them to ruin everything. They’re just like animals!” She went to granny who hollered “it’s getting late we have to leave”. Normies left too. Grandson kept saying “monkeys” on the way home. That’s my boy!!

    • ghostsniper

      If your grand kids are in gov’t schools they are receiving heavy, daily indoctrination into believing everything negro is good, necessary, and required. Their minds are like putty waiting to be molded. Get them out, NOW.

      As far as the burners kids go, they too are ticking time bombs.

      • saoirse

        Not in government schools. Regardless, we monitor everything, everybody, everywhere. It’s soon going to get worse when the usual suspects ramp things up to a full court press.


    Love it! Agreed on all. And I’m all out of GAFs for the coal burner’s sprog. At best, they will heads to step on. In reality, they are most likely to be a maladjusted threat to any humans around them.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Getting ready for burn it all down summer with a milkcrate of molotovs.
    1968 Style hammer and sickle convention in commie CPUSA (D) pile of feces Chicago and hopefully it burns to the ground.
    Burn it all down?
    Your terms are acceptable, comrade.

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