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A Late Entry For Mother’s Day!

Sad I missed this one last weekend but it is still worth posting.

He wuz turning his life around!

A Congolese refugee, previously described by the German press as a success story for integration, has been jailed for nine years after being convicted of beating and raping his own mother.

Moise Lohombo, 30, was sentenced by the Wiesbaden District Court for an offense the judge claimed was so cruel he told the court he thought he had misread the case file.

The migrant was found to have committed the crime in an apartment he shared with his mother shortly after being released from prison for a drug-related offense.

Upon the return home of his mother, he threatened her with a knife and told her he would kill her if she refused him sex. In a desperate plea, his mother offered him money for a prostitute instead, but he refused.

The victim was so severely beaten during the attack that investigators found blood spatter all over the apartment. After the rape, Lohombo reportedly apologized to his mother and called her an ambulance before fleeing.

His mother was transported to the hospital with serious injuries including bleeding on the brain. She was also heavily impacted psychologically by the attack and told nurses she was worried her son may have impregnated her.

Lohombo had become a poster boy in Germany for how migrants could successfully integrate into Western society and transform their lives.

Having arrived in Europe at the age of 8, the child migrant already had problems with aggression and would attack other children. With a long rap sheet in his youth, the Congolese national was portrayed as someone who had turned their life around, completing an apprenticeship as a baker before turning to professional boxing.

Oh lord, that is what Germany needs, a retarded, violent offspring of incestuous rape.

Drinker, what say you?

Tell me again how there is only one race, the human race, and the difference between people is just skin color.


  1. Exile1981

    There is only race, but many different breeds. look at dogs, some breeds are useful and others violent and annoying (looking at you chihuahua), others are prone to violent outbursts so often its stupid to relax around them.

    Seriously though, I have my doubts about the ‘we are all one race’ theory because its based on genetic differences and is very modern and the raw data for genetic variation is not publicly available.

    • Anon

      It’s simple. It’s a lie pushed to undermine Whites as a part of the effort to manipulate them.
      Out of Africa is wrong too.

      • Exile1981

        I was reading about the earliest people in north america (clovis culture). It was pointing out their method of tool making was the same as europeans but totally different than the later natives who came from asia via alaska. Plus the clovis spread west from the east coast.

        When a coworker tried to say we stole the land from 1st nations, i said no we reclaimed it after their ancestors slaughtered ours.

    • ghostsniper

      To a negro, prison is a vacation.

      They get their basic needs, and more.

      Lazy retards can languish in prison.

    • Mike_C

      > based on genetic differences

      Is it? I may be behind the times, but I thought that Franz Boas (the “Father of American Anthropology”), who was and remains hugely influential, emphasized two core beliefs that are essentially axiomatic so far as his followers are concerned:

      1. Culture overwhelms underlying biological substrate; how you behave is almost entirely determined by your nurture, and not your genes.

      2. There is no way to meaningfully compare and rank cultures. Therefore cultures are equivalent in terms of “goodness”. In fact, it’s nonsense to even speak of the goodness or quality of a culture. This is Cultural Relativism, a cornerstone of academic anthropology, and by diffusion, of history as well.

      And yes, OF COURSE Boas was one of them.

  2. Daniel K Day

    Jesus H Christ.
    I don’t think he would survive to the end of his prison term in an American prison, but I have no idea how tight the security is against assault among prisoners in German prisons.

  3. Hiding_Out

    “…sentenced by the Wiesbaden District Court for an offense the judge claimed was so cruel he told the court he thought he had misread the case file.”

    Nine years. Not a bullet in the head. Not hanging from a rope. Nope, he got nine measly years for this heinous crime. UFB.

  4. Ohio Copperhead

    Gott im himmel!!! And I thought it was just Nero for whom the term mother f*cking son of a bitch was less an insult than a factual description.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    This literal motherfucker was touted as a success story for the “integration” of “migrants” into Germany. Now just think about the behavior of the abject failures. And only a nine year sentence? Next time this nigger piece of shit has a sexual emergency, the judge should be brought forth and presented to him as the official means of “relief”. Polite society must come to an end, so savage like this can once again be properly handled.

  6. Harbinger

    Too bad leftists do not understand or recognize irony. They will just pretend this story away and find a new ‘dreamer’ to gush over and cite as ‘settled science’ confirming that diversity is our strength.

    “Look! We taught the monkey how to shit indoors! They’re just like us!”

    The only thing this Congolese baker didn’t do was eat his poor old mama after using her like a fuck doll. I won’t even refer to him as an ‘animal’ as it would not be fair to the animal kingdom.

  7. Dr. Hollowpoint

    Kipling called them “half devil and half child”, but some are far more than half devil.

    The only thing to be done with unrepentant evil is to kill it. Just be sure to have the ladies look away while it’s done or their pity will convince them to nurture the evil.

  8. Squib

    From your friends at Wiki: “ The DRC, and the east of the DRC in particular, has been described as the “Rape Capital of the World”.[2][3] The prevalence and intensity of all forms of sexual violence has been described as the worst in the world.”

    Diversity is our strength.

    • TakeAHardLook

      Primitives. Savages. Zero inhibitions, always satisfying their needs of the moment.

      Truly, they are a divergent line from the original “Homo erectus,” splitting off into two distinct subtypes: Homo sapiens (monkeys, apes & Man) and Homo africanus (africans).

      Nothing else can explain what they represent. Nothing!

  9. MN Steel

    If he’s 30, how old was she when some jungle bunny knocked her up if she’s worried about having another niglet?

    Or is this some more “I can get rid of my AIDS by fucking a virgin” thinking from the land of builders and philosophers?

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