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We Wuz Peez-A-Blee Azzemblin’ And Sheeiit!

Following last weekend’s mass shooting in Indianapolis where 7 yoofs-of-color (I assume) were shot, the city government of Indy has declared they are crackin’ down on wayward yoofs and underage shenanigans in general by enforcing an already existing curfew law.

Indy police will begin enforcing state juvenile curfew laws this upcoming weekend following a shooting last Saturday near a downtown mall that injured seven minors.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Chris Bailey met with media on Thursday afternoon to announce that his officers will begin enforcing a state statute limiting when Indy’s youth can be outside.

Last weekend marked the third in a row with a mass shooting in Indy and the weather is supposed to be nicer this weekend than the prior three. What will this look like (emphasis mine)?

Indiana’s state juvenile curfew laws say that:

  • Juveniles under the age of 15 are supposed to be home between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m., seven days a week
  • Teens between the ages of 15 and 17 face the same curfew on weeknights but can stay out until 1 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Exceptions can be applied for work, school, religious events, the exercise of the right to assemble, or juveniles who are accompanied by a guardian

How will they determine if a group of colorful yoofs are exercising their 1st Amendment right to peaceably assemble or if they are up to shenanigans? You know that the local ACLU/”Civil rights”/”Community Organizer” types will be screaming about disproportionate use of the curfew on black yoofs. I expect to see a lot of White kids being hassled for the sake of “equity”.

In the fine print it doesn’t sound like this will do a damn thing. The cops will drive around announcing on loud speakers “30 minutes before, 15 minutes before and directly before curfew takes effect” but even then, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Chris Bailey also stated:

“It is not our goal to round up and arrest kids. There will be no mass arrests,” Bailey said. “Actions will only be taken if necessary.”

WTF does that mean? You are going to have a curfew, but all you are going to do is blare a warning that the yutes will ignore and then only pick them up “if necessary”? Indy police chief Chris Bailey is already proving to be soft on crime and more concerned with not offending anyone than he is about curtailing “gun violence” in the city.

If you won’t do what must be done to minimize black crime, then what you will get is….more black crime. That is why the city of Indianapolis, once proudly proclaiming how livable it was as a city, is now a slaughterhouse.


  1. Max Wiley

    When one group is disproportionately the cause of the problem, then solving that problem will by necessity disproportionately impact that group. The logic is inescapable.
    Since Clown World is by definition illogical, then we can be assured that the correct actions won’t be taken and the result will be either none or worse.

    • Gryphon

      “When one group is disproportionately the cause of the problem, then solving that problem will by necessity disproportionately impact that group.” Sorry Max, but the ‘group’ that is disproportionately the ‘problem’ is a protected species of proto-humans. Expect that the “Curfew Laws” will be disproportionately applied to White Children, because the po-Lice won’t want to risk getting Capped by lil’ LeRoy or Rastus with a Glock with an Auto-Sear.
      Far Safer, and more Profitable for the ‘Just Us’ system is to round up White punks whose Parents have Money for Lawyers and Fines to keep their brats out of Jail.

  2. MN Steel

    Everyone I talk to is tired. Whether it’s been illness, the weather, all the poisonous food, having to deal with diversity, something in the air or whatever, they’re all tired.

    Likewise, most other drivers on the road seem to be extremely touchy and aggravated, passing in dangerous spots while speeding and yelling to themselves.

    I think they are both symptoms of the time, as in people are just going through the motions before the Big Calamity, and when things blow it’ll be 50-50 whether they off themselves because “civilization” is gone or wait for an opportunity to clean out the problems with this “civilization” in Current Year.

    Most living in these cities don’t realize they are the end result of no Big Calamity and the grinding halt of “civilization” by being replaced.

    TV is a helluva drug…

    • LGC

      Yugoslavia was that way. It all fell apart very quickly and then people started settling scores.

      My mom asked me the other day if I had a bucket list to do Of course I couldn’t really answer her on that one.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Cracking down after they destroyed Union Station and that corporate Cheers experience?
    Almost as bad as Russia finally figuring out the Forces of Satan that they are up against.
    I used to roll on East 34th street area for DJ mixing gear or dub mixes and a bud served in the Army with some people over there, now you would need an SMG with safety off or John Law would stop and say WTF are you doing over here.
    To be fair they did hide him in a residence while a riot was going over poleece shooting a yute and once we all ducked down in a vehicle as IMPD raided a crack house on the block.
    On a nightime visit with door open a yute said…turn that dome light off before they see your white ass, bwahaha!

  4. Harbinger

    A law without enforcement is no law at all. The precedent for lax enforcement has already been set, so when they DO round up a couple of hoodrats, it will be disproportionate impact all around. Short of unleashing some good, old-fashioned Bull Connor dogs ‘n hoses on those unsupervised keeds, this silly announcement will only encourage the ferals to deliberately flout the law.

  5. Exile1981

    I’m tired of diversity hires who are rude and unhelpful. At the airport today, can’t check in because all 6 self check in kiosks are broken and all 6 ticket counters unmanned. Was told the two girls on duty are on break by customer service. I’ve been here over 2 hours, damn long break.

  6. LGC

    Oh they’ll enforce it all right. On 3 white kids that aren’t doing anything. But the group of 100 black wilding (is that still a term?) and looting, no they’ll just drive on by.

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