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We Wuz MAGA Republicans And Sheeeit!

In lovely places like New York City, it is fairly common for random dudes to punch random women. It used to be referred to as the “knock-out game”. What was not commonly mentioned but widely understood is that in general the men committing these random assaults were almost all black. There are ample surveillance videos over the years that confirm this. This is a problem because it reinforces the already well established stereotype of black men to committing random violence, especially aimed at women. I have done the research on this as have others (see: Not Just Murder. Not By A Long Shot.). The knock-out game and other incidents of randomly sucker punching women is right in the black male wheelhouse. It involves smaller, weaker and unsuspecting victims that are usually White or Asian. They rarely sucker punch black women, as black women are likely to pull a gun and pop a cap in dem. I am confident there is a significant racial animus factor in play as well.

Confirmation of stereotypes is not permitted even when the evidence is so overwhelming and with the random punching of women back in the news, along comes one Amanda Marcotte writing for Salon with this gobsmacking headline:

Yes, that is a real headline and yes, black men in New York City randomly punching women is a manifestation of MAGA male rage.

Keep in mind that New York City as a whole voted around 76% to 23% for Biden over Trump and the margin was even greater in 2016, with Hilary getting 79% of the vote to Trump’s 18%. Registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans in NYC by an 8 to 1 margin. Despite her claim that “Women report being assaulted by men of different races and ages.”, every example I have seen has been a black man with one exception she linked to in her screed: NYPD seeks individual accused of randomly punching woman in Manhattan. The guy is pictured below….

He is clearly a mestizo of some sort and looks like he might be homeless. According to Amanda Marcotte, one outlier means “men of different races” are involved.

You will be as shocked as I was to discover that a) Amanda Marcotte is incredibly homely, like I would rather slam my dong in a hot waffle iron than get it anywhere near her….

and b)

Born in El Paso, Texas, Marcotte (rhymes with far-caught, according to her) was raised in the small town of Alpine, Texas in the Trans-Pecos region in a Jewish household.

You don’t say?

Like Jussie Smollett and “This is MAGA country” in Chicago, we are supposed to believe that in one of the most far-left cities in America, black men are assaulting women at random because of Donald Trump. You have to read her opinion piece to get the real flava of her claim but I will give you a spoiler: it is as bizarre as you would imagine. Here is a choice line:

But I’m old enough to remember when I would get yelled at for reading books in public.

This homely bitch is 46 so she is several years younger than me. I grew up in a small, very conservative town in Ohio. No woman has ever in my lifetime in America been yelled at for reading books in public. It never happened. Perhaps she was reading when she was supposed to be doing chores or something but random people didn’t yell at little girls for reading books in public. In Afghanistan or some Muslim nation maybe but not in America. Anyway, her main “point” is here:

Whatever the excuse the angry man concocts, the impetus is always the same: The eyes of a woman are directed at someone or something that is not him, and he is indignant over it. So he will make sure she has no choice but to look at him, either by getting in her face or — in these alarming New York cases — punching her. If he cannot capture her adoring gaze, well, he will make her stare at him in fear. 

These stories resonate, as well, because the nation is having a moment of increasingly unhinged male fury at women for daring to have lives that are centered around something other than catering to a man’s every whim. Unleashed by Donald Trump and the MAGA movement, there’s an upswell of loud male entitlement shouting at us from every corner.

My wife asked the question I should have immediately asked: how many of these men accused of randomly punching women did Amanda Marcotte actually interview? You know, like a journalist? The answer is of course zero. She did not investigate a criminal trend and then compile data to come to a result, she decided that the reason that black men are punching random women in New York City is the same reason for anything bad that happens: Orange Man Bad made it so. black women are fat? It is Trump’s fault. Russia invaded Ukraine on Biden’s watch? Trump’s fault. It is warm/cold/sunny/cloudy? Cheeto Hitler is to blame.

Everything bad in the world is because of White man and specifically because of the symbol of White men, Donald J. Trump. It is not that liberal policies have turned New York prisons into revolving doors where criminals barely have time to get settled in before they are sprung and back on the streets committing more crimes or that the de-institutionalizing of the violently mental ill means crazy people are running riot in cities. Nope, it is Trump’s fault. In short Amanda Marcotte didn’t bother to figure out what was going on because she already knew it. In fact she came right out and said as much:

This rash of men punching women in New York City captures this moment in a dark way. We don’t even need to know their names or faces to know that men who do this are losers, lashing out because they’ve learned that actually, women don’t owe them anything just because they’re men.

Ah, you see we don’t need to know anything about these men because of course the only possible explanation is MAGA. Besides, knowing their names and faces would reveal an uncomfortable truth: these men are almost without exception black men and are motivated by many things, from the misogynistic rap “music” they listen to the constant drumbeat of racial animus they hear their entire lives. What they are not motivated by? Making America Great Again.

It is a laughably stereotypical essay from a leftist Jewish woman who ascribes motivations to non-Jewish people that she considers beneath her to try to understand (plus she is probably terrified of most black men). If I may be permitted to engage in some of that as well, I might say that the real story behind an essay titled “Men punching random women in NYC: A desperate last gasp of the male rage fueling MAGA” is that the author of the piece lives in the weird leftist bubble that dominates society in the east coast hives like NYC, Boston and D.C.. In her world, womxn are powerful and stunning and brave, smiting the patriarchy, punching Nazis, breaking glass ceilings and old rich White men are trying to stop them while constantly catcalling them and trying to pinch their bottoms.

In the real world, the same vibrantly diverse, out of control black men that are Our Greatest Strength are assaulting these strong, powerful women that don’t need no man and then those same powerful women film themselves crying because they got punched. In that same real world, women like Amanda Marcotte are looking at a lifetime alone with their fertile years wasted and their already limited sexual utility exhausted, facing decades of living with their cats and boxes of wine in an otherwise empty apartment that mirrors their empty lives.

Rush Limbaugh famously said that “Feminism was established to allow unattractive women easier access to the mainstream.”. While there is some truth to that, my take is that feminism was established as a way to make attractive and pleasant women as unhappy as unattractive and bitchy women. Most of leftism is aimed at making everyone else as miserable as the proponents of leftist ideology. Angry, bitter women like Amanda Marcotte embody this. A homely woman getting uglier by the day, with a personality that is even uglier than her physical appearance, her entire existence is reduced to lashing out against people that are not as unpleasant and unhappy as she is. Therefore everything that happens is viewed through the lens of resentment and bitterness, from popular culture to black men punching women in New York City.

Whenever I feel a little down or depressed, it is helpful to remember there are people like Amanda Marcotte that live such empty, dark lives that even my worst days are like a walk in the park by comparison.


  1. Harbinger

    This Marcotte harpy is just the prototypical ugly girl who did not get invited to the prom in high school. If she isn’t gettin’ hit on, NO ONE is gettin’ hit on. And her projection is laughable. SHE is the one who craves attention from the opposite sex so desperately that she will do anything, say anything, no matter how outrageous, to get that coveted attention, good or bad. You can just smell the kitty litter and boxed wine through this harridan’s writing.

    Ugly, frustrated women will be the death of this nation. What they utterly fail to realize is that a little MAGA would make them a whole lot more attractive. A ‘2’ like Amanda Marcotte might even conceivably graduate to a ‘5’ if she ever dropped the stronk, independent wahman schtick and smiled once in a while.

    • Arthur Sido

      According to Wikipedia she went to college at some faggy liberal arts school in Austin and then probably moved right to NYC, so she has likely rarely met any actual men. If someone had taken one for the team a couple of decades ago and thrown a decent hump into that mutt, she might not be so bitchy but no one did and the results are as obvious as the smell of cat turds wafting from her apartment.

    • berglander

      Her entire tribe (well, tbf maybe only like 99%) wants Whites gone.
      It’s because she’s evil. Just like how nogs are violent, jews crave the destruction of anything beautiful, anything that’s not them. It’s in the blood.

  2. Danny

    Of course she is completely wrong on this. It’s so obvious that climate change is fueling these random acts of violence.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    Amanda, you ignorant slut. Yeah, she should be getting hit on. By large, simian fists, until she shuts the fuck up about her shitlib delusions and screams “niggas are the problem!” Even then, I still wouldn’t give her the screwing she so desperately needs, because I don’t go kosher. But I would give her a gold star (heh) for finally demonstrating some actual recognition of cause and effect.

    Oy vey, these obstreperous bitches.


    Rush bestowed much wisdom upon us. RIP El Rushbo. As for gold star Marcotte, piss on the old (((cunt))).

  5. Anon

    It’s also known as polar bear hunting (something like that) because the targets are often White, though I think the other term is more popular.

    I’m just a little disappointed with yesterday. No riots/emergency they flailed about for, nothing from Iran since the embassy was attacked, just another day.
    At least the stockpile of beans and bullets don’t go bad.

    • Squib

      Not so fast! A 22-YEAR-OLD bizarrely claimed that God directed her to commit violence on the day of the solar eclipse before she allegedly shot two drivers on a Florida interstate. Taylon Nichelle Celestine was arrested on Monday, hours after she reportedly told hotel workers that God instructed her to go on a shooting spree during the solar eclipse.

      • Anon

        >a shooting by a nog out of millions
        Why, that’s the end of the world then!
        We get shootings every day by them, whatever their “reasoning” is. An impulsive animal freaking out due to an eclipse is really nothing new, look at all the wildlife that gets spooked every time.
        I was talking about all the other shit, like if israel would provoke others more with red cow sacrifices at the temple/mosque/wherever or iran doing something or other large events.

  6. Blank

    “the nation is having a moment of increasingly unhinged male fury at women for daring to have lives that are centered around something other than catering to a man’s every whim”

    I expect that mentality to morph into something of the ‘opposite day’ flava once these barren cat ladies realize the end result of their choices (see Sex & The City writer’s lament). It’ll be blamed on men (again) because they refused these women for reasons beyond their control (multi-level fuglyness).

    • Big Ruckus D

      Which Darren? The straight one or the faggot? On further consideration, I guess it would be the former, as she does bear a facial resemblance to Dick York (much as I don’t care to insult the guy).

      Kind of like the end of Animal Farm where one suddenly could no longer distinguish between the pigs and the farmers.

  7. Anonymous White Male

    “Born in El Paso, Texas, Marcotte (rhymes with far-caught, according to her) was raised in the small town of Alpine, Texas in the Trans-Pecos region in a Jewish household.”

    Hey, Arthur. Can you verify the “Jewish” part. I don’t know where the quote came from, but it is identical to Wikipedia….except there is no “in a Jewish household” in the Wikipedia entry. I checked a few other places and she lists herself as an atheist/lapsed Catholic. I went to the link you posted ( and it links to a Wikipedia entry, but going directly to Wikipeida, apparently has now been edited to remove the Jewish reference. I would like to corroborate the jewish issue, since our side often accuses people of being jewish, when they are not. I remember the Bible saying,
    “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees (the ancestor of judaism), hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.”

  8. Steve

    It’s not always the ugly ones. I worked at a job around fifteen years ago with a crew that included two women. One was a knockout and one was pretty. The pretty one was easy-going, professional and a joy to be around. The knockout was an obnoxious, self-important control freak who lost her shit whenever pretty was around.
    I got asked by her one day why we gave so much deference to pretty and not her, I asked her what made her think we were giving pretty deference? Gorgeous just threw her coffee in the sink and stormed off.

  9. Bean Dip Tray

    @ Harbinger, LMFAO and what a description of the FUFs (Fat Ugly Feminists) who have ruined it for the video gamers and read earlier of the Nintendo Princess Peach video game where the character is actually feminine Nurse Ratched taps her foot and will find a way to burn that down as well.
    Saw a dank cartoon of NPC Karen with BLM vote blue no matter who shirt on all smiles walking down the street, next panel she gets punched in the face by JT Rastus.
    As Orwell said those who vote for their own demise are not victims but accomplices.
    Not just the Grand Old Politburo Dumbos crave that Jonestown Kool-Aid.
    The rest of us are on our own and have to figure out how to evade the Potemkin smoke and mirrors funhouse madness.

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