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They Aren’t Even Trying Now

Whenever I leave a snarky comment at some normiecon site on Facebook, usually mocking their undying adoration for Our Greatest Ally, I invariably get the bogus accounts with pictures some enormous tittied chick commenting on my posts and asking me to send them a friend request. Apparently there are plenty of lonely, thirsty older men commenting on those sites and it is fertile ground for catfishing.

I usually just block and report the account and go on my way. This morning though? I got this one….

That dude in Nigeria couldn’t even do a search for a semi-attractive chick to steal photos from? Come on Mohammad, you aren’t even trying. Check out the freak show in “her” friend list. All it is missing is some desi looking for bobs and vegana. How sad is your life as Ron Manning or Ronald Smit, thinking that you are befriending some fat, ugly chick when it is really a goat-humper in Kenya?



  1. Max Wiley

    This kind of thing was pretty common on Gab as well – very occasionally I would say something smart enough to get reposted by one of the bigger dissident accounts, and then suddenly I would get chat requests. Mature, moderately attractive and large chested, always, with very shallow profiles and not very old accounts.
    I think a lot of this is doxxing activity from either antifags or pissrael.

  2. Anon

    Pathetic coomers in the friends list.
    As for the fat chick, she could have at least eaten better, not whore herself out on the net (where her pics were later used for this account) (and maybe irl too; too many fat cunts burn coal as well), but too late for that now. Eventually will die alone with her fat, maybe, maybe rope in some really beta simp.

  3. SirLawrence

    A low effort to reward ratio is the backbone of all social media.

    It was all great when it was The Four Hour Workweek or swipe for easy poosy, but now the hustle is getting hustled by the wrong kinds of hustlers and the thirst is not just real but everywhere. Never saw that coming from a country mile.

    The road to it’s All Fake and Gay has been very interesting indeed. Well except that the blob is likely real. And now reflects the majority. Low effort is not just the affliction of Nigerian Princes. Not even trying is the goal. We have arrived.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    Fat chick has so many lumps in her ass you could use it as a jello mold. Good God, the decline in physical quality in my lifetime isn’t merely breathtaking, it is downright pukeworthy.

    The remarks by @SirLawrence on the effort to reward ratio of social media are dead on. It’s all a complete shit hole. Which is why, aside from a few comments sections like these, I have zero online presence.

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