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They Are Looking For An Excuse To Kill You

Coming back to the story of Bryan Malinowski where we last looked at his execution by an ATF hit squad: Don’t Be Dumb. More details are coming out on this story and kudos to Lee Williams for staying on this one. He posted again on the story on his Substack: Who will ATF shoot next? and asks an important question:

Who holds ATF accountable? The Biden-Harris administration certainly won’t. ATF leadership is operating under the administration’s explicit orders. Their agents have become foot soldiers in Joe Biden’s war on our guns.

Unless the agency and its leadership are held accountable, only one question remains: Who will ATF shoot next?

The answer is simple: anyone they damn well want to shoot.

We are seeing a little more of what happened, including a neighbor’s doorbell camera recording the 10 vehicles rolling up to his house. Yes, ten vehicles of agents, all armed to the teeth and looking for trouble, to serve a warrant on a man with no criminal history. Perhaps the most damning is this picture that is making the rounds:

The picture shows the moment an ATF agent holding a ballistic shield puts a piece of tape over the doorbell camera, ensuring that no one in the house could see the words “POLICE” emblazoned on the shield or that the intruders were wearing uniforms. The entire point of wearing conspicuous uniforms is to inform the public that the wearer is a law enforcement officer but here we have a hit squad covering up the camera so even if Mr. Malinowski were to try to see who was at his door, he wouldn’t be able to view them. The attorney for the Malinowski family, Bud Cummins, has released a statement:

ATF surveilled Bryan for multiple days. They followed him in cars. They watched him at gun shows and even purchased firearms from him. They placed a tracking device on his vehicle, and then obtained a warrant to search his car and phone. They executed that warrant at 6:00 am on March 19, 45 minutes before first light and over one hour before sunrise.

At this stage there is no publicly available evidence showing whether agents knocked on the door or announced their presence, adequately identifying themselves. Bryan’s wife Maer only heard loud banging immediately followed by the crash of the front door being forced open. Absent exigent circumstances (danger of losing evidence-drugs down the toilet; propensity for violence or escape) case law requires law enforcement officers to give dwelling occupants a reasonable time to come to the door and let them in. 

Bryan Malinowski was asleep but rose to the sound of the door crashing and located a firearm. His wife believed the noise must have been intruders and she fully believes her husband thought the same. He loaded a magazine into a pistol and emerged from the master bedroom into a hallway leading indirectly to the front entryway. He reached a corner in the hall and looked around it to see several unidentifiable figures already several steps inside his home.

We do not know who shot first but it appears that Bryan shot approximately three times at a decidedly low angle, probably at the feet of the intruders who were roughly 30 feet away.

To reiterate, in the dark of the early morning before the sun was up and the average person is deep asleep, even a shouted declaration that you are with the ATF and have a search warrant would be unlikely to be heard or comprehended by a sleeping person, and with the doorbell camera covered there was no way to see who was out there. Once they kicked in the door, any reasonable and prudent person would assume the worst and be prepared to respond to a home invasion. As it turns out, it was a home invasion by an armed hit squad that was dispatched to make an example of Bryan Malinowski and if he died, well that is just tough shit.

I won’t rehash all the details but obviously this individual could have been served with a warrant at any number of places that would not have necessitated ten vehicles full of armed assassins to apprehend one lone man in his own home, a man with no apparent criminal record (he frequently purchased firearms online, meaning he passed the background check when he picked up his firearm from his FFL). While I understand and respect the need for law enforcement to be cautious, is Bryan Malinowski the kind of person that they should have treated like a dangerous, violent criminal? Of course not.

For far too much of law enforcement, there is little functional difference between you as a private, law-abiding, tax-paying civilian and a hardened criminal who has committed multiple violent crimes. You are a suspect and in far too many cases, “suspect” to cops means “guilty”. Not all cops but too many, and more so for Federal law enforcement than local cops.

This will get worse. As I detailed in my post DEI Works To Our Advantage, Federal law enforcement agencies are lowering their hiring standards in order to attract more minority candidates (this is the source of the Breadcrumb-American term). As decent people are driven out by the increasingly politicized Federal law enforcement agencies and are replaced by political idealogues that are universally leftist, anti-White and anti-2nd Amendment along with minorities chosen to check off diversity boxes, what is left over are people who are going to be even more likely to view regular Americans as the enemy of the state and be less concerned about things like use of force rules and civil rights.

Just yesterday the Feds handed down new, unconstitutional rules that allegedly clamp down on the so-called “gun show loophole”

The Biden administration will take steps this week to crack down on unlicensed dealers selling firearms that bleed into the illegal market.

Under current rules, licensed dealers must perform background checks and log the make, model and serial numbers of guns sold, but hobbyists and infrequent traders don’t. Justice officials say too many guns are being sold under the so-called gun-show loophole and Internet loophole.

The new rules more clearly define who should join the 80,000 other federal firearms licensees and abide by existing law.

The expected result: at least 20,000 additional gun sellers who will now be required to perform the instant background checks that will stop them from selling to felons, domestic abusers and other prohibited buyers. Even a single firearm transaction may be sufficient to require a license, according to the rule, if there is other behavior to suggest commercial activity.

Read that last line again: “Even a single firearm transaction may be sufficient to require a license, according to the rule, if there is other behavior to suggest commercial activity.”. Selling a single firearm may be enough to “suggest commercial activity” and even the suggestion of “commercial activity” as in the case of Bryan Malinowski can trigger an ATF hit squad to raid your home in ten vehicles, covering your doorbell camera and kicking down your door in the pitch black of early morning before assassinating you for defending your home.

I don’t care how much of a badass you think you are or how many tacticool accessories you have on your Daniel Defense AR. If you are in your home, sound asleep, and a tactical team hits your door wearing body armor and carrying rifles, you are going to die. You will not courageously fend them off. You will die, probably in your boxers or maybe a robe.

Just be careful out there. Be smart and be cautious. You should be able to buy and sell as you like but should be able to doesn’t mean you can and the current banana republic junta running America is looking for any excuse to send an armed squad of assassins to your home to drag you out in handcuffs or gun you down in your own home.


  1. Lineman

    That’s why it’s best to have plenty of early warning devices and a hardened home because sooner or later they will find something on all of us to come at us…Tribe helps as well of course…

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Just be a hard target, not 200lbs. overweight with no idea of how to escape and follow a creek or forest.
    Staying in the same place for decades means I know every way out and learned well from 101st Recon father.
    Recon is the way and area study should always be in progress at all hours.
    Barnes is reality and it will be a New Civility hive comrade who comes to give you your Karen Ratched medicine now, freshly minted from EBT/DNC welcome mat border or not.
    About that CHI video of the “yout” it looks fake to me and Bathhouse Barry the Kenyan gloryhole server did pass the Smith-Mundt Modernization act to give the patina of legality to psyops and propaganda.
    They lay the perp on the grass and there is no blood just heavy breathing and where are the bullet holes in the SUV with no window shot out either?
    Two of the poleeces are white with one POC in uniform who looks like he has rank.
    Also they were driving unmarked SUV in one of the worst parts of the CPUSA (D) workers utopia and I’m sure Al Shartone, B Crump, J Jackson are already there with protest signs funded by Soros and ads on CL for a rent-a-mob as this all the burn it all down party of Death n Chaos knows.

  3. Anon

    Law enforcement?
    Death squads, no hyperbole.
    Besides, what are the laws that they supposedly enforce? Antiwhite proclamations from governments that hate us and want to kill us and mutilate and rape and kill our children.
    Even if they do take a guy alive, the system will ruin his life and abuse and maybe kill him in prison early using one of the many nonwhites in it.
    They aren’t quartered in our houses but in every way have stolen privacy and other rights with a standing army under another name.
    Just be sure to take some time to think about who did what in similar circumstances in our nation’s past, long ago. Don’t need to wear a powdered wig this time at least.

  4. saoirse

    Aside from a few dozen sheriffs scattered nationwide, all other “law enforcement” agencies must be considered enemy occupiers – from local to federal – END OF STORY! Let it sink in further: No such thing as a good cop!
    You must also include the copsucker rats; not just the usual commie suspects but also: politicians, judges, DA’s, money-motivated snitches, back-the-blue lackeys, law-and-order types, Karens and Kens, MAGA chumps ready to cleanse the nation of anyone that didn’t buy Trumpenstein’s bible, civnat patriot idiots etc.
    None of the aforementioned hold their race as their utmost priority. All are either motivated by personal gain or by the hive-minded need for enforcing conformity to anti-white doctrines. All your cops come from these groups!
    Doubtful that Malinowski’s kin will make it their utmost priority to aggressively fight the slime that took their boy’s life. Voting Republicunt doesn’t count.

  5. LGC

    Don’t go alone.

    Here’s the key statement: is Bryan Malinowski the kind of person that they should have treated like a dangerous, violent criminal? Of course not. ‘

    That last part has to change. Imagine allowing yourself to be arrested in this day and age.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    Fuck the police. Nothing more than a goon squad for the state now. They are barely useful at investigating and solving major crimes like rape and murder anymore, and in large blue hives, typically won’t even bother throwing resources at lesser stuff like car thefts and burglaries. They’ve pretty well abandoned the pretense of working for the public that pays their salary. But they always have time, money and equipment to pull something like this early morning raid, or just the more common municipal revenue enhancement operations.

    I’ll agree that one will not likely survive such an encounter no matter how well prepared they think they are. At best, with enough planning and some sort of early warning measures giving one a time advantage toreact before their entry, one might successfully ambush them (though ending up dead in the process) or
    maybe stage an escape, but that is a real long shot. And then what, remain on the run indefinitely? Very few people could swing that lifestyle.

    I’m left to wonder when we’ll start to see scenarios where pre-set “remediation plans” are set up to take care of a situation like this one. The hatred of these scum fuckers and their underhanded tactics is intensifying as their number of unprincipled sneak attacks grows, so I bet it will happen eventually. Just as with school shootings and terrorist attacks, it may not happen frequently, but somewhere there is someone with a death wish planning it, and the means to execute such a operation.

    When the proper convergence of circumstances is finally realized, and the right (wrong) guy gets targeted, it’ll be showtime. And then there will be much indignation, bitching and crying at “how this could happen.” Well, you can only pull that shit so many times before a genuinely pissed off (or crazy) badass decides to return the favor and demonstrate that there is blowback for being sneaky fuckers with no respect for the law you claim to be in charge of “enforcing”. I certainly won’t shed any tears for the ground beef in full tactical gear when it does finally happen.

    • Gryphon

      100% Right, BRD. It’s only a matter of Time before the thugpigs kick in the “Wrong Door” and Bacon Bits go flying… Anyone who even Slightly suspects that they may be a ‘Target’ should have Yard/Driveway Alarms and Cameras, and Hardened Doors that can delay Invaders. And taking it a step further, how long before the thugpigs kick in the Door of some deranged Sandbox Veteran, who hits the Clicker on the Claymore (‘borrowed’ or improvised) and Wipes Out so many government goons that he can do ‘cleanup’ at leisure.

      This is the Direction things are heading in, and quickly now.

  7. old geezer

    as I mentioned before

    Lenin never killed anyone. Stalin never killed anyone. Hitler never killed anyone. Mao never killed anyone.

    Grubmint employees killed millions.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Ding ding ding, we have a winnah! Those giving the orders rarely handle the dirty work directly. They have paid help for that, and once given the authority, those who carry out the orders are all too happy to do so with a certain amount of relish. The police and other armed agents of the state are already more or less serving in that capacity. The trend of militarizing local and state policie, and getting them to do the fed’s bidding without regard for that silly little thing called constitutionality will go on unabated.

      And this is already happening while things are ostensibly still “under control”. If the minimal remaining shred of that control and illusory civility are lost, that will be the moment when any remaining restraints on their behavior will come off. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

    • saoirse

      Hitlah Hitlah Hitlah!
      I suggest you read a few books – not by the usual court stenographers but by people that actually researched the man without kissing jewish and allied ass – before you throw him in the sewer with those other homicidal rat bastards.
      You can try:
      Mike Walsh’s – Triumph of Reason
      David Irving’s – Hitler’s War; or his speech The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History.
      No time to read? Watch these videos:
      Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told
      Europa: The Final Battle
      Hitler: The Ultimate Red Pill
      Justice for Germans website and anything by Ernst Zundel.
      Happy enlightenment to you!

      • Big Ruckus D

        Wut? You’ve misread my intent from the previous reply. I said nothing of Hitler specifically, nor did I intend to infer any such reference. I’m also fully cognizant that the “allies” were riven through with shitty, corrupt leadership and played underhanded and subversive games for political purposes. That includes propagandizing their own respective populations (which is always done by all sides during war) and which they continue to do today.The good guys, to the extent there were any, certainly didn’t win WWII. What else is new?

        And me kissing joo ass? You must be joking. I level scathing criticism of the tribe at any opportunity, including right here on this blogs comments, with some regularity. Quit assuming I’m some sort of rube in need of enlightenment, or that I committed some perceived slight against Hitler, because I can assure you I know the score.

        Tyrannical governments throughout history always have functionaries who carry out the persecution, torture and killing of dissidents and others they find undesirable or inconvenient. And they justify it all under color of law, just as the so called federal govt of the FUSA (and it’s subsidiaries) is doing right now. That will inevitably get worse because human nature is what it is, and we are in a cycle where tyranny and paranoia especially among the ruling class is ascendent.

        Once set upon a mission of persecuting and killing with state sanction, no real leader is even necessary for the minions conducting the operation to continue until it eventually burns out on it’s own, if no countervailing force emerges to stop it.

        Just remember how many petty tyrants emerged during COVID. Some here undoubtedly had members of their own families willing to see the imposition of harsh economic and legal penalities on those of us who refused to mask, vaxx and go along with the mass delusion. The bad news is that underlying the mass delusion is the willingness to severely punish and even kill anyone who doesn’t conform to the herd. That innate facet of human behavior is always there just under the surface of civility, awaiting an excuse to be unleashed.

        One need not even contemplate Hitler for the purposes of this discussion, since there are myriad other examples in the present day and recent memory, here, in Canada and all of western civilization in general. The UK, New Zealand and Australia were amongst the very worst offenders during COVID, as it happens.

        I’m not even much concerned about what (supposedly) happened in WWII, as I know the narrative we have been presented is in large part utter bullshit. But it is also something I wasn’t around for, can’t change, and so is of little use to me to spend time contemplating it.

        I (and all of us) have very real problems right here and now, so something 80 years in the rear view mirror barely enters my mind, except that it might be useful to draw some comparisons to current events.

        I’m not your enemy, nor am I a shill for zionists, joos, normies and other assorted NPCs. It would be helpful to discourse here to keep that in mind, rather than attacking me for something I didn’t say. I’m trying to keep this respectful by not overreacting to an unprovoked insult, and would appreciate the same in turn.

          • Big Ruckus D

            Thanks Berglander, I appreciate it. That fly ball came out of left field at me, and I’m not even sure why. I considered not giving it a response, but thought maybe I needed to give some clarification if my previous remarks were misconstrued.

            This place is a refuge of sanity for those of our mindset, a vanishingly rare asset in today’s world. I don’t want or need to get in pissing matches with others of similar thinking, it’s counterproductive.

              • Big Ruckus D

                Aw, shit, I see it now. The way the comment indents nested, it looked like a reply to me. Mea culpa on my part, no wonder I was having a WTF moment. I’ll just shut up now.

                • saoirse

                  LOL! My comment above was indeed for the “Geezer”, and yes, it is the way the replies are stacked chronologically that confuses people.
                  To avoid this happening again I’ll refer directly to the commenter with an @ _____.

                  • Big Ruckus D

                    Thanks for staying cool about it, what a doofus moment I had there. Would you believe I even looked at how the comments were nested three times, thinking maybe I was missing something, and still fucked it up?

                  • old geezer

                    i apologize for my limited intellect, Saoirse. my observation, made by others as well, is the devils who don’t get their hands dirty seem to find enough demons who rather enjoy it.

                    we are witness to the early stages of the same thing in the fusa.

                    i have personally been in conflict with the type that would happily send me away in a box car, as long as they themselves didn’t get their hands dirty. all the while basking in their smugness, without a shred of self awareness.

                    they often have signs in their front yard saying how enlightened they are.

  8. Charlie E Hargrave

    Reading these kind of articles take my mind to a very bad place.

    Families will have, at some point, access to the names of the swat teams, the officers, the commander that authorized the raid. All those officers have families, wives and children.

    Vendetta, revenge, retribution…. whatever it may be called, it is needed.

    We know the govt will not prosecute their own.

    • saoirse

      Absolutely correct!
      To paraphrase Solzhenitsyn: Instead of cowering, maybe if we had banded together and had taken out those bastards when they came calling in the night, they would have thought about whether their future tasks were worth it.

      • Lineman

        The thing that people don’t grasp about that quote though is by the time they were kicking down doors and dragging people away everyone was to broken to do anything but cower and wait their turn…They had no trust of anyone even the people who lived across the hall from them…The time to band together is right now not when they are kicking your door down..

        • saoirse

          I agree. Unfortunately, very few will fight back until after they start kicking the doors in en masse.
          Overall, the ‘resistance’ doesn’t start until the bread-and-circuses stop – and there will still be very few resisting even then.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Heh, yeah. And then it eventually folds back on them, and they react in shock and indignation at that turn of events. See the show trial and execution of the Ceausescu’s, which amusingly enough was entirely justified, rather than a entirely political persecution as so often practiced by the political left. God willing, we may see such an outcome here someday, before the scum die fat and happy of natural causes.

  9. Max Wiley

    So bottom line up front: Don’t cling too hard to that Constitution because the minions of the state certainly aren’t and they don’t care if they shoot you dead; in fact that seems to be the preferred modus operandi. Got it.
    Now on to another curious item: the new FFL rule seems to match the pistol brace rule in certain respects. Both of them are very nonspecific, and have multiple stages that call for a very subjective judgement call by agents of the state to determine wrongdoing.
    This appears to be setting up for some disparate policing, as well as creating a climate of fear due to uncertainty about exactly where the line of transgression is.
    Patterns indicate deliberate action.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    The bottom line: stay secure in your person and possessions. There are multiple ways to disguise, deflect, and camouflage many important things. Use them. Buying and trading guns is serious business; treat it as such. A blacksmith could hammer out some simple repairs on some guns-a lathe and a method to power it can make them competitive. Your home may be your castle but the government doesn’t recognize private property. Hell, they don’t think you are entitled to your own life, so housing, money, and something owned, occupied, or controlled is still theirs. If you think that there is some reason that the feds want to shine a light on you, then up your plan.
    Some background on this murdered airport manage:
    Bryan Malinowski was the executive director of the Little Rock Airport. He was married for 25 years to his wife Maer Malinowski. They lived in West Little Rock. He enjoyed collecting coins and firearms. He was a pilot and held multiple ratings. He was a voracious reader.
    As part of his hobby of collecting, buying, and selling various items Bryan occasionally set up a table at local gun shows where he mainly displayed guns and coins. In Arkansas a private seller may legally sell a firearm without holding a federal firearm license (FFL) and without filling out forms or conducting background checks. A private seller may do so until such time they cross a subjectively defined barrier becoming “a person engaged in the business of selling firearms.” As stated, there is no bright line test. It is a subjective test. A citizen’s ability to sell firearms without a license is sometimes referred to as the “gun show loophole.”
    So this criminal followed his home state’s laws-perfectly. But Lincoln killed states right in 1861 with the Civil War.
    The Feds? That bastion of law and order?
    ATF surveilled Bryan for multiple days. They followed him in cars. They watched him at gun shows and even purchased firearms from him. They placed a tracking device on his vehicle, and then obtained a warrant to search his car and phone.
    So, we know the Feds are crooks who enjoy being the New Stasi. As Citizens we are fair game to shoot, abuse, molest, or torture. Take that knowledge and start war gaming for your life. It isn’t going to get any better.

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