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The Most Famous Mudshark Murderer Is Dead

Rest in piss O.J. Simpson. Sure his ex-wife was a mudshark but that doesn’t exonerate him for killing a White woman.


    • Filthie

      Oh I could, when I saw all the gibbering baboons, CNN and the other usual suspects…the fix was in.

      I might disagree with our esteemed blog host. OJ dispatched a crazy shitlib white woman – and that is just fine with me. I have no tears or sympathy for these low women that try to pull the roof down on themselves and their loved ones.The world is much better off without them.

  1. Big Ruckus D

    To channel the defensive stylings of the late, slimy Johnnie Cochran, “If you are black, you are free to attack.” Or perhaps “if the victim is white, we won’t find the perp guilty of shite.” OJ is undoubtedly having a good chuckle with his old buddy Johnnie somewhere in the back side of hell today as he leaps over piles of brimstone.

    I do consider the trial, and it’s outcome, a watershed moment in the decline of the FUSA. It had more significance than we realized at the time, as it relates to the quality of the justice system, and race relations/tensions which have only devolved ever further from that point 3 decades ago. One might even call it a canary in a coal burner’s mine.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Rodney King is why the LA jury came out with that verdict and there is even a video of an elderly black woman who was on the jury admitting who was on the jury admitting it.
    That was where the Mob Rule shifted into overdrive and here we are in West Zimbabwe as Derek Chauvin and probably the two white cops in Chimpcongo get the guilty until proven innocent treatment.
    It only gets worse and Baththouse Barry’s fourth term will be a wall of flames on every horizon as we Leave America Behind.
    Burn it all down is all they can do because creating something, anything, is hard.
    Never show any fear and carry condition zero at all times.


    I remember seeing on CNN joggers were at watch parties in gorilla bars for the verdict. They all cheered and chimped out after the not guilty verdict.

    I was thinking WTF just happened? Later, a stupid fuck female that was on the jury was interviewed by some turd on CNN and she sounded like she’d been so thoroughly confused (I don’t think she had much to work with to start) that the evidence just wasn’t enough to convict.

    It was definitely a black pill to swallow. First of many after that but I’m glad I’ve finally reached FOAD status for Norman Normie.

  4. saoirse

    Doing dong the baboon’s dead
    Which baboon?
    That football coon
    Which football coon?
    With the mudshark
    and the coke spoon
    His trial was a media cartoon
    But now him and Johnny’s feelin’ the Devil’s harpoon!

    Who was it that said O.J. killed more untermenschen (a mudshark and a jew) than any White patriot? He was right!

  5. Heath J

    Yeah, he might have killed a white woman, but I feel like we should grade that on a slight curve, since he whacked a kike with the same knife.

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