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The Grand Old Party Concentrating On The Important Stuff

It is not hyperbole to describe the Republican Party as “The Stupid Party” and the Democrats as “The Evil Party”.

The House of Representatives passed a resolution on Tuesday to condemn a popular Palestinian rallying cry as “antisemitic.”

The resolution condemned the chant “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” in a 377-44-1 vote, with progressive Democrats making up most of the measure’s detractors. The chant has featured prominently at pro-Palestinian demonstrations across the country. 

Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie was the sole Republican to vote against the resolution, according to the Hill, and Democratic Pennsylvania Rep. Madeleine Dean voted “present” on the resolution.

Stunning. Brave.

Under the “leadership” of uber-Zionist cuck Mike Johnson, the main business of the House of Representatives seems to be doing the bidding of Johnson’s Jewish puppet-masters. Taking the time to force the United States House of Representatives a vote on a resolution to condemn a slogan that pertains to a squabble between foreign groups? What a steaming load of bullshit.

Mike Johnson also has serious illusions of grandeur…

“Right now, we’re in a political struggle, a battle, between a completely different vision for the country,” Johnson told reporters. “We have colleagues in the Congress who … envision that America should be remade in the form of some sort of, you know, European-style socialist utopia. That is a road to Marxism, communism, you know, socialism.”

“For us to accomplish our mission, which is to save the republic, we need to add more Republicans to the House and grow the House majority so we have more votes. We need to win back the Republican majority in the Senate, and we need to restore Donald J. Trump to the White House as our nominee,” the Speaker said. “I believe all those things will happen, but we have to have a united front, and we have to have our members work together.”

“We’re in dangerous times, as has been articulated here, around the world, and here at home. We need steady leadership. We need steady hands at the wheel. Look, I regard myself as a wartime Speaker,” Johnson continued.

“Former Speaker Newt Gingrich posted a couple days ago on his social media that this is the hardest challenge that’s faced a Speaker probably in the history of the country, in the moment that we’re in right now. He said, arguably, maybe comparable to the Civil War, but maybe worse — a single-vote margin at a difficult time when the nation is terribly divided,” Johnson added.

We have been in a civilizational war for decades and people like Mike Johnson have stood by and watched it all fall apart. Now he is spending most of his time doing stupid crap like forcing votes condemning a slogan that idiot college kids chant. What an absolute pants-on-head retard. Meanwhile Trump has voiced his complete support for Johnson as Speaker, proving he didn’t learn a damn thing from his time in office.

Leave it to the GOP to replace a compromised, idiot Speaker of the House with a different compromised idiot. The Republican Party deserves to lose bigly in the fall.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Once again, a US political whore sucking joo schwantz so hard the foreskin grows back. Just imagine if we had politicians who fought this vigorously and single mindedly for the interests of actual Americans. Yeah, I know the thought is downright laughable given what we have witnessed. In closing, all I can really say is fuck these guys.

  2. Ohio Copperhead

    I’ll give it to those Jews: they can domesticate and completely train elephants and donkeys faster and more thoroughly than any other race on this earth.

      • Ohio Copperhead

        Want to see the video (if I can find it) that sums up why They’re winning better than any I’ve ever seen? It’s a rabbi talking to his coethnics.

      • Lineman

        Yea wouldn’t that be something for Whites to give up being selfish and individualistic and start being more Tribal…It would be something to see and the things that could be accomplished would be something to behold…

          • Lineman

            He still believes in magic though because you can’t organize without knowing and trusting someone unless you want to end up like the right keeps ending up, in jail, broke, or dead…I don’t know why this simple fact keeps eluding all these smart people… Until our side comes to this realization we will continue to be ruled by people who hate us and want us dead…

            • Troy Messer

              Maybe we should stop being worried about losing our shitty Chinese made foods and going to jail. If they fill jails full of whites, then how bad could be? Nelson Mandela went to jail and became President. Jail can be a stimulus for change.

  3. Lineman

    Everyone is hoping against hope that it gets better for them and just don’t understand that it will continue to get worse… Does anyone know know if there is anything wrote down about how the Kulaks felt when they saw the state start to move against them or was that all erased when they got erased… Might be some sort of lesson in there that maybe we could pick up but I’m not so sure…Does it take the door being kicked off to make most realize they are in the shit or is anyone smart enough to figure it out beforehand???

      • Big Ruckus D

        This is, unfortunately, true. But that lack of historical knowledge doesn’t excuse the huge blind spot so many White people have in completely failing to recognize their disenfranchisement and eventually destruction at the hands of others, even as it is occuring in real time. For fucks sake, how much more obvious does it really need to be for even a simple majority to recognize and start publicly acknowledging what is going on, much less take steps to stop it?

        It is both baffling and infuriating to me how most are just blissfully unaware of the game in progress. And I experienced the same rage during COVID, after watching so many people – many of whom I had previously considered intelligent and perceptive – turn into compliant dumbshits who went along with obvious lies, and still won’t acknowledfe their idiocy even now. A handful, yes. But overall, the rate of “getting it” remains inexcusably low. Midwits and their egos…it seems nothing can successfully break through them.

        On that note, I hate to say it, but the track record is very poor for large scale awakenings taking place at all, much less in enough time to stave off a disaster. Hell if I know what to do about it, as even gently informing people of things they need to be considering has done sweet fuck all in my experience. Being more forceful in my warnings just turns them into obstreperous assholes with a case of full on denial.

        • Anon

          Don’t worry, jesus will come and fix it so no one needs to do anything.
          I’ll be dead before it affects me.

          Two typical lines from people at minimum ignoring all the shit their generation caused or who have actively made things worse. Doesn’t matter how bad it gets, they think it will not be their problem.

        • Troy Messer

          IMHO, most whites deserve to be culled from the gene pool. If you can’t or won’t seek the self interest of your kin and race, well fuck you. History is full of races to stupid to get with the times. Like Native Americans doing a ghost dance thinking that is gonna stop bullets. Of the many white nations the stupid whites will just be another entry in the ledger of failed races.
          Russian Slavs seem to not want to go extinct and are actually putting up a fight.

  4. Tactless Wookie

    I’m laughing at those schmucks who thought outing McCarthy for this dildo was going to change anything.

    Meet the new boss.
    Same as the old boss.


    I voted in the primary to flush the toilet with the turd RINO that is our Texas speaker of the house.

    It was a three-way race, and it’s going to a runoff with a challenger having the upper hand, so I will vote in the runoff to get rid of this rich asshole. I have the lowest of expectations for his replacement.

    Come, November, the RINOs are on their own. I’ll find some of those “I Farted Today” stickers for dissident to wear.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Comrade Commissar Johnson (Israel) is on das Teevee right now to defend his fellow traveler the Sephardic Mayorkas and some free Uncle Sugar goodies for Ziolensky is to be voted on by the end of the week even if it means he is booted.
    Caligula laughs and rides off on the senate horse as we are ruled by the most feckless worthless traitor sellouts in human history.
    LMFAO! Fossil McConnel (CCP) is on there now…time to slide a Brandon.
    Breaking-Houthis seized UK container ship from 1hr ago and some minutes ago.

  7. Bob Barker

    Frankly, I’d rather they do shit like this all day, every day then renew FISA or the other jillion things they do to fuck up this country.

  8. Gryphon

    Art, how did you get some AI Image Generator to accept “Jewrat” as a descriptor? I thought all those Programs were heavily Biased to prevent stuff like that, the way they present Congoids as Revolutionary-War Leaders?


      Art’s mastery of the written word. Descriptive, oblique, subtle and the AI generator can give you some funny rewards.

      e.g. black skinny Superman with an angry scowl on his face flying through the air with an obese young white woman with lots of tattoos wearing a white chiffon dress.

    • Mike_C

      The little feller’s shirt has SOME 6-pointed symbol on it, but it’s not a Star of David. (The SOD has a hexagon in the middle of it. Our little friend has what looks like one triangle laid on top of another.) The symbol on his little hat (sooo cute, omg!) might be a SOD, but not sure. If you want a symbol that looks just like the SOD then you specify a German brewer’s star.

      But I AM curious as to what our host used to generate that picture.

  9. DeplorableGranny

    Death to America is a-okay, but “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, not so much. I hate these people!!!

  10. saoirse

    After November, they’ll go from making “resolutions” to passing full fledged laws. The language is already drawn up. They’ve been priming the brain-dead citizenry for years with ‘hate-crime’ legislation and censorship.
    Europeans love their enslavement and so will Merkans.
    All blogs (like this one), websites, video platforms etc. whose content violates their ZOG dictates will be shut down; principals, content contributors and commentors fined and/or jailed.
    Two choices to vote for:
    Maoism – with kosher and shitlib struggle sessions.
    Zionism – with evangelical and predatory capitalist struggle sessions.
    Don’t need any special glasses to see this!

  11. Max Wiley

    I don’t know why anyone is surprised. There are a (very) few true believers out on the far left and far right in DC (in the mostly erroneous left/right paradigm that is commonly used). There are a few more that play those as a role because that shtick is what keeps them in office. And sitting in the middle is a giant blob of a Uniparty, whose primary business is serving the interests of the oligarchs while keeping the rubes toiling on the debt plantation.
    One party, two marketing departments. Get used to it. TINVOWOOT.

  12. Troy Messer

    I hate Republicans more than I hate Democrats. Sure, Democrats are evil, Satan loving evil, but at least they fight for what they believe in even if it is pedophilia and idolizing niggers.
    Republicans stand for nothing. If the measure of a man is what he is willing to get in the streets and fight for, Republicans.stand for nothing. They are utter cowards who idolize evil just as much, they just don’t have the balls to admit it.

  13. godhelpus

    They are not stupid. They are evil and I would agrue much worse evil than the Democrats. The Democrats tell you they are going to take your money, flood your country with 3rd world shithole people and put you in jail if you resist. The Republicans used to pretend they were fighting back. Turns out they were and have always been complicit in the demise of our existence. sickening. Buy guns and ammo.

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