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The First Rule Of Elementary School Yoof Fight Club: Don’t Video Elementary School Yoof Fight Club

This is both funny and ominous.

Just weeks into the school year, a 7-year-old Indianapolis Public Schools student told his mother his teacher allowed other students to physically abuse him in class.

He said he was punched, slapped and slammed to the floor, all at the encouragement of his instructor.

But his mother’s pleadings about his persistent fears of going to school fell on deaf ears for months, until video of the teacher’s alleged “fight club-style” discipline came to light, validating the boy’s claims.

The video of the fight is what you would expect. The kids are 7 so it isn’t like the one hitting the “victim” could really harm him but he was crying. Sure, 7 year old boys fight, it is part of growing up but so is learning to not get into a fight over little stuff, something most blacks seem to never learn and when your teacher is encouraging it?

The lawsuit in Marion Superior Court revolves around the 7-year-old boy’s ordeal at George Washington Carver Montessori IPS School 87. The boy has special needs, “with disabilities, including sensory sensitivities, an executive function disorder, and probable learning disabilities.”

These disabilities qualified him for a section 504 plan recognizing the need for a “higher level of supervision and safety.”

The lawsuit alleged that a teacher allowed him to be beaten in class on multiple occasions, with one of those incidents being recorded on the teacher’s phone.

The lawsuit claimed the teacher orchestrated a “reprehensible ‘fight club’ type of discipline within his classroom over a span of three months” in which he “encouraged” and “instigated” the boy’s physical abuse. The boy said the teacher had held him down on two occasions, allowing other students to hit him, according to the lawsuit.

The teacher, identified in court documents and an Indiana Department of Child Services report as Julious Johnican, was allowed to resign from the district. The lawsuit named Johnican along with a substitute teacher, several administrators and the district itself.

Emphasis mine, we will be coming back to that. I also love that the school is called George Washington Carver Montessori. According to Great Schools, GWCM is at or well below state test standards but that is a bit deceiving. This “Montessori school” is quite diverse….

The same report shows a wide disparity on testing between the 25% of students that are White and the 68% that are black or mestizo, especially the mestizo kids who I assume are both dumb and don’t speak the English so good. In other words, the smaller population of Whites makes the rest of the school look a little better on the state tests. Pretty much a standard “American” urban school where the majority of students are not American. I guess that “Montessori” learning isn’t helping much when your students are sub 70 IQ and/or can’t speak English.

Back to the elementary fight club story. Here is the creepy looking Julious Johnican….


He looks like a combination child molester and Rain Man minus the intelligence. As Exhibit B for the lack of intelligence, Exhibit A being that he is black, we have this:

Video of one incident, which showed a student beating the child in class with the apparent backing of Johnican, proved to be key evidence in the case. Johnican had arranged a parent-teacher conference and intended to show the boy’s parents a video of the classroom environment to assuage their concerns about his treatment and safety.

However, during the Nov. 1 meeting, Johnican instead showed the wrong video—one in which another student was attacking their son. He accidentally turned up the volume, allowing the parents to hear him encourage the other student to beat their 7-year-old.

Come on, you are making this too easy. He showed them the wrong video? If you had the parents coming in, why would you even have a copy of the video you made showing not only the yoofs fighting but also you encouraging them to fight? Being White and not having a room temperature IQ, you might wonder why he would video incriminating evidence in the first place…..

The teacher told a DCS investigator the two students were sometimes friends, but other times didn’t get along and had “many negative engagements.” On the day Johnican recorded the video, he said he didn’t have enough patience and decided not to interfere. He videotaped the incident “to have proof of what was happening.”

If you don’t have enough patience to deal with 2nd graders fighting, maybe being an elementary teacher isn’t really the right profession for you. They didn’t even fire him, he was allowed to resign. To make things even spicier and more diverse, a substitute teacher was also present. Her name? Pardeep Dahliwal. Meanwhile, yet another as of yet unnamed teacher chimed in about “special needs students”….

The boy also told his mother that he heard a substitute teacher say that “special needs students were demonically possessed.” The same substitute teacher, according to the DCS investigation, appeared to support the fight, telling an administrator, “[They’re] bad kids, that’s what you do!” when asked about the September incident.

The boy said staff told him he “was bad and ‘needed to be baptized’ and that ‘holy water needed to be poured on him’ to cure him of his evil,” according to the lawsuit.

That must be part of the Montessori education, treating “special needs” kids by pouring magical water on them. I am going to guess the race of the teacher that thinks “special needs” kids can be fixed by baptism and magical water instead of a good old fashion ass whooping.

This is where an amusing breadcrumb story goes down a deep, deep rabbit hole. Stop here if you are pressed for time.

There are some bigger picture issues here. First and foremost, the ridiculous idea that we can sustain a functioning society when our largest school systems are full of borderline or literally retarded pupils being “taught” by teachers that are barely smarter, if at all. For every do-gooder White chick who thinks she is going to save the poor black children in urban schools there are how many “teachers” like Julious Johnican who have no business being teachers, or teachers who have simply checked out and are counting the years until their pension or of course the not-insignificant numbers who became teachers to give them access to vulnerable children.

The Indianapolis Public School district has over 30,000 students and is led by this clown car.

Notice that the actual real jobs, like Chief Operations Officer and Chief Financial Officer, are held by White guys while the “Chief Learning Officer”, whatever the hell that is, is Lele Simmons, a homely chick or Shelby Roby-Terry, the “Chief Communications & Engagement Officer” which sounds like a completely made-up job responsible for ass covering for the district. While “Dr. Aleesia Johnson” is the Superintendent, a Didn’t Earn It DEI hire if ever I saw one, I suspect that Deputy Superintendent Andrew Strope probably does the actual work. “Dr.” Johnson has a less than stellar academic CV…

Dr. Johnson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and African American Studies from Agnes Scott College, a Master of Social Work in Children and Youth and Community Organizing from the University of Michigan, a Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Secondary Education and a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership, both from Oakland City University.

Agnes Scott College is a new one for me, it is small college in George with less than 1000 undergrads and a student body that is 35% black, so probably not an academic powerhouse. “Dr.” Johnson received her degree in Psychology and African American Studies and then an MSW from Michigan before getting her M.A. and Ed.D from “Oakland City University”, a small General Baptist college in Oakland City, Indiana.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Superintendent Andrew Strope? He has a BSAcc/MCaa, Accounting and Finance from Missouri followed by a Masters in Accountancy from the same school and then a Master’s Degree, Educational Leadership and Administration from Harvard Graduate School of Education. He appears to have skills that would translate to the real world while “Dr.” Johnson mostly is an ideologue who would be a shift manager at Dennys if she didn’t land a cushy gig in Indianapolis.

The kid being beaten, listed as “special needs”, is now being homeschooled by his mama. While the kid getting beaten is dusky hued, his mama’s name, Corrie Horan, didn’t sound like a jogging enthusiast. Also the report listed the kid only by his amusing and prescient initials, O.D.. Me being me, I looked around Faceberg and found a Corrie Horan that appears to live in Indianapolis and is a White chick. Not guaranteeing this is her but….

She has a little mixed race son named Oziah, which certainly could be the O in the O.D. initials and he looks about the right age.

She has approximately a million pictures of herself on her Faceberg page, lots with her son. None as far as I can tell with the father of her son. Weird. On the bright side, she is about to cash in with an enormous lawsuit against the school.

I wanted to go back to the part about his “special needs”. It said:

The boy has special needs, “with disabilities, including sensory sensitivities, an executive function disorder, and probable learning disabilities.

I had to look up “executive function disorder”. According to the Cleveland Clinic:

Executive function refers to mental processes (executive functioning skills) that help you set and carry out goals. You use these skills to solve problems, make plans and manage emotions. Research suggests strong executive functioning skills make a difference in your mental and physical health and quality of life. Poor skills can affect your ability to do well in school, find and keep a job, or have strong social connections.

One of those executive functions is “inhibition control”.

For example, you’d use this executive functioning skill when you focus on a conversation in a noisy office by consciously blocking (inhibiting) other conversations and noise. And if that office conversation takes a turn that makes you feel angry or anxious, inhibition control is how you resist the urge to do something you’ll later regret, like losing your temper and storming out of the office.

A picture is starting to become clearer to me. Your kid is a trouble maker with little to no impulse control? Well that isn’t his fault of course, he must have “special needs”! We used to have kids like that when I was in school but we called them what they are: troublemakers. I am not talking about kids with actual physiological issues, I meant kids that are just poorly behaved but now are labelled “special needs”.

One of the most profound changes to the educational world in the last decade or so is the explosive growth in pupils with an an IEP or Individualized Education Program. What an IEP is supposed to be for is creating a plan between the teachers, parents and administrators to help a child with an actual disability to learn. What it has turned into is a way for the parents, or probably parent, of a troublemaker to claim that their little angel is “disabled”, meaning it is much harder to discipline the child and it is far more difficult to teach the non-“disabled” students because teachers have to focus extra attention on the disabled kids. When I say the number of kids of an IEP has exploded, this is what I mean:

The 7.3 million disabled students in the U.S. made up 15% of national public school enrollment during the 2021-22 school year. 

The population of students in prekindergarten through 12th grade who are served under IDEA has grown in both number and share over the last few decades. During the 2010-11 school year, for instance, there were 6.4 million students with disabilities in U.S. public schools, accounting for 13% of enrollment.

15% of all students are now “disabled”. In a classroom of 28 students, 4 are “disabled”. We all had disabled kids in school when we were kids, in my school that meant a few kids who had severe physical disabilities, including one blind kid, and then a handful of severely retarded kids that mostly moaned and drooled. Now it is 15% of all students. There are stats to back this up:

The number of students in special education in the United States has doubled over the past four decades, creating a rising share of public school kids who need special education services.

That’s according to the Pew Research Center, which collected data from the National Center for Education Statistics for a report on students in special education for Disability Pride Month, which is celebrated each year in July.

The total number of students in special education went from 3.6 million in the 1976-77 school year, to almost 7.3 million in 2021-22. These students now make up 15 percent of the K-12 student population across the country, nearly double what it was in the late 1970s.

Nowhere is the old saying more true, the squeaky wheel gets the grease, than in schools. It also appears that the enormous increase in “disabled” kids is not more kids who are blind or in wheelchairs but instead with students who have autism, or executive function disorder or oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). It sure seems that a lot of the increase in “disabled” students comes from kids that just won’t behave, with those students coming from homes where the little angels get no discipline and can do no wrong because they are raised by over-indulgent single moms and in turn the schools can’t enforce disciplinary measures because the child has been diagnosed by some quack psychologist with a “disability”.

It is a vicious circle as decent teachers leave urban school districts because the kids are out of control and can’t be disciplined and the teachers that do stay are checked out or running fight clubs with 7 year old kids, and I would bet that little O.D. was troublemaker who got his ass kicked for a reason.

The American urban school system is a ticking time bomb, churning out millions of poorly educated, undisciplined graduates who have nothing of use to offer society other than (best case) working a crappy service industry or government job or (more likely) becoming criminals.

Demographics are destiny and nowhere is that more apparent than in the public school system where the student body looks nothing like American classrooms 50 years ago and instead are the sort of demographic mixes that have led to catastrophic failure across Africa, Latin America and Southern Asia. Pretty soon 7 year old fight clubs are going to be seen as a quaint relic of better days.


  1. Steve S6

    Single mom has time to home school? I have questions.

    “The boy has special needs, “with disabilities, including sensory sensitivities, an executive function disorder, and probable learning disabilities.” … sounds like the definition of blaq to me.

    Isn’t the Federal Dept of Ed doing a bang up job?

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    It sounds like something out of the Kentucky Fried Movie.
    Remember blacks with no soul from that underrated laugh fest?
    She is kind of hot for a brunette if that is her and I am Bo Derek doppelganger only type of hairy ape.
    She be gettin’ a geto payout from the spawn? (s/)
    Special Needs? Do they get rainbow sprinkles?
    Today is Happy Mustache Man Day and I wish Hitler would stop stealing all the Pink Rabbit.
    Only the bring the girls back home hashtage brigades can save us from the Nazi attack turtles who kidnap all the pink rabbits.
    How about a Hitler bong for 420!

  3. Big Ruckus D

    The picture of the teacher is disturbing enough to be one of your legendary AI images. The picture of the single mom (assuming that is her) is so perfectly stereotypical of what I’d expect from an instahoe with a mulatto offspring – right down to the ultra bleached teeth, fakeish smile, and nose piercing – that it made me laugh.

    The rest of the story was equal parts disturbing and entertaining. People wonder why I black pill over the future? They only need to look at the schools, the make up and academic performance of the student body, and those doing the teaching and administrating. Once again, it is all too evident that this is not a serious country. There is no other conclusion that can be drawn, except that it’s all utterly fucked.

    • Lineman

      I’m blackpilled by the 25% White Kids being forced to go to school with savages because their parents are dumbfucks that are brainwashed into thinking we are all the same…I would make every White parent that had a kid being abused in school be beat by a nigger until they smartened up…

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yeah, that too. I was lucky to have a sheltered upbringing in Catholic schools until my 2nd year of high school, and of course growing up in the 80’s, my schooling predated the massive demographic swings of the past 25+ years.

        If I were in schools now, with my personality and attitude such as they are, I’d have long since been expelled for beating the hell out of uppity nigs, fags, and commie teachers because there’s now way I’d tolerate – much less accommodate – their constant bullshit.

        I can’t imagine having to navigate the shitness of the schools as a kid now, all the more so a public school with the sort of demographics seen in the posted article (or worse).

        The schools now are effectively an institutional embodiment of “Lord of the Flies”.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yeah, I remember that one. Sung by a black woman who went on to die of drowning induced by drug overdose. It strikes me that many of these children will go on to a similarly unfortunate future.

  4. Max Wiley

    With IQ centered at 100, 15 points is considered 1 sigma distribution, or in other words from 85 to 115 captures 68% of the population, with a further 16 percent below and 16 percent above.
    Below 85 IQ is the bottom 16% of IQ range. That scale appears to be sliding to the left in the US, due to influx of populations with lower native IQ levels. (Whites of Western European descent have a mean of 103, Hispanics 89, and sub-Saharan Africans have a mean of 85. Some South- and Central-American countries have dramatically lower average IQ, 89 is just a regional average.)
    There is some pretty concrete work postulating that IQ itself is a measure of the ability to think in the abstract, and that abstract thinking is required for moral development. Put another way, people with an IQ below 80 are going to have a hard time with what we would label as impulse control and empathy.
    I’m going to propose the idea that any kid with an IQ much below 85 is going to fit the description of “executive function disorder” and likely have functional “learning disabilities.”
    Everything observable would naturally follow.

    • pyrrhus

      Blacks have an average of 85 IQ…according to British psychologists, that means more than half of the Black population is “ineducable to any standard.”

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      The standards and criteria for learning disabilities were designed by white people for white students in a formerly mostly white nation, so it is only natural that the GR will lead (has led) to this explosion of students with learning disabilities. The “left” wouldn’t disagree with that either. If it served any purpose for them, they would be crying about these standards born of whiteness. But they are unlikely to make that complaint in this case, since the inability of the wogs to meet standards can be used to justify more administrators getting more money. The existence of clown world always comes back, sooner or later, to its access to the free money tree.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Just wait until the system is so far gone (having been destroyed by dusky morons for too long) that they can’t even proffer clinical sounding explanations of what is wrong (when in fact, there is nothing pathological about these failings, most of these kids are just legitimate imbeciles and retards purely by measurable IQ).

        The words “executive function” and “oppositional defiant disorder” themselves are White man’s magic, and if the idiot administrators weren’t capable of imitating the vocalizations uttered by White experts, they’d have no fancy verbiage with which to explain why the schools were full of abject failures (and needed more money, natch).

        That day is coming, too. We aren’t that far now from kids “finishing” 8th grade unable not only to write anything cogently, but even to speak anything close to marginally understandable English at a level minimally needed to function in an ordered society. Straight up feral animals in humanoid bodies are on tap in the foreseeable future. Won’t that be lovely.

        While it has been mostly the low tier imports that fall into this category until recently, an increasing number of native White kids are fucked up too, by way of the obvious genetic collapse of our species, idiot parents (even if both are present) not doing even the minimum needed to ensure a decent upbringing, and of course the influence of the shit tier population ruining the schools, and dumbing everything down to the lowest common denominator. The COVID hiccup from 2020-2022 made it all even worse.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Distasteful as it was (to those being eugenicized anyway) a failure to maintain the breeding stock of any animal species results in a multitude of physical and psychological health problems being allowed to run rampant. In nature, the weak, infirm and unfit animals are cast out and killed/allowed to die young in order to keep the species “on track”. Humans have gotten very inventive at overriding nature’s integral checks and balances, and now look where it has gotten us.

  5. Bobsuruncle

    Theyre all special. Isnt that enough? And yes, most of their IQ distributions show them as what used to be clinically retarded. Somalis, average IQ 65, 75 was considered retarded, all of africa on average is about 75, which is clinically retarded. All the facts are known, decided and judged, yet here we are, and continue to be. Honestly it makes me tired.

    • Arthur Sido

      Just think, American blacks have enough White genetics mixed in to be slightly smarter than their full blood African cousins, so imagine how insanely dumb a continent full of blacks that are significantly dumber than the average denizen of Detroit must be.

  6. LGC

    I don’t disagree with with the schools and massive calling of everyone special ed cuz they get more money. But a lot of these kids are f*cked up bad. In my little neighborhood of a small rural mostly white town. Of the 9 kids in a 2 block radius going to elementary school. 3 of them are autistic. And I don’t mean “i like to count numbers” I mean like RainMan but violent type of levels. ! kid isn’t so bad and with some good parenting (he has 2) he’ll probably grow out of it. The other 2 are a mess. They will never be functional. They barely function now (both white males BTW). I couldn’t tell you that many from when I was a kid total. I don’t know if it’s the vaxxes or what, but this generation of young ones has a serious percentage of messed up kids.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is a whole different and important topic. Something has gone haywire, there were quirky kids when I was growing up but now there are legions of terrible messed up kids. We call it autism and pretend we have no idea what happened, but something happened.

      • Greg

        I used to think the anti-vaxxers were lunatics. I have completely reversed my opinions on the subject.
        I have also just finished reading Gary Taube’s latest: Rethinking Diabetes. Anyone involved in the medical field needs to read it, especially your daughter Arthur.

        • Lineman

          What I don’t get about people though is they can be proven wrong about things over and over and yet they will still argue with you instead of researching for themselves..
          Not directing that at you just an observation from the real…

  7. Arete

    I’d like to say your conclusions are overly pessimistic, but I can’t. I quit teaching public high school in 2005, after starting in 1989, and I saw a very significant shift over that time. My first run-ins with the new phenomenon of ‘anti-social behavior as disability’ was when a repeatedly late-arriving 14-year-old girl (white, in this case) told me, after I called her on the tardiness, that she was going to “kick my ass.” I responded, “Try it, you little punk,” and it probably requires little imagination on your part to guess who got in trouble for this. No one had notified me, in any way, that she had been diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

    The second was a 16-year-old black girl who was so enraged by me telling her to take her seat, because class was starting, that she physically pushed me out of her way and left the room. Not only were there no consequences for this, I was told that the same girl had thrown a computer (big desktops back then) through a window, and the ‘plan’ for dealing with her ‘disability’ was to let her know that at any time, in any situation, when she felt enraged, she could simply walk out and come to the principal’s office. (This particular principal–I went through six of them at the same school–had the worst ‘white savior’ complex I’ve ever encountered, and the worst elements of the black student body behaved accordingly.)

    Another teacher in my department, a temp who was filling in for someone on extended leave, was threatened by a black girl who raised her fists and came at her. This temp had a black belt, or equivalent, in a martial art I now can’t recall, and she kicked off her shoes in preparation for defending herself. For this, she was walked out of the building by our two school resource officers, aka sheriff deputies, and never allowed to return.

    Things are only getting worse, and as you rightly point out, catering entirely to these behavioral disabilities means the ‘normal’ kids get the shaft. I was recently speaking to a childhood friend who became a speech therapist and has since retired, and she told me about a colleague, a pregnant colleague, who had to clear the room of all students because of uncontrollable behavior by one of them (apparently this is how they do it) and the episode concluded with the child’s rage finally exhausting itself after he pummeled and kicked the teacher to the point where she huddled on the floor, trying to protect her head and stomach. She was legally not allowed to leave him, and not allowed to restrain him or put her hands on him in any way.

    One significant factor here, is that keeping kids like this in school relieves the parent of the problem of what to do with them, otherwise. The law says that kids are entitled to a public school education in the “least restrictive environment” and parents will threaten to sue if the little hellion might have to be at home or if they face the prospect of paying for care. Another childhood friend was a special education teacher in Massachusetts, and was probably pulling down over a hundred grand by the time she retired. She told me that her final couple of years were spent entirely with ONE child, because he was so out of control that he couldn’t function in a classroom, but his parents were holding the school hostage with the threat of a lawsuit.

    • Arthur Sido

      My eldest sister retired from teaching a few years ago, she loved teaching and was universally considered to be a great teacher. The nonsense got to be so bad that she finally just couldn’t take it and left what she loved doing. I could see that something was shifting, she wasn’t looking forward to the school year starting like she used to. This was in a great school district, so I can’t imagine what it is like it less than great districts.

  8. Harbinger

    Times have changed. Dramatically.

    My elementary school, admittedly a lo-o-o-ong time ago, had a total of two (2) male teachers, both lily-White and fatherly, and they taught 4th and 5th grades. It would have been unthinkable to have a man in a second grade classroom, let alone a black one. I did not have any black teachers until Ms. Sampson in 11th grade, and she did not make it through the school year because she was [unmarried and] pregnant.

    I was a child at a time that was likely the very last gasp when teachers had total control over students and could still dispense a little deserved corporal punishment. Being a good little White boy, the worst I ever endured was being dragged by the scruff of my neck to the principal’s office when I practiced my budding collection of four-letter words in response to Mrs. Hickey’s command for silence in 3rd grade. Something like this miserable dindu’s equivalent of cock-fighting in the classroom for his own amusement would have been met with torches and pitchforks in my conservative hometown.

    We are clearly not enlisting our best and brightest to educate the youth of the land today.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Now that you mention it, outside of PE I didn’t see any male teachers until the 7th grade. And that guy was a weirdo.

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