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Speaking Of Easter

A breadcrumb-American in Nashville was really getting into the Easter spirit.

It was the old “altercation that led to gunfire” schtick.

A gunman opened fire at a Nashville coffee shop, leaving at least one person dead and four others injured, during Easter brunch, Nashville police said. 

“Detectives are working to determine the motive for this gunman opening fire during Sunday brunch at Roasted on Garfield St.,” Metro Nashville Police posted on X, formerly Twitter. Police released images of the suspected shooter and his car.

Police said the shooting happened around 3 p.m., when a man opened fire inside the coffee shop, striking five people, and killing one man.…..

…..”There was an altercation between two men at Roasted. Sunday brunch was being served. During that time period, the altercation occurred and escalated, very sharply, to one of the men pulling a gun and firing multiple shots,” Metro Police’s Don Aaron said in a press conference.

First off, if you are eating at 3 PM that isn’t “brunch”. Second, here is the shooter….

I was surprised at first. Hookah bars, Chuck E. Cheese, Waffle House, fast food joints. I expect shootings in places like that where black folk congregate but coffee houses? I did a little investigation into Roasted Salemtown in Nashville and then it all became clear from their Facebook page:

I guess if you really want an “Authentic black” dining experience, you need the occasional squabble escalating into a mass shooting. Looks like we need to add “Authentic black coffee shops” to the list of places likely to attract mass shootings along with celebrations of life, block parties and film locations for amateur rap videos.

That was not the only mass shooting on Easter, Chicago of course had not one but two Easter mass shootings:

One woman was killed, and four other women were hurt in a mass shooting in Chicago’s Austin neighborhood early Sunday morning. 

The shooting happened inside Poppy’s Chat Room in the 5300 block of West Madison Street just after 1 a.m. Chicago police said a group of people were inside the business when an unknown person fired multiple shots at them before fleeing the scene.

It was a violent start to the Easter holiday, and neighbors say they are tired of seeing blood in the streets.

A teen was killed and three others wounded in a shooting in Austin on Sunday afternoon.

Four men were in the 400 block of North Lavergne Avenue about 2:50 p.m. when two people got out of a car and shot at them, police said. A 16-year-old boy was shot in the head and taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition where he later died.

Three other victims — a 21-year-old and two 25-year-olds — took themselves to West Suburban Medical Center in Oak Park and were reported in good condition, police said.

Plus one in Georgia…

Seven people were shot and two are dead after a shooting in Dublin according to Laurens County Deputy Coroner Nathan Stanley. 

He says 2 people were also sent to a hospital in Macon. 

Stanley says the shooting happened around 2 a.m. in the 500 block of West Avenue in Dublin.

Dublin, Georgia is over 60% black. Just FYI. We are just hitting April and already have seen 94 mass shootings in America, and the weather is warming up so you know what that means.

No matter the occasion, they can ruin it.


  1. Harbinger

    Glad to see this recent emphasis on “authentically black” experiences. Any interference on the part of LE would be considered oppression and discrimination, so the order to stand down is likely in place. Shooting up an eatery on Easter Sunday is just a shared expression of their ancient culture, kinda like receiving communion in church only with lead. It’s a black thang. You wouldn’t understand.

  2. old geezer

    i’m actually getting tired of seeing the same chimp time after time.

    spice thing up a bit. try a baboon the next time. their canines make a more natural effect.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    When I see businesses like that I can’t help but wonder how much federal/NGO grant money for the promotion of black owned businesses they received

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    I thought it was a chongo at first.
    How he gonna be like that on Big Mike Awareness Day, Barry is not amused.
    I always assume that everyone is armed but won’t take any shit from anyone as Gunny Highway Pappy taught me.
    Remember those New Jack corksucker mall cop replacements that have been trying to psyop for two years?
    It eased up a little bit when I said I’m right here by my lonesome make me go with a 20 round box mag in well showing from jeans side pocket.
    Remember the meme, there is no plan to fix anything because the plan is to burn it all down by any means necessary.
    Resentful professional victim voters are all onboard, even it means their demise.

  5. Max Wiley

    1 dead and 3-5 shot or injured, 2 dead and 7 shot…. the ratios are relatively constant.
    You know who is doing the shooting even if the news won’t say.
    A warrior is serious about his weapons and takes the time and effort to become proficient in their use.
    These street apes are just posturing fools.

  6. ghostsniper

    I am a master at avoiding negro’s.

    Haven’t seen a negro with my bare assed eyes in well over a year, and hope to never see one again.

    Stop referring to them as “black” or “african” because they are NOT.

    They are NEGRO! Period.

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