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Some Stories

….you just know what the background is before you even start to read. Scratch that, a LOT of stories are that way. Like this one…

A grandmother was arrested on Thursday, April 18 after she allegedly helped her granddaughter beat up another student at a Mt. Morris Township elementary school.

A grandmother was dropped off with her granddaughter at McMonagle Elementary School on Thursday, Mt. Morris Township Police Chief Michael Veach said, adding the pair were buzzed into the building for a behavioral meeting.

Veach said the grandmother saw another girl her granddaughter was having trouble with, so she and her granddaughter followed her into a bathroom.

The grandmother then held down the girl while her granddaughter punched her, Veach said.

Already coming to school for a behavioral meeting, meaning the elementary school girl was already in trouble, when grannie spots a different elementary school aged girl and decides that the thing to do is go hold that kid down while her grand-daughter punches her. If grannie is going to the meeting with the girl, she probably is the guardian of the kid and if a woman that will hold an elementary school girl down in the bathroom while her grand-daughter punches her? Just imagine what the parents, or parent, is like. What did the grandma think was going to happen? It is almost like a certain demographic lacks even basic impulse control….

Colonel Donald Mcmonagle Elementary School is in Flint and if you have ever been through Flint, Michigan you know that it is a breadcrumb infested shithole. Flint is over 55% black, explaining the media coverage of the “water crisis” a few years ago. This school in particular?

84% black and almost everyone from a low-income family. Sounds lovely! It is possible that the attacker was part of the 11% that are White but come on, what are the odds of that?

Fun fact, the school is named for Colonel Donald R. McMonagle. Here he is….

McMonagle was born on May 14, 1952, in Flint, Michigan, and graduated from Hamady High School in 1970. he received a Bachelor of Science degree in astronautical engineering from the United States Air Force Academy in 1974, a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering from California State University, Fresno in 1985, and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business in 2003.

Colonel McMonagle is an astronaut with three space flights on three different shuttles.

He is alive and 71 years old, but for some reason didn’t choose to live in his hometown of Flint. I wonder what he thinks of the state of the elementary school in Flint named in his honor? Sounds like it wouldn’t be a safe place for him to even visit, you never know when some grandma might decide to attack you.


  1. Lineman

    Man that 11% just enrages me at those parents…Gods most precious gift to you and you send them to be amongst demons…Fuck those parents with a rusty chainsaw…

    • Arthur Sido

      Some of the “Whites” might be middle Eastern types but most are probably just the bottom 5% IQ wise of Whites, all of the halfway smart ones left generations ago leaving the trash behind. Some people just like living in squalor.

  2. Skeptic

    Given the teen pregnancy rate of breadcrumb sows, the “grandmother” is probably 35 years old.

    They are apes and they should not mingle with humans.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the victim was in the 11%, but the attackers were definitely in the 84%.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    ‘civil war’ is all the talk these days, what with the new movie and all, but large questions loom, such as, which side of it is going to claim Flint?

  4. Hoho

    I am soooo happy to be living in a 97% White locale. It is full of kindness and happiness, and not a hint of shade blocking either of them. Fuck the cities.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    The glorious peoples republic of Michigan?
    The stig beal was perfected there with the Gretchenfuhrer.
    You put your weed in it like CommieradO.
    The allahu ackbar boyz will clean it up good.
    Couldn’t happen to nicer bunch of useless idiots.
    Get mean on Adolf day.
    Yes we can!
    Dayam, grannie got some junk in the trunk too like Lavonda?

  6. ghostsniper

    Couple years ago I had to go to Bloomington, IN and while sitting at a red light I saw a negro maybe 100-150 feet away. 1st one I had seen in years (and haven’t seen one since) though I have seen them on TV.

    What a spectacle that was. Instantly stood out, attracting attention just by it’s own distinction, yet seemingly where it should be. It was similar, I suppose, to watching gorillas at a zoo. You stare, try to engage through the fence, then leave and go home.

    Which is what I did. I went to our home in the forest, where I rarely leave, and enjoy life in our negroless world.

    I would like to never see another one again.

  7. Harbinger

    Much as I love to read stories of negro dysfunction to justify my sadistic loathing of the demographic, this story really depresses me. The ‘grandmother’ angle does it.

    My dear grandmothers, both of them, were the sweetest, kindest people I’ve ever known, showering me and my siblings with unconditional love and providing me with some of my fondest childhood memories. Were they saints? For all I knew, they were. I never heard either one utter a single angry or disparaging word about anyone. They were icons of decency, love and faith.

    The thought of someone in that position in a child’s life capable of the heinous act perpetrated by this feral animal in the story just shatters my illusions.

    Grandma gets down and dirty to avenge some silly middle school slight that her niglet granddaughter feels she endured. Do we now have to start asking where the grandfather is every time some dark-skinned savage unleashes some jungle justice on another?

  8. Heath J

    Boy, the “camps” become that much more viable when reading about this shit.

    All lives matter. Some only matter as agricultural supplements..

    • Dagobaz

      I see what you did there, but if they are already reduced from the lead in the aqueducts, how much further can they sink ?

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