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Some Friendly Advice

While this falls into the category of “Not my circus, not my monkeys”, can I offer a little unsolicited advice to American Christians?

The endless outrage porn isn’t helping you

Perhaps the worst offender in this is the Babylon Bee’s real news site, Not The Bee. It seems every other article is about how some random person said something offensive to Christians in order to get a rise out of them and of course those very Christians then got all wound up. Rinse, repeat.

Many normiecon Christians are trapped in an endless cycle of outrage, going from one outrage to the next like a junkie looking for a fix. All weekend I saw post after post from Not The Bee and Newsmax and Breitbart as well as various conservative types getting upset about the “Transgender Day of Visibility”. This bullshit day to pay even more attention to degenerates that already get too much attention is always on March 31st and this year that happened to also be Easter Sunday. Whoever puts papers in front of Biden to sign stuff so he can get another pudding cup of course made a special point of getting a proclamation celebrating “Transgender Day Of Visibility” precisely because it was Easter Sunday and they did it for the outrage, which of course they got.

That has provided millions of clicks for normiecon media, from Fox News to The Gateway Pundit. Stuff like this is money printing gold for those sites. Likewise it provides amusement and fodder to the Left. You know how much fun it is to troll leftists, they take pleasure in doing the same to Christians. I wouldn’t say it is fun for them as they are incapable of fun or joy but it does give them some satisfaction. To paraphrase Gunny Highway, don’t give the pricks the satisfaction.

Don’t start drooling and barking like Pavlov’s dog. Instead mock them without mercy.

When some dimwit breadcrumb or small hat says something offensive about Whites, I don’t get upset about it. I mock them for it. Getting mad is what they want and gives them some perverse gratification. Mocking them? That is the worst thing you can do to them. Instead of wailing and gnashing your teeth and rending your garments about the “Transgender Day of Visibility” being recognized on Easter Sunday, instead share pictures of the guy that created the day in the first place, some grotesque dude that thinks he is a woman and calls himself “Rachel Crandall Crocker”. Look at this freakshow:

The dude has a receding hairline, multiple chins and is a revolting specimen, not to mention he is a dead ringer for Danny DeVito playing the Penguin.

You will be shocked to discover the ethnic background of Mr. Crocker, who is apparently a licensed psychotherapist that grooms unhappy, mentally ill people into thinking they are the opposite sex from what their genitalia and chromosomes indicate. He is so ridiculous that it ought to be a slam dunk to simply post pictures of him instead of getting all upset.

Do what you want but when you charge from one outrage to another, you are being played by these people. Why would you expect an administration headed by a man that isn’t a Christian of any sort (nor was his predecessor) and stocked full of fags, dykes, Jews, trannies and a potpourri of other freaks to honor a Christian holiday? If it were me I would be happy that they didn’t, better an open enemy than one that pretends to be on your side (Bush, Obama, Clinton, etc.). They are mocking and trolling Christians and getting exactly the response they want. I say mock and troll them in return. Your mockery is the most powerful tool in your arsenal, at least until the day when we can finally start going kinetic.


  1. Troy Messer

    In pick up artistry, this is called losing frame. Normies are playing into the freaks frame. Frame is kind of a nebulous concept. Who is determining the narrative: you or them (in PUA it would be her)? Whose world view are you in yours or theirs(hers)

    When I first read about the Freak Visibility Day, I knew this was red meat being thrown at you average normiecon. And because your average coward ass normies thinks being righteously outraged is a virtue, they took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

    If you get all pissed off, you are playing into their frame. Of course this was meant to denigrate white Christians. And because Western whites are the biggest pussies on the planet, they belated right in cue.

    BTW, fuck the Babylon Bee. While I go their because they have links to their stories, these are some of the worst normiecon evangelical types that I just can’t stand. For example, there was a recent story about niggers playing the knockout game in NYC. They just can’t or won’t bring themselves to admit the demographics of the perpetrators. Any story where POC’s are the culprit, they refuse to take that last step and call them out.

    Arthur’s advice about mocking them is spot on. If you mock them you maintain your frame. You write/control the narrative. They hate being mocked. They don’t just want your acceptance, they want your…darn..I can’t think of the word…they want you to agree/accept them. They want you to bend a knee to their values. So when you mock them, it shows you don’t accept them, you don’t acquiesce to their world view.

    Point at them; mock and laugh at them.

    One PUA concept to maintain frame is called Agree and Amplify. When a woman shit-tests a man, she is trying to see if he worthy…whether he will acquiesce his frame for hers. When the demons call you racist, like women shit-testing, it is meant as a slur to maintain their frame at the expense of yours. They intend to subdue your will with humility and guilt. You dont to be considered a racist do you? It is why when some one calls me a racist, I agree and Amplify. Hell.yeah I am a racist! Racist #1 Racist #1. And it works. People are so used to a white man being cowed by the racist slur they literally don’t know how to react to someone who resists their frame.

    • Arthur Sido

      I haven’t tried to pick up a girl since the 1980s and the last one ended up marrying me but I get the references. Some of the Not The Bee stories are starting to point out the racial issues but even still are pretty timid about it. Never the small hat though. Never.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Watched a video about the Idaho hoax and a couple of youngsters were right on with the get over it.
    The video maker (h/t-QF) showed cameras everywhere and Git-R-Dun pickups with nary a stars and bars in sight.
    Most locals said bravo sierra but the woke dreadlocked Karen was fully onboard.
    Never let anyone live in your valuable headspace rent free and words won’t hurt.
    Take any press clippings and put them in the birdcage.
    I always say how flattering is that you are worried about lil’ ol me and what goods are baking up in the thought oven.
    The nation wreckers love stirring up trouble everywhere because they don’t have the mental or intellectual horsepower to create anything.
    So they get busy destroying like a good useful idiot.

  3. Gryphon

    I’ve always thought that DeVito’s version of ‘the Penguin’ was one of the creepiest, believable psychopathic Criminals in all of the ‘Batman’ movie franchise.

    • Arthur Sido

      There is a new one coming out that looks pretty decent, if they don’t PC the shit out of it. The Cobblepot in that one looks like the Arkham games version.

  4. Mike_C

    On top of the “being outraged is playing into their hands” part, think about this: If you’re frothing at the mouth about slights (perceived or actual), and ranting about how you’ve been victimized and persecuted for No Reason At All (TM) — well now, who are you acting like?

    That said, whenever people criticize China, I’m going to accuse them of anti-Sinotism. And you should too. Not because you’re defending China, but to mock a term that sounds very similar. I want it so that people roll their eyes or outright laugh whenever someone uses the actual term. (Is this gonna happen? Prolly not. But it’ll be fun to try. Plus “man’s reach must exceed his grasp” and all that.)

    PS (just thought of this): if some loon like this Rachel Penguin person accuses you of “misgendering” him, don’t argue. (And of course don’t apologize.) Smirk and say, “Oh. Did I do that? I can’t help it. I’m Gender Dyslexic. It’s a terrible disability. I could use some support and affirmation instead of your intolerant hostility.”

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