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Quick Chicongo Update

In the spirit of accurate reporting, I need to update the story Sun’s Out, Chimps Out. The local news in Chicago named the 8 year old little girl killed and she was not in fact a basketball-American, she was a mestizo of some flavor….

A Chicago man was left mourning and processing the loss of his 8-year-old daughter, who was shot and killed in a mass shooting during a confirmation party the city’s Southwest Side.

“She was the best daughter ever. Sweet, she loved to play,” said Jose Molina, the child’s father. “She was helpful. She was the best.”

Molina told NBC 5 that his daughter’s death shattered his word.

The girl, identified as Ariana Molina, was shot in the head and died from her injuries a short time later. Several family members were recovering on Sunday, hours after the shooting erupted outside their home.

A significant number of the wounded were family members of the little girl including her father and mother.

Now having said that, people don’t roll up to a confirmation party and start shooting unless somewhere there was the target. Someone knew that their target was at the party and decided to blaze away, but they managed to only kill an 8 year old girl. Also, this kind of targeted shooting is almost always the result of some sort of beef that usually is tied into criminal behavior so someone was at this party with children that had a target on his back.

If I had a beef with someone to the point that I would be trying to kill them, I sure as hell would not carry that out in a setting with a bunch of innocent people including children in attendance but then again I am not the sort of person that would kill someone else over a beef unless the person in question was a threat to me or my family.

The father, Jose Molina, was trying to get his family out of the neighborhood….

At a news briefing at the scene, Deputy Chief Don Jerome said the shooting was likely an act of gang-related violence.

“The offenders’ actions, make no mistake, are horrific and unacceptable in our city,” Jerome said.

Molina said his family has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years and was in the process of buying a house elsewhere.

“We were just a little too late,” Molina said. “At this point, we would’ve moved anywhere because of the gun violence here in the neighborhood. It’s too much.”

It certainly seems that the younger generations of mestizos and the newly arriving “migrants” are far more criminally inclined than the stereotypical hard-working Mexicans from decades ago.


  1. Max Wiley

    Start with the average IQ of not only the average breadcrumb American but those self selected to become street thugs, which is not a good play for a long or happy life. Add a strange, mutated tribal honor code that doesn’t allow putting real effort into anything, such as firearms skill, because that’s what White people do. Mix well and add a Glock switch as garnish. Sub guns take an expert to control, I can’t imagine a full auto pistol with no way to brace it.
    What you get is a situation where the intended target is least likely to be killed or even seriously injured, and nearby innocents bear the brunt of it.
    Ineffective violence that is borne primarily by families and innocent bystanders is a perfect recipe for perpetuation of hate and violence, which is exactly what we are getting.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Mexcrement Latrinos are pushing out CPUSA (D) plantation EBT voters and some of them have enough brain cells and synapses to figure it out.
    Those in the suburbs get ready for enrichment and it is thick here with the former “exclusive” the place to live now in si se puede MC Rappin’ Jonny mode with a cock fighting house discovered and I swear there is a muh weed grow house with JT Rastus.
    All are mouthy corksuckers who think they just got a free country handed to them.
    It is now time to bust that delusion right up with brave words and bloody knuckles if need be.
    I’m a little tired of white boy go home and you gotta go from New Jack replacements where I have lived since Ron Reagan years.
    All quiet on the you gotta go front here, a 20 round box hanging out of jeans will do that.

    • Randolph Scott

      Right answer for the moment but the beaner horde is coming strong. I expect these hordes will lite the whole country up.

  3. TakeAHardLook

    Link the nog who killed the little girl; give him a one-day trial. Execute him by hanging in the public square on the same day.

    Bury him in the ground then salt the earth.

  4. Anon

    Still not my problem. Still would have grown to multiply and become an issue for Whites, already was one just being here.

  5. Lord of the Fleas

    When Deputy Chief Don Jerome uses mealy-mouthed terms like “offender” to describe savages such as the shooter in this case, you know you’re dealing with a total pussy.

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