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Our Greatest Ally Is A Rogue State

Earlier today Israel struck the Iranian embassy compound in Damascus, killing several high ranking members of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps. Killed in the attack was General Mohammad Reza Zahedi and several other high ranking members of the IRGC along with others for a total of 11 people. This is going to piss off Iran and many other regional nations. There will be a response, we will see what that looks like.

What makes this unusual is that they were killed in the annex of the Iranian embassy. Consular grounds are generally off-limits but now this certainly gives a green light to Muslim terrorists to strike Israeli embassies around the world.

Depending on Iran’s response, this could be the start of an all-out regional war. For months now, Iranian-made ballistic missiles and drones have rained down on Israel, fired by Iran’s proxies in Lebanon and Yemen. This new brazen Israeli attack on Iran’s embassy takes things into uncharted territory, and also opens up the potential for the Iranians to target Israeli embassies abroad.

The annex or consular building next to the embassy in Mezzeh district was flattened in the strike


It certainly feels like Israel is escalating the atrocities just to see what they can get away with, turning world opinion more heavily against Israel and further isolating the Jewish ethnostate and the U.S..

Iran must respond forcefully to this, and probably pretty directly instead of using proxies, as this is a direct provocation by Israel. Failing to do so will signal to Israel that they can do whatever the hell they want.

Oil prices are already climbing. Head. Swivels. You know the drill.


  1. Steve S6

    Jews done used up their escape routes after 109. No where left to run, no where left to hide.
    Stay away from synagogues and all things Jewish.

  2. Bobsuruncle

    Lets wait and see if they sacrifice a red heifer this month or, near-term in Israel, the alter is built, and it would usher in the building of the third temple, which will enrage the muslim world. Provocation for WW3? Tune in and find out. Meanwhile, a significant number of “Christians” like the Hagee cult are and have been donating to the rebuilding of the third temple, so that the man of perdition can declare himself the messiah. Yes, lets do that. Amazing! Just kidding April Fools. Not. Seriously. Nope. But, yeah.

    • Anon

      >let’s get the apocalypse going in our lifetimes!
      Those sorts of boomers are some of the worst, clinging to life and afraid to die, wanting to even skip death by being “raptured” and off to their god to gloat while everyone suffers underneath some anti-christ that happens to be the jews’ moshiach.
      They deserve to die at the hands of the nonwhite hordes they and their jews have imported into every country, to suffer the consequences of their actions.

      I also hate their gloating now in response to how bad things already are.
      >at least I will be dead soon

      One of the very worst generations. jews may be jews, but they were traitors to their blood and even their own children and grandchildren.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Reminds me of the fab Fred Nietzsche, the original mustache man, quote about everything the state says is a lie and everything it has is stolen.
    Oh wait…that applies to all governments but some are little more bloodthirsty on some Tikkun Olam trip that no one was asking for or some eggs have to be broken on the road to [their] utopia.
    Gas about $3.50 for 87 octane locally with large petro refinery facility in the next lil’ town over, I’m sure that will up in the early AM.
    The want to turn the world against the FUSA in order to burn it all down better?

    We must organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat.

    –Willi Münzenberg, Frankfurt School

      • Big Ruckus D

        It is curious, is it not, that despite their purported capabilities, we see very little (other than shit talking and posturing) from them. Not that I’m encouraging a full scale conflagration (which is probably inevitable in any case) but Iran has been surprisingly restrained. Any guesses on whether that is a product of their purported military/weapons capabilities being a mirage, or could it be actual diplomatically considered limits they have been placing on themselves to avoid a huge shit show in the region? I don’t think them culturally to be much inclined to the latter, but I’m no expert on the place either.

  4. Ohio Copperhead

    The ultimate visual/audio encasulation of the Jewish psyche is that video of that mad pedo whom Rittenhouse finally shot, chasing the (heavily armed) kid yelling, “Kill me, nigga!” before getting blasted.

  5. MN Steel

    This reminds me of the time Wild Bill Clinton bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade after a sooper-secret F-117 got shot down and the wreckage was going to go to China so the CIA targetted a warehouse and like a SWAT team got the address “wrong” and a different sooper-secret B-2 bomber dropped 4 JDAMs on the building.

    Except totally different, because Team America (Fuck Yeah!) actually half-ass apologized for killing three “journalists” and nothing happened.

    They could have just parked an RV filled with propane next to it like the Nashville Christmas Bombing and it would have disappeared from the news quicker than this will.

  6. saoirse

    Stinking kikes remind me of the little mouthy shit that provokes a fight and then runs away and hides behind his much bigger friend.
    Now that they’ve got full control of the uniparty, along with the banks, media and all of our institutions, they’re going to drive this country in whatever direction they choose. Buckle up and wear a crash helmet. We’re going to hit a big wall called reality and the impact is going to be devastating.
    Don’t like Iran – or any country run by muslims – but I hope they get their pound of flesh. Make that a ton!

      • anonymous

        I remember it too.

        A podcast I was listening to the other day stated that the Iranian students had only planned for a 3-day hostage “statement,” but our deep state actually paid the Iranians cash in the millions to prolong it in order to get Carter out, among other hidden goals.

  7. Max Wiley

    Our Greatest Ally roflmao.
    The more you dig into the “why” of how the USA got into to the mess it is in now the more you understand that Our Biggest Problem is more accurate.

  8. Gryphon

    The joooz seem increasingly Desperate to force their Golem, the FUSSA, into Open War with the Rest of the World. The joooz Know that their Golem will get Stomped by the RoW, and this is a “Feature, not a Bug”. Their weird cult fantasy of Destroying the Word in order to Rule it is going to Slam into the Wall of Reality, here, now, soon.

    Steve S6 – it needs to be “110 and DONE!” this Time….

  9. Troy Messer

    I learned that Orthodox joos don’t have to do compulsory military service. Dying for Israel is for secular Israelis. I think that is funny as hell. Jews jew Israel too l.

    “The joooz seem increasingly Desperate to force their Golem, the FUSSA, into Open War with the Rest of the World. ”

    The joke is in the joos and Europe. They seem to think AINO (America In Name Only) possess the army it has when it went into Kuwait. The 101st Airborne Intersection Double-Headed Dildo and Pronoun Division is not ready to fight a real war. AiNO has crashed 4 Apaches in 2 months.

    The invaders invading the border are coming for the gimme days. They ain’t gonna go die for joos and Black rock.

    • Anon

      The crashing apaches are so suspicious that it smells like hiding losses elsewhere as a mundane crash, the sort of thing that they have done many, many times.

    • Mike_C

      > Dying for Israel is for secular Israelis.

      Not necessarily a bad thing. A long time ago I used to socialize occasionally with an IDF major who was at MIT getting his MBA. One day I happened to be present when Major Benny was having a chat with another IDF officer also at MIT (doing what I dunno). The second guy was complaining that “those guys don’t have to serve, and we have to pick up their slack.”

      Benny replied, “Suppose they had to serve. Eventually some would become high ranking officers. Do you seriously want any of those weirdos in charge? Much less potentially have access to nukes?” The other guy shuddered. “Oh hell no! Point taken.”

  10. WDS

    Back in the day, there were Bugsy, Siegel, Meyer Lansky, Lepke Buchalter & Dutch Schultz.

    Now, it’s Merrick Garland, Antony Blinken, Janet Yellen & Alejandro Mayorkas

    The bigger problem is in the USA..

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