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OK, Hear Me Out

It is like Maximum Overdrive but instead of sentient pop machines and trucks….guns are sentient.

You can tell it isn’t a real Glock because unlike Glocks that truck has some style and personality.

A weird phrase that has been adopted by the media and popular culture is “gun violence”. When someone shoots someone else, that person that was shot is labeled a “victim of gun violence” (assume scare quotes going forward). Gun violence becomes an evil, malevolent force.

It is a rather clever tactic as using that term takes the attention off of the people who are shooting other folk and instead focuses on the method used. See, guns are the problem, not people willing to use violence to settle disputes. It is great for suburban White moms who don’t know anything about guns and just think they are scary and especially for the group that is responsible for most gun violence in America, blacks. Something I have noticed about blacks (one of many things I have Noticed), is that they are very superstitious and easy to spook. A lot of blacks, even ones that would be classified as “educated”, are afraid of evil spirits and the boogeyman. Gun violence works perfectly as it is more like an evil spirit causing otherwise good boys who wouldn’t do nuffin to suddenly start shooting each other.

For example, tip of the hat to Big Country….

The story is pretty standard stuff but what caught Big Country’s eye and mine was this line from Hizzoner da May-yor.

In the aftermath of the mass shooting, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas spoke to members of the media. ‘I mean, that’s what happens with guns,’ he said bluntly. 

No Quinton, that is not “what happens with guns”. It isn’t a secret that I have more than one firearm. I would conservatively estimate that within a couple mile radius of my house, sparsely populated though it may be, that there are several hundred guns around. Yet no one gets shot. Why is that?

First of all, because guns don’t just shoot people on their own. Someone has to load the gun, point it and pull the trigger. People around here generally aren’t likely to do that just because they have a beef with someone else.

Second, although we have hundreds of guns in a couple miles radius of where I am sitting, we don’t have something that places like Kansas City, Baltimore, Chicago, Memphis, etc. have in spades (pun intended): black folk.

I’ve said it before, and I will certainly say it again:

If guns were the problem, in a nation with half a billion firearms in private hands, we would all be dead already.

Guns aren’t the issue, people who choose to start shooting at the slightest provocation are the problem. The media won’t talk about this because the people who invariably are the ones shooting each other are black but blacks know the score, like this resident of Orange Mound in Memphis in the aftermath of the mass shooting over the weekend:

Those who live nearby say many of the people seen with guns are teenagers who live in the community.

“They’re straight violent on a look, on a word, on anything. It goes straight (to) violence,” a resident said. “A lot of this could be stopped simply by the moms, the dads, the guardians you know talking to the kids.”

A look, a word, anything. That is all it takes to set them off. It isn’t like Whites don’t shoot each other but not at nearly the same rate and (generally) not for reasons like “he look at me funny so I capped his ass”.

Spring has sprung and that means block parties and other large gathering of blacks, translating to lots of mass shootings. Add in political turmoil, the possibility of expanding wars and a Presidential “election”, and we could be looking at a long, hot summer. No matter the temps, my guns won’t be shooting anyone unless it is absolutely necessary. That is what actually happens with guns.


  1. Dr. Hollowpoint

    If blacks didn’t have guns they’d be using knives, crowbars, pointed sticks, femur bones, whatever was at hand. Listen to what they say, look at the videos of how they behave, and you’ll see that blacks are exhilarated rather than frightened by violence.

    Much like our education system was ruined by the endless attempts to close the gap between black and white achievement, those in control of our government are using black violence to disarm Americans.

    If our government was controlled by people who truly cared about the American population, we’d be discussing removal of Africans from our nation rather than removal of guns.

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Smart guns will be next and they will be hella expensive?
    Skyfall 007 has the PPK with hand reader and someone else picks it up with just a click and no bang.
    These things happen in the new West South Africa and Barry will probably come out with nose bone and voodoo robe in the Leave the World Behind fourth term.
    Forward, si se puede, yes we can!
    Clown is the way because that’s who leads us and it shows demoralization fail.
    Big wigs and over sized shoes are only for Halloween or birthday party.
    Just wait until they make ol’ Whitey into a voodoo spirit or inanimate object.
    Get your YT hoodoo Mojo Workin.

    • Don W Curton

      Your smart gun, texting to your smart phone,

      “I’m sorry, you have reached the monthly limit for practice ammo and cannot fire your smart pistol until next month. If this is an emergency, please contact the local BATFE representative to see if a deviation is possible to allow additional firing of the pistol.”

      “We’ve noticed that the rounds fired has exceeded the amount of ammo purchased using you BATFE approved credit card from any approved ammunition dealer. This indicates that you may possess an unregistered ammo stockpile. We’ve forwarded your address on file to the nearest BATFE office so that they can conduct an approved audit of your household.”

      “We’ve noticed that you are attempting to fire your smart gun. However GPS tracking indicates that you are currently in a gun free zone and therefore your smart gun has been disabled for your safety. If you feel the need to fire your smart gun, please move out of the gun free zone.”

      “Your smart gun has not received the latest software update. Please connect your smart gun to the nearest wi-fi and log into the BATFE site in order to download the 150 gigabit update. This should take no longer than 10.5 hours. Your smart gun will not be able to fire until the update is complete.”

      Yeah, think I’m going to take a hard pass on smart guns.

  3. Exile1981

    Small rural town of 375ish people, add in another 100 within 20 miles of town, so say 500 people. Based on talks at the recent local hunting sports dinner, I would be surprised if there is less than 4000-5000 guns. In 25 years living here we have had 3 “gun deaths”.

    A farmer killed himself after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

    Two natives from the nearest reserve brought the body of a women they had shot to our town and tried to dump her body in the town park… on a Sunday in the summer while a community event was going on. The cops there with their kids arrested them very quickly. These geniuses figured they could blame whitey for the murder.

    The third firearm related death was a Korean university student studying to be a doctor, who rented a place in our town for the summer. He wanted to be closer to his native GF who lived on the reservation and we are the closest town to it. Natives don’t take kindly to non-natives being with their women. Her relatives showed up at his place rang the door bell and shot him at point blank range, his house was across from the police station. They were caught in minutes. Poor guy died and had only been in town a couple of days. No one warned him to not date a native girl.

  4. ghostsniper

    They are negroes, and always have been.
    Then the they decided they wanted to be called colored.
    Then black.
    Then african american.
    And among themselves they call each other nigga.

    Seriously, I give so little credence to negroes I just stick with the old original word, negro.



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