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None Are Beyond Red-Pilling

When it comes to blacks, I have pretty low expectations. Random violence and mayhem is what I expect, although they still consistently exceed my already rock bottom expectations.

Jews? What I expect from Them is what I get, a common although certainly not universal, animus toward the existing Western civilization and the people that created that civilization: Whites.

Mestizos are descended mostly from the Central American Indians like the Aztecs, some of the most bloodthirsty and vicious people the world was ever known. Am I surprised when they act like their ancient ancestors? Nope.

That doesn’t mean I ignore the various shenanigans, but it does mean I expect them and am rarely surprised or shocked.

When it comes to my people? I am frequently miffed, irritated and often enraged when Whites do stupid crap that hurts their own people. The reason? Whites ought to know better and are capable of better.

It is easy to get bitter and write them off. I often feel like doing that very thing. Screw ’em, let them find out the hard way. We tried to tell them and they wouldn’t listen until the ferals came to their neighborhood. Just abandon them to their fate and let them be our meat shields, why bother even trying?

We shouldn’t write them off, not just yet.

I wrote about this a ways back in 2021: About Normie. Here is part of what I wrote.

We all were normies once

Sure you may say you have always been a race realist and a political dissident but the truth is that all of us have held our tongue or tried to look the other way for most of our lives. I grew up in a basically all White small town. Words like nigger and spic were used pretty commonly and casually and no one pretended that all people were interchangeable with different “skin color”. We were as conservative a family as you could find. Even still I spent many, many years trying to pretend that what I knew deep down wasn’t true. I am not interested in getting into arguments about it, if you are convinced you have always been awake, good for you. 

Virtually without exceptions, that is the truth. All of us have been propagandized, poisoned and gaslit for most of our lives. It used to be subtle, now it is overt, but the messages have been the same. White people bad, non-White people good. Be ashamed of your heritage, ignore your true history. Everything bad is your fault and everything good originated with some non-Whites, from peanut butter to country music. It really is remarkable that anyone has escaped the Anti-White Matrix.

When I start to despair of waking up normie, I try to remember Scott Adams. Back in the dark days of 2020-2022, Scott was frequently saying stupid crap about race issues. Then one day he sort of figured it out….

He became one of the highest profile “conservatives” to speak an Unspeakable Truth about race: you can’t live with blacks and they hate White people so your best bet is to just avoid them. He was immediately “canceled” and no one even bothered to say he was wrong, just that he was wrong for saying something true. He went from generic normiecon to racist pariah overnight but every time that happens, some normies think: You know, what he said makes sense and those Dilbert cartoons are a hoot so maybe he has a point.

If someone as willfully obtuse on race as Scott Adams can wake up, there is still hope.

Then there is Tucker Carlson. Love him or hate him, he is exposing ideas like an Anti-White agenda to more normies than anyone else, probably more overtly and to a larger audience than anyone in 25 years or more.

That is why I haven’t completely abandoned normie Whites. We were all normies once and there are more voices with bigger audiences talking about this stuff than anyone has for a very long time.

Yes, most of them are still stupid and many will deserve what they get but for now I will keep trying to wake up Whites. We need all the help we can get.


  1. Anon

    No mudsharks. They burned the coal, they pay the toll. Same goes for others especially those who slurp matzo balls.
    No trannies. They are mutilated and broken and even if a few “detransiton” they are still scarred for life and already have sterilized themselves.
    No parents who tranny their children or other such horrors. They have destroyed the one thing they should have protected with their lives.

    The list can easily grow.

      • Anon

        Nothing wrong with establishing boundaries and baselines.
        They may have White skin but they betrayed it.
        “Normie” is a vague term too.

        • Arthur Sido

          It definitely is a vague term, but it is a pretty broad category. Generally I consider as a normie any White who still clings to the Republican party.

      • Big Ruckus D

        True enough, but there are many normies who will make excuses for those @anon specifically called out. We do not need the conciliatory influence of such rudderless morons mucking up the works. We need a solid base of people who utterly reject all such diseased ideology and mind rot, because those who make excuses for the above (amongst others) are a not insignificant part of what allows the rot to spread until it is a terminal condition and destroys society.

        We are there now, and still there are countless idiots who want to give faggots, trannies, diversity, and all others tainted by some irrecoverable personal defect that makes them fundamentally incompatible to a functional society, a seat a the table to influence how things are ordered. All because “they aren’t harming anyone”. Uh, yes they are. Collectively, they have rotted the foundation right out from under us all. And these tolerant normies have been their accomplices by seeing to it that standards couldn’t be upheld because it was “mean” to misfits and fuckups to do so.

        • Arthur Sido

          Agreed to all of that. There are plenty of normies that pretend that sexual degeneracy and race mixing is ok because of their family circumstances.

  2. Jeffrey Zoar

    I see a lot of dissidents mocking the charts and graphs as useless, but they aren’t for the leftists who are unreachable (except occasionally through an inexplicable miracle of God). They are for Civnat G. Normiecon. Trouble is, they generally have to find their own way to it. If you bombard them with it, normally they’ll tune you out.

  3. Harbinger

    I wish more Whites would abandon professional sportsball. Football and basketball in particular. My anecdotal observation is that many have, but clearly not enough, since dimwitted ferals are still being paid obscenely well to play a game and spout anti-White rhetoric about being ‘oppressed’.

    The madness ends when we make it end. But it is a slow, torturous process. Goodwhites cling to their self-proclaimed virtue and look aghast at those of us who speak the truth, even when it is obvious that what we say is true. There are those for whom nothing short of finding themselves personally victimized will do in removing the scales from their eyes. And, of course, there are those who double down on their virtue signaling even after suffering at the hands of their beloved pets.

    Mestizos will eventually take care of the black problem, in my opinion, having no patience for their grievances and monkeyshines. But then we are left with a majority-minority population of those descendants of vicious ancestors. It’s not looking good for YT going forward, but we don’t need to load ourselves onto the boxcars. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

    • Jeffrey Zoar

      Like a whole lot of things, sportsball will keep going as long as the free money train does. I can picture a day when the money to pay the big contracts isn’t there, maybe that will happen. It kept going through GD 1.0 but that was a different world, most of them were paid so little that they had second jobs in the offseason.

    • Berglander

      When someone asks me if I’m a sportsball fan, I mock the idea. “Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?”
      “Probably the Dallas Niggers. Maybe the Detroit Niggers. But the Houston Niggers might get it together and out-nig all the other niggers. Honestly I have better things to do than worry about which jewish-owned pack of nogs is going to win some game.”

    • anonymous


      My experience to this point is that the past immigrants are decent people, but that their offspring, raised in our polluted society, are horrible. But now, we have to look a the ms-13 gangs, and so on.

      I heard a homily by a priest about how Our Lady of Guadalupe converted a whole nation of satan worshipers. He ended by quoting Matt 12:43-44.

      And he suggested that things will get much worse as the unclean spirit and his 7 friends will come back to re-establish themselves.

      We are all in for a hard time.

      Ultimately, the only plan or defense, is to get right with God, the best way you know how. All else is in His hands, and you’re just along for the ride.

  4. Berglander

    Hail victory.
    Hail our people.

    And never, ever give up. My sisters have gone from “we’re all equal” shitlibs to “gas the likes race war now” in just under three years. Tons of people just need to know that they’re not alone in feeling how they do about the things they see with their own eyes.

      • Big Ruckus D

        It is happening in dribs and drabs. But man, has it been a long road just to get what little awakening that appears to be taking place now.

    • Alex Lund

      While I think this is good I have seen the reverse.
      My leftwing loony sister saw the reality when she lived in a big city and was confronted with muslim arrogance and evil behaviour .
      But once she settled with her husband and child in a small, white community she in no time at all became a leftwing loony again.

      • Berglander

        It’s funny how that works. The ideas of racial harmony can only thrive in homogenous communities. The Whiter a community is, the more they assume that Everyone Is Just Like Us! It’s only when confronted with the reality of other races that they realize how unworkable it is. Sad, but not surprising that your sister backtracked on it. Women tend to vocally support Current Thing, regardless of what it is.

  5. pyrrhus

    Quite a few have awakened to the criminal nature of Big Pharma and the US “regulation” of it, as well as the profit seeking motives of many doctors and hospitals….That’s a start, but until the DC criminals start making it difficult for white people to even survive, it will be a long slog….

    • Gryphon

      …”until the DC criminals start making it difficult for white people to even survive,…”

      They already Are doing just that – the Joe Bidet Economy impacts the White, middle-class Worker (and Blue-collar Whites even more) while Not having any detrimental effects on the ‘Welfare Class’ of Blacks, mestizos, and Illegal Aliens of every color. And government “Workers”, who still seem to be predominately White. “Joe Normie” isn’t going to ‘notice’ until the cost of Not Noticing exceeds that of being ‘Red Pilled’.

      Arthur Is correct in pointing out that it’s hard to Stuff a Red Pill down a Normie’s throat, but as things keep getting more ‘Obvious’ every Day, the job of handing out Red Pills gets easier. I’m betting that Whatever sort of Shit-Show that the (s)Elections this November
      become, it will show another large batch of folks what Reality is Really about…

      That is of course, if the (((tribe))) doesn’t manage to start a Nuclear War with the Bear.

  6. Stilicho

    We don’t need all the normies, just sufficient mass to get things moving in the right direction. At which point, the rest of them will jump on board because they are herd animals.

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