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Memphis Mass Shooting Monkeyshines!

What do I keep saying about block parties? (See also: hookah bars, rap video filming, celebrations of life, birthday parties at Chuck E Cheeses, etc)….

Orange Mound is a community in the Southeast part of Memphis and you can probably guess what that means:

Orange Mound, a neighborhood in southeast Memphis, Tennessee, was the first neighborhood in America to be built by and for African Americans.

Built on the grounds of the former Deaderick plantation, the Orange Mound subdivision was developed for African Americans in the 1890s to provide affordable land and residences for the less wealthy.

This amused me on the Wikipedia page:

Didn’t take long to go from “Vibrant black community” to “Drugs and crime”.

The best part of the story?

Initially, MPD reported that eleven people were transported to the hospital with gunshot injuries, totaling up to 16 injuries.

However, it has since come out from MPD that only eight people were injured.

MPD believes the error happened due to victims being reported more than once.

Counting is hard and sheeeit. When the Interim Memphis Police Chief, C.J. Davis, looks like this:

You can start to see why counting gunshot wounds becomes difficult.

Imagine what a nice town Memphis would be today if Ol’ Abe had shipped the freed slaves back to Africa….


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Put two blacks anywhere in the vicinity of one another and there will eventually be trouble. It is simply inevitable. They are the most irascible, truculent, megalomaniacal creatures on God’s green Earth. And that room temperature IQ sure does not help matters. It’s no wonder that the successful ones get as far away from their own kind as they can.

  2. Xzebek

    It is amazing how predictable the chimps are. Regardless of how any chimptown was imagined or planned, it will devolve into a feral jungle.

  3. SirLawrence

    Orange Mound Bad!

    This is the real wakanda. They get forty acres and a mule for free and they turn it into a landfill full of rabid chimps inside three generations.

    The civnats are right about the magic dirt. Just wrong about the direction.

    Black magic will destroy even the most bountiful, pristine environments in the west. There is simply no Western dirt that can support Africanization.

    In fact, the more that land requires the k-selection pressures of a developed forebrain, the quicker the black magic will turn it into a deathscape akin to subsaharan dna sinks from which they were plucked.

    True autonomy would end all delusions right quick. But instead we have to let them bleed us while pretending the problem is not enough gibs and some mythological white voodoo that keeps them from conquering the stars.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    Looks to me that things will just have to go on like this until the gibs run out, then they can fail massively without the only support that ever propped them up. Of course, that means all of us get screwed out of a functional civilization in the process. This really brings home the notion that the only way out is collapse. It’s bullshit that we will have to sacrifice everything to have even a shot at “solving” this problem.

    • Troy Messer

      This is what I think. It will have to get to the point where people face starvation before normies whites pull their head out of their ass.

      “Sorry, we cannot start on the food processing/medicine/baby formula plant until we finish an environmental impact statement.”

      “What? On whose authority?”

      “Oh you see, a lawyer from the EPA petitioned the court for a stay until the environmental impact statement is completed and the Honorable Laqeeesha Ameen granted the stay”

      “How long will this take?”

      “2 years”

      “What is the address of the judge and the EPA lawyer?”

      3 days later Laqeeesha and said DOJ attorney were missing.

      After a few judges and politicians start missing, then things will change. But looking at all the fatties, we are not close to starvation yet.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Maybe. For some, I’m not sure even that will be enough to get things rolling. It’s as if the ability to become truly enraged by injustice and deadly threats to one’s own well being have been entirely negated in a large percentage of the population. Or perhaps more people than I suspect are just burying their rage in drugs, or the bottle. At any rate, the near complete lack of real, visible indignation and anger is why I expect the ultimate death toll to be breathtaking beyond any human comprehension. That said, this is one time I’d be more than pleased to be proven wrong.

        • Lineman

          Thing is Brother how do we expect anyone else especially anyone that doesn’t see things like we do to do the things we are willing to do ourselves…

          • Big Ruckus D

            That is the crux of the problem. Looking at things really big picture, I’m coming around to the idea that there will have to be a massive, crushing destruction of human life for there to be a chance of anything decent emerging again. I’m talking bigger (percentage of total population wise) than the black plague in medieval Europe, a near extinction level event essentially. And I say that because modernity and most of its inherent “benefits” have come to be anything but to the mass of humanity who have been deracinated by the decadence, propaganda machine, and all the environmental, dietary and other ruinous influences that 21st century living has brought on us.

            I am really starting to believe the only hope for survival of the species (the better, most capable part of it, anyway) is to lose most of that and go way back to more primitive lifestyle and standard of living. In general sense, we simply cannot handle all the advancement that has taken place since the 19th century, and it has screwed up both our minds and our bodies. All of it is intertwined; industrialization, massive improvement in mortality rates (which is clearly dysgenic to some extent), modern technology that has enabled govt/media propaganda and manipulation on a scale and effectiveness never conceived of by the likes of Orwell and Huxley, data collection that makes us prisoners in perpetuity to a panopticon out of control, and decadence that has made us not just fat and lazy, but detached from both nature and reality. Taken in totality, it has enabled outrageously stupid bullshit like the entire COVID episode, transfaggotry via modern “medicine” (which is nothing but butchery) and all else that has had a part in wrecking society.

            In short, I don’t think most of what we now enjoy can be preserved, as it appears we are inherently incapable of not eventually going off the rails once we enjoy life on easy mode, as we now have for all of my lifetime thus far. The unmanageable complexity of it all is our downfall.

            I’d prefer to be proven wrong, as I won’t deny I’ve enjoyed the comforts of
            modern living. But if I’m being brutally honest, it has left me largely unfulfilled. We just weren’t meant to exist like this.

    • Dagobaz

      The ultimate problem is the Fed, and its unlimited supply of fraud. Every dishonest, disastrous, disinheriting policy action the connected effect through gollum government is made possible by the Fed. Kill it, or incapacitate it, and we might be able to have civilization without having an ELE first. As the parent of five girls, I’d sure prefer that alternative over chaos.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    All shooty with it again?! Dayam Amish youth are wilding. (s/)
    The glorious peoples republic of NYC elected one of the central park jogger youth to council in their egalitarian equity enlightenment.
    Memphis has a rap scene and all of those places are mentioned in songs while sampling old soul from the 1970s.
    Fun Trivia-Funky old white guys Bob James and Gary Wright are some of the most sampled.
    Poleeece chiefette got some junk in the trunk?
    Shake it baby, show us what you’re working with.
    Police work will get you a smashing James Bond watch, eh?

    • Big Ruckus D

      I drove through it’s outskirts once on my way back from a road trip, to stop off for dinner and gas up the truck. I don’t know if there’s a good part of Memphis, but if there is, I sure didn’t see it. My brief stop at the gas station, which was just a bit after dark, had me feeling ill at ease, that’s for sure.

  6. Stealth Spaniel

    Lincoln again….
    George Michael Deaderick in 1807 established and was president of the Nashville Bank, the first bank in the state. His son, John G. Deaderick, owned 5,000 acres of land, a portion of which was passed down to his son, William Pitt Deaderick, and was later developed as the Orange Mound community. AFTER WPD couldn’t pay the taxes because he was now broke….Which just proves that supporting the black menace has been bankrupting whites for over 200 years. I’m done. Send them ALL back to Africa!

    • Big Ruckus D

      And a post from CA on gab says it’s dead, with a new site to follow as soon as it can be spun up. Curios to know if this was a DDOS attack, or if the hosting outfit shit canned it. Sure strikes me as a purge operation.

  7. Vince

    I don’t know what Memphis Police Chief, C.J. Davis thinks she is saying here but as a retired crane operator it says to me, “Boom out and hold the load”. Extend the length of the hydraulic boom and do not allow the hook and load to change it’s elevation.

    What is the dei mayor think she is saying?

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