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In The Navy….

I am sure you all saw it already but I am going to post it anyway. The Navy posted a picture of the commander of the USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) showing off his rifle skillz….

Granted he is in the Navy, and not an infantryman, on the other hand I have never served in any branch of the military but I know which way to mount a Trijicon LPVO scope. The lens covers also appear to be closed although they might be clear? Not sure on that model. I guess accuracy isn’t a concern when you are looking through a scope mounted backwards and mag dumping into the ocean.

I believe the fella pictured is the commanding officers of the USS John S. McCain, one Commander Cameron Yates. Here he is looking like a Navy goober (full disclosure, my father served as a Navy doc for a stint during Vietnam but spent his time stationed in D.C.):

According to his Navy bio, Cmdr. Yates graduated from The Citadel with a B.A. in History and from the Naval Post Graduate School with a M.S. in Astronautics. Apparently they didn’t cover “How to mount a scope on a rifle” in either school. I assume some enlisted sailor mounted that scope and handed it to the commander for a photo op and that said swabbie is now doing some awful punishment detail because Cmdr Yates was embarrassed.

Remember kids, this is the same military that Pedo Joe warned us we would need F-15s and nukes to take on….

Again, Cmdr Yates fights by launching cruise missiles, not with a rifle, but anyone commanding a Naval vessel that doesn’t know when a scope is on backwards is an embarrassment. I am sure the Russians and ChiComs had a good laugh at that photo.

Of course the worst part of all is that the Navy named a ship after a piece of shit like John McCain and his pappy and grandpappy. The only vessels that should bear the McCain name should be a garbage scow that is promptly scuttled.


  1. BubblePuppy7

    “Damn it, sailor! Why does this can that you threw overboard, and is only10 yards away, look so small? Fetch me another clip or two!” (And yes, I know it’s called a magazine.)

  2. Anon

    >noghand on the commander’s shoulder
    Can’t shoot without his comfort nog there for him. Those black babykilling fullyautomatic assault rifle 15s with a barrel shroud and that thing that goes up must be extremely scary even for such an acclaimed professional like him.

    Hopefully the sailor that mounted it did it to fuck with him, but these days incompetence is everywhere.

  3. anonymous

    I bet he was deliberately trolled by his gunnersmates. Yes, the Navy does have a specific rate for small arms and such. A petty officer had to be the guy who set that up for him.

    That being said, I would have never know the difference looking at the pic, but I certainly would have known if the thing was in my hands.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    This just in from the Taliban, you have the watches and we have the time.
    Nothing to lose and not concerned with modern world maggtory is almost unbeatable.
    KGB for life Vladdy Putin laughs at Brandon’s puffy chest chuffy pest routine.
    Only drooling dullards think that Barry’s Buttplug instills fear in anyone.
    Ol’ Batthouse is loving it as the military is a laughingstock and external enemies are licking their chops.
    Burn it all down better and flames on the horizon are coming this summer.
    The revolution can never end until everything is in flames.
    Destroyers gonna destroy.

  5. mike

    “Nothing to lose and not concerned with modern world maggtory is almost unbeatable.”

    I might have to borrow this one.


    McStain should be exhumed and properly desecrated Spanish Civil War style.

    We will never know the full truth, but I tend to believe he was responsible for the 134 deaths aboard the USS Forrestal.

    The skipper of the USS McStain at least properly represents the incompetence of the legacy.

  7. Pat H. Bowman

    Zach over at An American Homestead suggested this is a protest picture. Here’s a white guy, he’s been in the Navy for 15-20 years, and knows he has no future. He will be ousted by a sheeboon with a weave and finish his time as a desk jockey. When the home office called up and said, “We need some promo pics!” He said, “I got you, buddy.” It’s a not so subtle message to other young white guys, say away from this clown show.

    Can’t say for certain as I have no military background, but it seems plausible anyway.

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