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I Thought This Had To Be A Joke

Nope, it was a real headline and not on April 1st…

Trannies selling ass in a Muslim majority country with a six month “wet season” harmed by rainy weather caused by evil White people. That might be the wokest headline ever.


  1. Seamrog

    “Trannies selling ass in a Muslim majority country with a six month “wet season…”

    Imagine the smell….gak.

  2. TakeAHardLook

    A radio host reported on this story yesterday. His take (paraphrasing): “We’ll, what would you expect when you believe that you’re purchasing some female companionship then you reach into “her” clothes to find “her” franks & beans?”

    Since all forms of homosexuality are evolutionary dead-ends, one hopes that these freaks will exit the planet in one generation!


    Didn’t Barry O spend a good deal of his childhood in Indonesia? Maybe that’s where him and Big Mike honeymooned.

  4. saoirse

    The muzzies will dispose of Leo and his tranny trollops long before the climate does.

    Climate change
    Hope and Change
    Sex change
    All resolved via Rope and Change!

    • Arthur Sido

      Like I said in a reply above, I suspect a lot of the Aloha Snackbar guys like getting some trannie ass on the down-low, especially when there aren’t goats handy.

  5. Mike_C

    I know it’s just an expression, but how come we don’t say “renting ass”?
    Selling ass would be a slaver, a horse/donkey dealer, or a cannibal butcher, yeah?

    Hmm. Yuh know whut? I oughta go find myself something useful to … there’s chores undone around here….

  6. Big Ruckus D

    Some transfaggot fudge packing Indonesians
    Gave on the down-low goat humpers some diseases with lesions.
    Not even half year monsoons could wash the stench away,
    Because it always stinks badly when the fuckers are gay.

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