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He Is Lucky He Didn’t Get Daniel Penny’d

I presume you know the situation, if not the name. Daniel Penny, a former Marine, was on a New York subway when a crazed black man named Jordan Neely chimped out in the subway car, threatening the other passengers with harm. He was clearly out of control and a danger to the other passengers, so Penny restrained Neely who ended up dying in the struggle. Now Daniel Penny faces manslaughter charges and decades in prison. Even that is not enough for the family of the lunatic Jordan Neely, often referred to in the mass media as a “Michael Jackson impersonator” as if that somehow negates his violent behavior. No, the family is demanding a murder conviction as the only path to “justice”. No one seems concerned about “justice” for the people Neely was terrorizing on the train, just the homeless whackjob who was threatening them. The law in New York City is quite clear:

Anyone, and especially a White man, that interferes with a black who wants to commit mayhem and violence is more likely to be arrested and charged than the violent black person.

It can and should be said that the one absolutely inviolate law in America is that interfering with blacks is verboten. The right of blacks to mayhem and wanton violence is unquestionable because of equity and reparations and sheeiiitt. The only upside is that the trial is scheduled to start in October and if I were on Trump’s campaign team I would make sure that case was front and center as an example of the contrast between those that want to restore law and order and those that think that normal people should be grateful for the opportunity to be victims of our perpetual violent black underclass.

This guy apparently hasn’t heard about Daniel Penny. Local hero Gabriel Pitzulo from Indianapolis, a former wrestler and football player and a White guy, was getting him a sub sammich at the local Subway when he saw a black guy named Daniel Saunders assaulting and spitting on a sandwich artist. That is when he sprang into action…

A Subway customer is being called a hero for saving an employee who was allegedly being assaulted. He tackled the suspect and held him until police arrived.

Gabriel Pitzulo works a couple blocks from a Subway on East Hanna Avenue on Indianapolis’ south side. The former wrestler and football player eats there a couple times a week, but his March 22 visit took a dramatic turn that was caught on camera.

“I felt obligated, man. I just acted, but I’m glad I did it,” Pitzulo said.

Upon his arrival at the store, Pitzulo allegedly saw Daniel Saunders verbally and physically assaulting a Subway employee.

“I had heard it from outside. I walked in, and he was visibly assaulting, throwing stuff. I believe I saw him spit at her, and how I was raised, you don’t do that stuff. It was kind of go time from there,” Pitzulo said.

Pitzulo tackled Saunders to the ground as he was trying to leave. He said he was afraid the man was going to get something to harm the employee.

“She didn’t seem like she could defend herself in any such way. … She had said that he had threatened to kill her. I did combat sports for quite a while, so I was completely controlling. I didn’t want to punch him or anything. I didn’t want to hurt him too bad. So, I just held him,” Pitzulo said.

Of course the guy he tackled and held, Daniel Saunders, was black….

When you tackle and restrain someone, a lot can go wrong. Saunders could have had a gun or knife, he could have hit his head on the ground, he could have bitten Pitzulo, or he could have gone into cardiac arrest like Saint George Floyd of the Fentanyl. In short, a lot of bad things could have happened and while Indiana’s robust Castle Doctrine does permit reasonable and even deadly force to defend others, the Marion County Prosecutor that covers Indianapolis is a far-left asshole named Ryan Mears, a “progressive” concerned with “equity” and that is code for “too many black people are getting locked up for committing crimes.”. Despite being in a deep red state, Mears is the kind of leftist that would prosecute someone like Gabriel Pitzulo for no other reason than Pitzulo is White and Saunders is black.

What Pitzulo did was the Right Thing but in 2024 it isn’t the smart thing. As Daniel Penny, Derek Chauvin, Greg and Travis McMichael and others have learned to their sorrow, doing the Right Thing doesn’t matter today. In our race-based “legal system”, you can find yourself being prosecuted simply because you are White and interfered with a black committing a crime. If Kyle Rittenhouse had shot three black guys, I think the odds are much greater that he would have been convicted and imprisoned.

If you live in one of these shitholes run by Democrats and Soros supported District Attorneys and Prosecutors, you are faced with a choice between doing the Right Thing and possibly finding yourself in jail or standing aside and letting blacks rampage with impunity. Writing about Daniel Penny, Paul Kersey said what people like Ol Remus, John Wilder, me and many others have been saying a long time: ”We’re Gonna’ Get Your Ass, Cracker!”: Black Mob Attacks US Marine Vet Daniel Penny Outside Manhattan Court Room After Judge Rejects Motion to Dismiss Jordan Neely Manslaughter Case….

We are all Daniel Penny. We are all one bad interaction away with a black individual or BIPOC before the collective forces of blackness and a degenerate corporate media declare jihad on you for still believing the Old Republic (and the values celebrated and defended by the white individuals who collectively created the USA) exists.

Leave New York City. Leave New York. Leave blue states. Leave blue cities.

If not, you run the risk of a black mob yelling, ”We’re gonna’ get your ass, cracker!”

Imagine if the family or supporters of one of the thousands of White victims of black violent crime tried to attack a black defendant and shouted “We’re gonna get your ass nigger!” outside of the courtroom? The cops would handcuff those people, the Feds would slap them with “hate crime” charges and they would rot in prison for decades. But blacks can shout racial slurs and try to attack a man who is innocent until proven guilty and nothing happens to them.

Even if Penny is found not guilty, he will have to leave New York or face the risk of some black seeking their degenerate, warped sense of “justice”. The only solution is to get out of blue cities, even blue cities in deep red states like Indiana where our state capitol is turning into a slaughterhouse.

What is more, in this case the workers appeared to be mestizo women and the District Manager of the Subway is some Paki named Aara Khan. So this was black on brown violence. White man, stay the fuck out of that mess. Nothing good can come from it. Not your circus, not your monkeys.

Don’t be a hero in 2024, stay alive and out of jail. The time for heroics is coming but not yet.


  1. Max Wiley

    Just stay out of the blue cities and their subways, period – even in red states.
    If you want to vacation, try somewhere in East Asia, I can personally vouch for Hong Kong being clean, neat, and orderly.
    Based on a recent video, Moscow is even more impressive.
    Anyone that suffers significant cognitive dissonance from this needs to wake up and smell the coffee because it’s going to get worse.

  2. Harbinger

    I hate the fact that White men have to abandon the natural impulse toward moral duty to let savages have their way, but there really is no choice. Sad to say, but if I see anyone other than family or a close friend under attack, I am resigned to being a witness, nothing more. And the time may well be upon us when coming forward as a witness could get you into trouble, too, as the egregious Arbery case indicates. IIRC a fellow was charged and convicted for merely taking video of the jogger receiving his deserved comeuppance.

    Of course, the obvious answer is to avoid any contact with blacks and most other non-Whites. But that is difficult at best, impossible at worst, for they have no intention of avoiding you. Natural selection will eventually solve the negro problem in this country, given their patently unsustainable lifestyle choices. Their percentage of the population is declining just like that of Whites, thanks to black-on-black violence, rampant obesity, easy/free abortion in blue cities and states, drug abuse and the stone cold fact that no one, anywhere, willingly mates with black women if there is any other option. But natural selection takes time. We don’t have that kind of time.

  3. saoirse

    Open season on White people ramps up a hundred fold after the upcoming ‘election’.
    Conscious Whites must move away from all cities, not just those in blue (balls) states. Cops, prosecutors, judges, politicians, corporatistas etc. are the enemy no matter what metro area you’re in. Trumpenstein won’t do squat. He’s their faux fall-guy. He’ll spearhead the anti-white crackdown whilst telling his Trump chumps that it’s all about freedom. The kikes have the niggers, shitskins, freaks and liberals primed and ready for a massive battle. Don’t fight it on their turf!

  4. Tactless Wookie

    Accumulated wisdom that applies here. (no specific order)

    Head on a swivel.
    Avoid crowds.
    Around blax, never relax.
    Carry yer damn gun.
    Stay away from stupid people and stupid places.
    Not my circus, not my monkeys.

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Indianoplace is CPUSA (D) occupied just like almost every other city in the big banana Chiquitastan.
    The only G Sorrows prosecutor in the state is there, fun trivia as CommieradO has the most.
    I would only interfere if it was a wymyns about to be kidnapped or worse or a child getting visibly harmed by someone not known to them.
    It only gets worse in West South Africa and carry condition zero is the only way to go.

  6. Steve

    That pic of Gabriel could be of a really young Mel Gibson around the time of Mad Max.

    Yeah, he’s lucky. So far, at least. Might cost him a bundle, but I’d doubt they could empanel a jury in Indy that would go 12-0. Not with a competent attorney, anyway.

  7. Filthie

    This is 100% a white problem. It’s our fault.

    In better days when we were better people we came down on this stuff like a hammer. That’s why blacks got lynched, pounded, and horsewhipped when they acted up. Blacks knew that they’d better behave themselves and kept their noses clean.

    We have to readjust our paradigm. This is actually Good Stuff. When little Miss New York Liberal gets punched in the teeth by some niggered miscreant…well… she’s getting red pilled by Darwin and Murphy. When she gets raped and/or killed…. Her family gets red pilled too. These ‘victims’ are getting their politics and world view handed back to them in the real world. A few of them are starting to think now, too. Many more will need such enlightenment before things change.

    There is a growing fury with blacks, democrats, migrants and other human trash and eventually people will get sick of it and finally do something about it. Clown World HAS to die…and it will eventually. There is no need for us to die for it or save those responsible from themselves.

    Things are only going to get worse for those people and they deserve all of it. Keep throwing the book at heroes and patriots, shitlibs! Your turn is coming… and soon!

    • 3g4me

      “When little Miss New York Liberal gets punched in the teeth by some niggered miscreant…well… she’s getting red pilled by Darwin and Murphy. When she gets raped and/or killed…. Her family gets red pilled too.”

      Your magic formula didn’t work on Davey Blackburn, or the Tibbetts’ family, or the family of Andreas Probst, or . . .

      Try again.

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