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Happy Earth Day!

Just what we needed, another day to push the neo-Bolshevik agenda under the guise of “the environment”. Fun fact about one of the co-founders of “Earth Day”….

Who could have imagined that a man responsible for co-founding a Marxist movement would be a control freak who murdered his girlfriend because she was leaving him and then stashed her body in a trunk in his apartment?

Early life never lets me down, although a guy named Ira Einhorn and that picture? It wasn’t a giant mystery. Einhorn’s defense revolved around….well, I will let you read it for yourself,

It wasn’t until 18 months later that investigators searched Einhorn’s apartment after one of his neighbors complained that a reddish-brown, foul-smelling liquid was leaking from the ceiling directly below Einhorn’s bedroom closet. Inside the closet, police found Maddux’s beaten and partially mummified body stuffed into a trunk that had also been packed with Styrofoam, air fresheners and newspapers.

After his arrest, Einhorn jumped bail and spent decades evading authorities by hiding out in Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and France. After 23 years, he was finally extradited to the United States from France and put on trial. Taking the stand in his own defense, Einhorn claimed that his ex-girlfriend had been killed by CIA agents who framed him for the crime because he knew too much about the agency’s paranormal military research. He was convicted of murdering Maddux and is currently serving a life sentence.

I won’t say that is the dumbest defense ever, and in 2024 it certainly seems to be at least close to plausible.

He has since died of natural causes and the world is a better place for his absence.


  1. Mike_C

    I don’t get it. What’s this about “Early life”?
    He’s a German. A German unicorn, for sure, but clearly German.

    Just like Karl Marx was a German. One hundred percent period fucking dot. Did you know that Karl was baptized Lutheran? Yes, it’s true! Only a bigot and hater would bring up that Marx was descended from rabbis on both his paternal and maternal sides. Because that’s totally irrelevant. Karl was a German and a Lutheran and don’t you forget it.

    I’m glad that’s settled. [sniff]

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Been a while since I thought about that whole situation. I do remember reading about this small hatted big nosed giant asshole years ago though. Charming dude, just like all leftist twats turn out to be. I do have to give him credit for his attempt at a defense, that is actually pretty original, and as our good host said, damn near plausible in 2024. Hell, it’s almost funny, at that.

    At least now this low down dirty tribalist is compost himself.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Commie Gaia crap which will be the new world religion enthroned by comrade pope Fwancis.
    Albert Pike said WWIII would be about elimination of the three major world religions.
    Zionist, Globalist, Communist, Internationalist, Masonic, Satanist, or every single time.
    Lots of keyboard prattle about let’s start C Dub II, well put down your presumed internet sensation status and get on it Commander.
    Report back from the Green Zone after your glorious victory.
    Save it for the failed nation blue helmet time.

  4. Jeffrey Zoar

    It’s gotten to the point that I rarely if ever need to look at early life. Typically it’s just confirmation of what I already know.

    Environmental realism faces just as much of an uphill battle as race realism. We’ve got a solid 4 generations of washed brains that we’re up against, on both of those fronts. Probably unreachable. Lost causes, even.

    • anonymous

      “So your saying that when I’m ready, I just have to look at Wiki’s Early Life?”

      “No, Neo. I’m saying that when you are ready, you won’t have to.”

  5. Filthie

    You’re on thin ice with this one Art!

    I think the argument can be made that people that kill and compost shitlib women should get medals…


  6. Stealth Spaniel

    ” Einhorn claimed a CIA frame-up. Incredibly, the network of influential friends, socialites, and powerful politicians he’d charmed and manipulated over the years supported him. Represented by
    –>renowned district attorney and future senator<–
    Arlen Specter, Einhorn was released on bail.
    Every. Single.Time.
    They always covet and secure influence, favoritism, and nepotism to make sure their deeds are excused. We should have sent every one of them back to the Europe that they came from.

  7. RegretLeft

    OT 4/24/24 – Reader’s Query: Anyone have news of WesternRifleShooters on line status ? – the site has been down for several days – back briefly – then down again “501 Bad Gateway” – that could mean his hosting service shut him down. ?? (It was a link there that brought me to athurside dot com some months back)

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