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From The “No Shit Sherlock” Files

You don’t say?

A new study shows that employers are less likely to call back applicants with Black [sic]-sounding names than those with white-sounding ones.

Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Chicago recently filed 83,000 fake job applications for 11,000 entry-level positions at multiple Fortune 500 companies with names like Brad, Greg, Darnell, Lamar, Amanda, Kristen, Ebony and Latoya. 

The study, “A Discrimination Report Card,” found that the white-sounding applicant names were favored up to 24 percent more than the likely Black [sic] applicants.

Gee Wally, why would a hiring manager pass over a “black-sounding name” when blacks bring lower IQs, violent tempers, a well deserved reputation for lacking industriousness and an absence of impulse control to the workplace and if you try to fire one you are likely to get sued and be subject to protests? Better to just avoid hiring them in the first place.

I have been in hiring roles before and have interviewed and hired a few blacks. One in particular was a very good employee but she was also in a role where not a ton was asked of her. She was the exception, not the rule. Why would you hire someone that is far more likely to be a problem employee?

I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that we have only the word of these researchers that the research actually took place and that the results were what they claim. Given the widespread to the point of nearly universal plagiarism among woke types on campus, as well as documented examples of data being skewed to give the desired results, do you even believe they did the research? It isn’t like the author of this piece, Cheyanne M. Daniels, is going to do the legwork to verify their claims….

Her entire job is sniffing out “racial discrimination”. If a study had been conducted that showed no difference, would she report on it? Of course not, nor would the university publish it. Like the old saying about journalism “If it bleeds, it leads”, people like Cheyanne Daniels are only interested in stories that hit the hot button topics, in her case “the intersection of race and politics”. Finding ways that blacks have been done wrong by Whitey, real or imagined, keeps her paychecks coming and there are plenty of throw-away studies like this one that she can cite, dress up with a few quotes and empty platitudes and submit for a “story”.

What no one would dare to ask is what seems to be an obvious question. Assuming this study is accurate, is it possible that applicants with black-sounding names are not called back as often because experience has shown that black employees perform worse than White employees? Just this week we saw the Feds going after the gas station chain with the delightful name Sheetz (sheeeiiitttzz!) because their criminal background check as part of the employment process unduly impacts black people.

Wait one second, are you saying that blacks are far more likely than Whites to have a disqualifying criminal background? Weird that hiring managers don’t bother calling people for interviews with black-sounding names. It must be RACISM!


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Darnell, Lamar, Ebony and Latoya? Sheeeeeit dawg, those names be soundin like what some lily white ass crackers would come up with as “black names”. There ain’t a single apostrophe to be found up in them muthafuggin names. Where be Shon’Tae and Fly’tavious? You call dem some black names? I finna bust a cap in yo ass fo’ dat racist ass sheeeit, beeyotch.

    • Arthur Sido

      You would need a special AI program, and then make it mildly retarded, to emulate all of the possible combinations of apostrophes and nonsensical strings of letters.

      • Phil B

        Try dumping a Scrabble set of tiles into a bag a nd randomly take them out and arrange them in a line (put a dot on 25% or 30% of them which will indicate an apostrophe is needed after the letter) to generate the names.

        You couldn’t do worse than the actual names.

  2. saoirse

    I’m very skeptical about anything coming out of UC Berkeley (83,000 job applications – really?), or from a sheboon race reporter. Most corporations have become thoroughly woke and go out of their way to hire shitskins, freaks and womyn over straight White males. This is just more fabricated bullshit to keep the “you be rayciss so gibs me everything” scam going.

    • Arthur Sido

      That was exactly my thought. Who goes back and actually checks this stuff out? No one, just like no one looks too closely at PhD dissertations for candidates in “African American Studies”

  3. Steve

    You are probably right, @Saoirse. A couple decades ago or so I was out at lunch with several local employers and when the topic came up, one guy (who admittedly had been drinking a little too much) said, “Fuck, I’d settle for a nigger who could read!” Funny as hell, but you could tell there were a few of them at the table who if it happened today, would have dropped a dime on him.

    I also wonder what “entry-level” position means. Entry-level janitor isn’t as critical as entry level coder. The one place you can use judo is entry level regulatory affairs. It’s almost painful holding back the laughter as some fed bureaucrat tries to tell you that your nog filled out the paperwork wrong. Sure. Give me cause to fire his ass.

    • Arthur Sido

      The story did mention that there were no disparities in call backs for Federal jobs, go figure. Any coon with a pulse gets hired and then makes life miserable for White people.

      • Steve

        Oh, I meant him being Regulatory Affairs in my company. He’s the point person dealing with the bureaucrats. I can’t say he’s unqualified without facing a suit, yet the regulators can, and I’ve got an official piece of paper saying I tried to hire diversity ‘n’ sheeeiit. And if you are a small enough company just trying every once in a while is sufficient.

  4. Himself

    She’s just retracing steps from long ago.

    Back in the IT boom days, I saw a story where Black applicants would use their middle names, or a normal name on their resumes. The story there was the look of disappointment on the hiring manager’s face when he got a load of what showed up when he called “John Smith” in for an interview.

    “uh…you sounded…taller…on the phone”

    The examples were all from blacks who discovered that this wasn’t a solution.

    Every company – EVERY ONE – that I have worked, even in high tech, and even for a virtual position, did a background check and drug screen. Some, I’m going to guess, pulled a credit report as well.

    You know why they do this? Because you can’t count on a degree of any sort, and in tech, at least, you cannot give an actual test. Hence, the ‘technical’ interview that follows the initial one.

  5. Harbinger

    If the study was even conducted, how do they justify wasting the time of the prospective employers to receive, read, evaluate and file those phony applications? And when one of those phony applicants is called, black or White, how do they respond to the HR person inquiring after the applicant? “Never mind, this was just a shit test. There is no such applicant. Oh, and by the way, you racist mofo, you were interested in hiring Brad rather than D’Fendent, so you failed!

    Sounds like fraud to me.

    • Arthur Sido

      Anything is permissible in the pursuit of “racial justice and sheeeit”. Most resumes today are automatically screened by computers before a hiring manager sees them anyway, maybe the computers are racist?

  6. Arete

    After I quit teaching, I worked (seasonally) for many years at my county board of elections office. Interestingly, my boss for about half those years was a former student of mine who was black. He was young, so needed more experience managing people, but he was intelligent and very hard-working, and funny, too, so I really enjoyed my time there.

    One day, we were chatting about this very topic. I commented that, “it was a shame that some of these names, on a resume, would give a prospective employer pause,” and his immediate response was, “They’d go right in the trash, because I’d know they were hood rats.”

  7. Bobsuruncle

    Full disclosure, I have, despite my German heritage what is now a common black first name and a last name that apparently some slave owner gave to his former slaves as a gift centuries ago. Those names appear in many famous sports stars names. Yet, still not one, not even with a masters or PHD can pronounce it correctly, not sure how a “d” becomes a “t” with every nigger educated or not. Numerous hiring managers and clients after meeting me would confide and tell me, i didnt want to hire you cause your name sounds black. Maybe good, maybe bad. All the same dont name your spawn quantavious flavious tantrell. No one knows roman history anymore. Mr. Smith works just fine. No, not my real name.

  8. Charlie E Hargrave

    I painted bridges for 44 years. Only worked with 7 black guys. All were hard workers, only one of them turned to drugs later on.
    Never had to deal with the odd names and resumes. We would hire anyone that was able to walk on the jobsite. Rare to even have blacks stop and ask if we were hiring, but we would hire them. None made it past the first day.

    I dunno if it was the hard work, the long hours, the traveling or the demanding pace.

    Now, the state dot’s we worked with have always been full of blacks. Pennsylvania, in 2012, had a clause in the contract that we had to hire a local black off the welfare roles. Bi-weekly progress meetings always had a hr woman from the head office. She was only there to inquire about the ‘minority apprentice’. I had to show the receipts from the ads looking for one. Over the course of 3 months I went through 12 of them. One of which actually worked. When his paperwork got processed I had to let him go, he was not a local, he was from some african country. A citizen, but not born here.

    Finally gave up, kept this kid on. Sat him in a lawn chair under a patio umbrella in the yard. Next meeting she asked how he was doing. I said great. She asked if she could speak with him, sure you can, he’s right out there. I point out the window, she looks. Asks what he is doing. I say, keeping an eye on the yard, it’s all he is good for. She flipped out, I laughed. Pulled out the contract, directed her attention to the actual wording. It said to hire them, nothing else.

    She was pissed, the project engineer took the heat, so he was pissed. But all they could do was bitch and moan contractually. I explained to her that I call that particular program the Penndot welfare assistance program.

    Old greek guy that owned the outfit told me that he was catching a lot of heat and to please try not to throw their stupidity in their faces anymore.

    • Mike_C

      So, was the kid happy to be paid for sitting uselessly in a lawn chair, or was he offended, done been disrepecktid or what?

      Also, I dunno if what you did qualifies as “malicious compliance” but it’s pretty funny, and more importantly, a “fuck you” mirror you’re holding up to their faces.

            • Hickocks Ghost

              When I was discharged from the Air Force in 1977, I moved to Phoenix Arizona. I applied for a job with the city of Phoenix who was running a CETA program. Affirmative action was running in all of its dubious glory. Having been warned by people, I met out there, that whites need not apply and would not be hired. I went down to fill out an application anyway. I had the good fortune to be in Phoenix long enough before I applied to be burned browner a Beaner.
              I told the black woman at the application window that I was Mexican American. She said my last name was not a Mexican American sounding name.
              I said yes, a Mexican on my mother’s side.
              Anyway, I got the job, and when I showed up at the shop, I was one of only three out of 300 that was white.
              First day of work, they loaded us all into a police patty wagon van where we were all locked in the back and could not escape in a crash. I was in the van with six Mexicans, and about eight Groids, when one of the Groids started telling jokes about Peckerwoods, all the time watching me out of the corner of his eye. Finally, he asked me if I knew what a pecker wood was. I told him isn’t that kind of like a white Nigger?
              They all looked like they had been shot, then, to my relief, they all started laughing, and didn’t fuck with me anymore.
              we did work at one of the Phoenix projects where I had to carry a 9 mm commander strapped to my ankle because the natives were totally restless.
              Good times.

  9. Xzebek

    Another issue with black names is that the mother ( I could say parents but lol) who gave said child that name was making a cultural statement. She is then going to follow up raising the child in the same manner in which she gave the name. I expect that will lead to an angry, jealous, resentful person who will complain, cry racism and sue at the drop of a hat.

  10. Bean Dip Tray

    Now hiring smoke detector inspector. (s/)
    Read one about a jogger that put a diesel generator indoors with no ventilation…it didn’t end well.
    If muh dibersity is so wonderful, why does it have to be enforced Chairman Mao style?
    Sorry but that name sounds like a porno star the writer muh waycism finder.

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