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The reports are very early but we might be seeing an Israeli attack on Iran, Syria and Iraq.

If true it would suggest that rather than walking back, Israel is pushing ahead and Iran has promised a more significant attack if Israel responds. We will have to see if these reports are accurate but it isn’t good news if they are.


    • Big Ruckus D

      Hey, it’s the rat in the (small) hat! I don’t remember Dr. Suess writing about that one, but I bet he does’t like green ham at any rate. Art’s AI illustration is most satisfyingly unkosher, as usual. I like it.

  1. Xzebek

    I am hearing reports of multiple explosions. Seems limited so far, but we can’t really trust (especially) early reports.
    Is this a feint and a distraction from a larger planned strike?

  2. pyrrhus

    Struck with what? It’s a heck of a long flight for Israeli planes…If missiles, Israel will get missiles in return and then some….

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    A Steamboat Willie update with hookworm hymie!
    Vermin gonna vermin.
    What happens when no Rapture Express?
    Herr Klaus ordered the timetable for chitin bug pod reset to warp speed after hospitalization?
    Keep calm and make sure they remember your face.

  4. saoirse

    From the river to the sea
    Palestine will be free
    Don’t need them living next to me
    Mohammed and Reza hit your mark
    And put those jews in the dark
    Little rats will run and hide
    ‘Cause it’s their turn for genocide
    Republicunts fanning the flames
    We’ve got all your names…and addresses
    Democraps too
    Fuck all of you!

  5. mike

    The reports are all over the place with this as far as severity goes. Seems like all Iran is admitting to is a few small drones that were all shot down and may have been launched somewhat locally by Ukrainian style sabotage teams. There were reports of bigger explosions near the nuclear targets, but denials of any damage. Iran may be doing what Israel did the other day and denied any damages.

    It is Noon Eastern time and l look at the ADS-B flight information over the Middle East indicates that there is currently almost nothing flying into Israel at this time. Everything in the air seems to be routing around them except a couple of small lear jet types that are leaving Israel. Syrian airspace is also completely empty. Lebanon is light with 2 aircraft up. Irag and Iran look normal except there is an American K35R Stratotanker flying in south/west Iraq that is probably refueling fighters. I looked at all of this yesterday and the air traffic in and out of Israel appeared normal. I am guessing they are expecting a counter attack.

  6. Gryphon

    There is this Rumor… make of it what you will.

    Possible, particularly since the RuAF operates from Syria.
    Plausible? Satan’s filthy little minions are quite possibly that Stupid.

    Unlikely – the Rumor said the joos were going to “Fire a High-Altitude Nuke to cause an Electromagnetic Pulse over Iran”
    Ummm… Nukes cause EMP by Engaging the Planet’s Magnetosphere at Orbital Altitude – 3-400 Miles, generally. An F-35 Turducken MIGHT be able to carry a Missile that could reach an Effective Altitude, but that capability has not been demonstrated.

    And No, even a Serious Nuclear EMP doesn’t have much effectiveness against Mil-Spec Electronics, that are always ‘Hardened’ against it.

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