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Death By Dispensationalism

It is around 2:30 AM in Tel Aviv right now and as of yet Israel has not retaliated against Iran’s retaliation for Israel’s strike on their consulate in Syria. The news is mostly finger pointing and declarations of winning, Israel claiming that they stopped “99%” of the incoming drones and missiles and Iran claiming that their punishment of Israel is complete, with no plans to launch more attacks:

“We see this operation as a complete result, and this operation has ended in our opinion, and we have no intention of continuing the operation,” (Major General Mohammad) Bagheri said, warning Israel that if it takes any further action against Iran, “the next operation will be much more extensive.”

So it seems that both sides are walking back and that hopefully nothing further will happen. That is what sane people would want.

Unfortunately some Americans, mostly MAGA evangelicals, want more blood. Newsmax and Breitbart stories are full of comments from Boomers and normiecons calling for “more support for Israel” and urging Israel to go after Iran. They seem to think that a) Israel is an innocent party in this and have forgotten Israel striking the Iranian consulate and b) that maybe a big war in the Middle East will pave the way for Jesus to return.

In my humble uninformed opinion, at a minimum the U.S. knew what was going on when Iran launched those drones and missiles and cooler heads prevailed. Iran didn’t send waves of missiles at Tel Aviv or other population centers. Israel didn’t immediately lash out in response. Iran got to save face, both sides can declare they “won” and very few lives were lost. If it escalates? Who knows how many would die. The next attack might not be telegraphed so obviously to give the Israeli and American forces time to get ready for it. Iran has lots of cards left to play that would spread the suffering a bunch. Non-retards don’t want this is escalate.

American “conservatives”? They spent the morning singing in church about the love of Jesus and then started clamoring for World War III on social media.


  1. DeplorableGranny

    This conservative Christian does not want war!!! If there is a war I will do anything I have to to keep American sons and daughters hidden from these war mongers.

      • Berglander

        There are more every day. Used to be you’d never hear anything but praise for Muh Greatest Ally at my church.
        Now people openly talk about the Khazar conversion, “On The Jews And Their Lies,” the fact that they openly hate Christ, the “Synagogue of Satan” and “den of vipers” etc.
        The tables are turning…thank God.

  2. Anonymous

    Let’s you an’ him fight. In a Middle East tit-for-tat, the only loser is the American taxpayer. I say go big or go home.

  3. Jeffrey Zoar

    If there’s anybody under 50, or even very many under 60, who fit this description, I haven’t seen them. Thus the shelf life of this sentiment gets shorter every day. The AINO of the future, if there is one, will not support the jewish ethnostate. So there’s that bit of good news.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    The Israeli Doomsday Plane was up and they may have decided there to respond.
    Reports of much anger at Bibi Satan.
    Putin has said any attack on Iran by US and he will defend their ally.
    Barry and Valjarr won’t like that?
    RF planes in Iraqi airspace Saturday just in case.
    Seven year old girl one of the victims of drone swarm attack and groceries in Tel Aviv emptied out in one hour.
    Iran had to warn due to Article 51 UN and if Israel responds full WAR.
    All from external sources as US Mind Sucker Media is poop emoji.
    And here I only have about eight bags of Skinny Pop (s/)
    Jamming 1982 DJ Medley Mix and all that we have lost to the Long March is just sad thanks Frankfurt School.

    • Arthur Sido

      I’m not confusing anything. Having spent decades in the Christian world I have seen first hand an awful lot of professing Christians saying exactly the sort of things I am describing. You can get into the “those aren’t real Christians” debate, and believe me I spent years doing that, but ultimately that is a waste of time because everyone thinks only their little group is right and everyone else in the church is wrong.

      • 3g4me

        Far too many Christians believe this, because that’s what they are taught. Yet, at least in our Bible study, I’ve seen quite a bit of pushback from primarily younger – i.e. under 40 – members. Trying to come to terms with their sincere faith and questions about what they are seeing internationally, yet being taught the Bible says Jews are their honored ‘elders’ in faith and Christians have merely been ‘grafted’ or ‘adopted’ into the family of God. I’ve tried – carefully – to support the questioners by suggesting the Jews of Jesus’ time and modern Jews/Israelis are not necessarily the same people, and that modern political beliefs are different and separate from faith relationships. But then some older woman will piously quote ” . . . bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” and that shuts down the younger dissidents.

        Intensely frustrating.

        • Anonymous White Male

          “But then some older woman will piously quote ” . . . bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” and that shuts down the younger dissidents.

          Intensely frustrating.”

          I never understood how anyone could believe that a promise made to Abraham could be applied to the (((jews))). I mean, I understand the propaganda and the deliberate misinterpretations can convince weak minds on first reading of some Scofield commentary that somehow a promise to a singular person could apply to “all” of his descendants (except Muslims, of course). But, Abraham wasn’t a “jew”. He was Adamic, was a Hebrew (descended from Heber), but the name jew didn’t exist until there was a province of Judea, and every use of the word jew in the New Testament should be translated Judean. Even though it was named after Judah, due to that tribe’s settling in that area, Judah was Abraham’s great-grandson. The religion “Judaism” didn’t really become established until around the 15th to 16th century AD. It was a product of Phariseeism, which became Talmudism, which became Rabbinism, which become Judaism.

          There are about 60 million evangelical Christians that have been deceived by deliberate lies, many from the John Nelson Darby school of silliness. This was a guy who was one of the founders of the Plymouth Brethren. However, he went on to form the Exclusive Brethren faction because some of the other founders didn’t believe in his take on Israel and the jews. The Exclusive Brethren wouldn’t even eat with other Plymouth Brethren, since they didn’t believe in the “divine revelation” of Darby. This is standard cult practice and Darby’s eschatology would be considered a cult today. It is interesting to note that Darby’s heresies occurred about the same time as Joseph Smith’s bullshit. The early 19th century was a fertile time for Luciferian inroads into Christianity, something that had been happening since the beginning of the Catholic religion. Roman Catholicism was above all a political and financial entity, something that always appeals to evil.

          Darby’s input would have disappeared on its own if it wasn’t for C. I. Scofield and the Dallas Theological Seminary promoting it. The unfortunate thing about Evangelical Christianity, among many things, was that it appealed to a lower financial and educational strata, much of which occurred in the South following the chaos of The War of Northern Aggression. But, it is true that all organized religions are filled with dogmatic nonsense that critical thinkers always see through. People that follow “religion” devoutly are usually people that just want to belong to something. And they are not interested in the Truth. They just want to know the “rules” and are happy to accept someone else’s rules, since it saves them the problem of thinking for themselves.

          • Bobsuruncle

            Dont forget to mention Schofield and Darby’s influencer and backer the zionist samuel Untermeyer, same kike that advised on many things, like getting Wilson into WW1 and in the Fed Reserve.
            Here is his belief system. Scofield bible, the book that made zionists of american christians.

            The “Golden Dawn” was the first of three Orders, although all three are often collectively referred to as the “Golden Dawn”. The First Order taught esoteric philosophy based on the Hermetic Qabalah and personal development through study and awareness of the four classical elements, as well as the basics of astrology, tarot divination, and geomancy.

            Yeah a real man of the people, great guy.

            • Anonymous White Male

              Yeah, Untermeyer financed Scofield, but I don’t think he had any influence on Darby. Untermeyer was born in 1858 in America and Darby died in 1882 in England. He had also “developed” his theories prior to Untermeyer’s birth.

          • Arthur Sido

            We were part of a Plymouth Brethren congregation for a while, I liked the way they practiced the church gathering but even then the weird Jew worship was dumb, and there was no place to question it. At all.

          • anonymous

            If only everyone knew what you know. So much of the evangelicals that follow this line of thought would escape the mark.

            It will be ironic that so many people hoping for the non-existent rapture will become followers of the anti-christ simply based upon the fact that they think they’ll be taken before the tribulation…so THIS GUY can’t be the anti-christ and he supports our greatest ally…

            1 Thessalonians 2:14-15

  5. Dr. Hollowpoint

    As much as I’d like to see Israel’s neighbors surprise the world by making Israel itself number 110, if things get dicey where exactly do you think they’ll flee?

    The last thing Weimerica needs is more Jews.

    • Arthur Sido

      No doubt we would throw open our borders for millions of Israeli refugees. I half think the whole Ukraine thing is to create a weakened state that could be the bolthole for the Jews in Israel.

  6. anon2

    I read years ago (don’t remember where) that when Mao and the communists began rounding up the Chinese Christians, many millions fled the cities and went out into rural areas, up into the mountains where they fervently prayed and begged Jesus to come and rapture them from their ‘tribulation’ that was coming. He was a no show.
    Those that were not shot or bayonetted on the spot were dragged into concentration camps/slave camps where they would soon die.
    Today’s smug, self-righteous Scofield (and other) Bible/’prophetic’ believing evangelicals of all and varied denominations believe that these are the end times and their rapture is imminent. I avoid talking with them as much as possible just as I’ve given up speaking about Trump’s ‘beautiful’ Warp Speed shot. They assume the war will remain ‘over there’ and America won’t be bombed, but also that they’ll be ‘caught up’, so it doesn’t matter.
    All three of the Abrahamic religions have their own version of ‘end times’, ‘Messiah’ and ‘Anti-Messiah’.
    The question in my mind is:
    “What if you throw an Armageddon, you’re not raptured, and your Messiah doesn’t show up to save your ass?”

  7. Steve S6

    Someone observed that Christianity would be very different if the Old Testament had not been included in the Bible.

    Clif High has commented that you can get the Talmud in the original Hebrew on-line and put it through Yandex to translate it into any language you want (and can read). His qualifier was “if you can stomach it.” That would no doubt change Christian hearts and minds about the Jews.

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