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Where Is The Iron Sheikh When You Need Him?

On April 1st, the rogue state of Israel launched a missile strike on the Iranian consulate grounds in Syria, killing several members of the IRGC as well as unnamed others (Our Greatest Ally Is A Rogue State). It was a direct provocation, an attack that violates the norms of international diplomacy and was widely condemned. I wrote:

Iran must respond forcefully to this, and probably pretty directly instead of using proxies, as this is a direct provocation by Israel. Failing to do so will signal to Israel that they can do whatever the hell they want.


That was April 1st. Today is April 7th. So far the Iranians have done fuck-all in response and it is starting to look like they aren’t going to do anything. At all. Not even a token response to save face. Lots of people expected them to do something and many were even eager for a response, including a lot of (((neo-cons))) who hoped for an excuse to further escalate the conflict and draw the U.S. in to do their bidding again, having crushed neighboring Iraq and now desiring American blood be spilled to vanquish Iran. “People” like Noah Rothman over at Israel-shilling National Review:

Hopefully, the response Iran and its allies execute will be a face-saving maneuver that the administration and Israel alike can absorb without committing themselves to further escalation. But if Iran miscalculates, Israel will have to respond in kind, and the United States shouldn’t be far behind. Such an attack would represent a challenge to American credibility. Biden’s failure to remind its adversaries all over the world that they “can’t act with impunity” would beget similar challenges. Here’s to hoping that the president understands the threat he may soon be forced to confront.

It takes a special kind of sociopath to write that. Israel commits a war crime but here is Noah Rothman declaring that only a minor face-saving response will be permitted. It is like punching someone in the face but then demanding that the only reasonable response is to stick out their tongue.

So far, we aren’t even getting a “face-saving maneuver”. Where is “Supreme Leader” Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei? He is hurfing and blurfing on Twitter but doing nothing. He even tweeted an empty threat in Hebrew. That’ll scare the Israelis!

What the hell happened to the Iranians? They used to be crazy and violent, now they seem mostly timid.

Apparently it is more important to Ali Khamenei to stay in power than it is to smite the Israelis and get into a war with The Great Satan. Just as the rest of the Muslim world endlessly bitches about the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians but aren’t really doing much other than bitching.

What keeps most of the world in check is the threat of annihilation. People like Seyyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Kim Jong Un and King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia are powerful in their own country and what they want more than anything is to stay in power. What they don’t want is to end up like Muammar Gaddafi. On the other hand, they have to keep their own people in check. It is a delicate balancing act, saying the right stuff to placate the masses while not doing anything that might lead to getting sodomized by a bayonet.

Ali Khamenei’s predecessor, Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, seemed like a different breed. He was flat out crazy from what I could tell and really believed in that Islamic revolution bullshit. Ayatollah Khomeini was one of the major villains when I was growing up, the face of the Iranian nuts who took 53 Americans hostage in 1979. His successor doesn’t appear to have the same fervor.

We will see what Iran will do but as of now it appears to be not much. I’ll be honest, I was kind of hoping that Iran would retaliate and smack the Israelis in the face. They are getting more brazen by the day. It doesn’t appear at least at this juncture that Iran is willing to do anything.

Maybe they will wait until the eclipse tomorrow to strike?


  1. T.Smith

    I guess they would rather win than fight
    Why make a futile stupid gesture – that’s the kind of thing we and our greatest ally do
    They can afford to wait until the 800 pound gorrila dies
    And then…

  2. Bean Dip Tray

    Brandon has hook in the bloodline, his mother.
    The most small hat administration ever.
    Their plan is to bring about apocalyptic times and the Messiah that they hate will return.
    That is not up to man and only HE knows the hour.
    Brace yourself HE is going to teach some Pharoah lessons for the synagoge of the Devil and the world.
    It’s all real and it’s been written and it has nothing to do with any religions which were infiltrated within hours of formation.

  3. Big Ruckus D

    In a way, it is terribly discouraging to witness the way countries that were formerly good bets for shaking up the status quo turn into nutless pushovers. It has happened to all Western nations (who seek to protect the status quo to the benefit of the ruling class at all costs), and now has clearly taken root in even formerly unpredictable venues like Iran. I was really wanting to see them give Israel a kick in the scrote, if only to try and keep their insufferable arrogance in check. Instead, the opposite is happening; Israel is running roughshod and being further emboldened, ignoring all accepted conventions of restraint on their provocations, and no one is stepping up to knock them back. It really is a bite in the ass to play witness to this, and come to the realization that the world over, the bad guys can do whatever the hell they want, and there is no check to be found on their bullshit.

  4. mike in canada

    What if nothing happens? What if…. it just goes on, and on, and on, until it finally just stops in dust and futility…?

    God above, can we just get it on and get it over with?

    I prefer a straight fight to all this sneakin’ around- Han Solo

  5. Jeffrey Zoar

    The fullness of time has brought a reassessment of Ayatollah Khomeini and his characterization of the USA as the Great Satan. Who here now disagrees with him?

    One gets the sense that not only Iran, but also Russia and China have agreed that it’s best to ignore GAE provocations if at all possible. Since the GAE is (conventionally) capable of little more than provocation. But everybody fears escalating toward the only other thing it’s still capable of.

    I’ve long thought Biden was taking a page from the Gipper in promoting the idea that he’s a deranged old coot in possession of nukes and crazy enough to use them. When your adversaries aren’t sure whether or not that’s true, it gives them pause.

  6. mike

    While I share the disappointment, I suspect the Iranians are on the same page with the Russians and the rest of the Resistance Block and they are playing out a containment and slow strangulation strategy on the Empire. The basis of this has to be that the US is already infected with so many terminal phase ailments at this point, that the best thing to do is ignore the obvious provocations and let the Empire implode by itself without being drawn into a kinetic battle with a dying, thrashing, nuclear power. This is also predicated on the assumption that the American collapse must be very close, like this year. I suspect that is why we have not seen the terrorist sleeper attacks here in the States yet either. This idea that they are running roughshod over everyone is only true in the very local, tactical sense. The military power of Russia is only growing as the US runs down its stocks and the Ukies kill a few civilians in a concert. The Little Hats kill a few generals and destroy some ammo dumps, but they are still going to lose if it goes kinetic and everyone knows it. Remember, the Iranians had no problem sending children (Basij) to clear mine fields in the 80’s Iraq war. They can absorb some generals getting killed while they avoid playing into the Empire’s plans and await a juicy opportunity to do some real damage. If I were betting, I would suspect this block would love to sink an American Carrier the next time the US feels confident enough to float one too close to Yemen. The latest Russian ASM tech in the hands of IRGC could end the American super power status in a couple of hours and would be nice payback for a lot of unpaid debt.

    If the US somehow gets through the year without getting itself nuked or crushed in a foreign war, then manages to have something looking like an election without a meltdown, then the Resistance Block might revisit this strategy.

    • Big Ruckus D

      I’ve been kicking around many of the ideas you just articulated, and have to say you may have nailed it. But sonofabitch is it tiresome to have to keep watching as the idiots who deserved to get fucked in retribution (that’d be the leadership of pretty well all western governments, and of Israel generally) just continue to act like the arrogant, subversive shit disturbers they self evidently are, and get away with it free of any substantive consequences.

      It’s like the worst case of blue balls ever. We desperately need something to happen that plainly and irrevocably reveals that those who are affiliated with globohomo, and doing its bidding, are out of both juice and luck to go on with the ruination. I especially want to see the effectiveness of the propaganda machine destroyed, such that nearly everyone will finally see it all for the blatant fraud that it is, and treat the western leadership as pariahs and assholes who deserve nothing but scorn and death, preferably of the most painful variety. This monster needs it’s back broken and it’s balls ripped off. Instead, it it being give a wide berth to continue its rampage, which serves only to increase the collateral damage before the inevitable crash and burn. Damnit anyway.

  7. Squib

    At what point in time does the USD become worthless? America is now holding $34T in national debt. The debt is increasing $1T every 100 days. In eight years the debt will rise to over $60T. Seems like that is a lot of money. My point would be, what do we have to show for this debt? A bunch of holes in the sand in the Middle East? These people are cray-cray. And they run the US. BRICS is perhaps just biding its time. America seems to be destroying itself by every means thinkable.

  8. Gryphon

    Arthur- It’s only been a Week – the Persians aren’t Stupid enough to ‘take the bait’ and make a Quick Response, which is what da jooz are hoping for. Planning an Asymmetric, ‘special operations’ Operation against a similar Target (joo embassy somewhere) is going to take a while, perhaps Months- all the better, as the (((enemy))) is on High Alert.

    p.s. Strait of Hormuz… isn’t that where a Lot of Oil Tankers run? kinda close to Persia, isn’t it?

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