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Why There And Not Here?

Something that I find odd when thinking about the Moscow mass shooting. Not that they chose that target, it makes perfect sense, but instead that it doesn’t happen here. There aren’t really team shootings like the one that happened in Moscow taking place here despite millions of Muslims, many highly radicalized. Our mass shootings are almost exclusively “black guy(s) shoot into crowds, kills one, wounds 10” shootings or the very rare autistic kid on SSRIs that has been groomed by the Feds into shooting up some school or something.

It certainly isn’t a lack of targets.

Our local indoor mall has hundreds or thousands of people on a Saturday. We have high schools full of kids and guarded by a handful of “school resource officers”. Sporting events, festivals, on and on. I could spend ten minutes online and come up with a dozen places they could target within 30 minutes of where I am sitting. Very few places with lots of people are hardened targets, malls have rent-a-cops so silly they are a running gag and have been turned into feature films.

America is a very open society for travel. You could leave New York City this morning and be Chicago this evening with no problem. We don’t have checkpoints where you have to show your papers and are subject to search. Tens of millions of people flaunt the speed limit daily and very few are pulled over. I could pull up to the entrance of a local mall, put on my flashers and sit there for quite a long time before Paul Blart and company finally checked on me.

Guns and ammo are plentiful and easy to come by. Hells bells, every ‘hood Negro with a felony rap sheet as long as their legendary dingus has a Glock with a switch and a 27 round mag. Full auto “assault rifle” are hard to come by but you can spread carnage one shot at a time just as easily, perhaps more so, than mag dumping on full auto. You can buy body armor on the internet and the goodies for making explosive and/or incendiary devices aren’t hard to come by.

America should be a veritable cornucopia of soft targets for terrorists.

We have been told that we had to “fight them over there so we didn’t have to fight them here” as the excuse for decades of war in Afghanistan, Iraq and dozens of shadow conflicts we never hear about until a news blurb about special forces soldiers dying in some random Middle Eastern or African country. But we never really did fight them here. The “shoe bomber” I guess. Palestinian Major Nidal Hasan murdered 13 fellow soldiers at Fort Hood shortly before deploying to Afghanistan in 2009 but even then it was not prosecuted as terrorism. In 2016 Omar Mateen shot up a fag nightclub, killing 49 people. Personally I think he was a closeted fag although the FBI assures us he wasn’t a homo. Both of those were solo shootings, with no apparent coordination. They were just a couple of unhinged Muslims that snapped, not coordinated teams of Islamist terrorists.

That brings me back to my original question. America is the “Great Satan” and the protector/enabler of Israel, responsible for killing tens or hundreds of thousands of Muslim civilians in the “Global War on Terror”. Why has Russia been attacked as well as attacks in Europe but not the U.S.?

Perhaps it has to do with the armed American citizenry. That might be part of the equation. If you start randomly shooting people at an Indiana mall, multiple dudes will return fire pretty quickly. Then again these guys allegedly don’t fear becoming martyrs.

Or maybe the FBI and other agencies are so good at their jobs that they have thwarted these attacks before they happened. Nah, that is just ridiculous.

I don’t have an answer here. The idea of this has been in popular media for decades (ex. Chuck Norris in Invasion U.S.A.) and yet it never happens.



  1. Bennythecoolcat

    Because the terrorist attack in Moscow and other locations overseas are mostly, if not always, set up by the CIA and MI6? I noticed that these supposed Muslim attacks a few years ago seemed to be happening every few weeks in Europe and then all of a sudden, nothing, Just like the Antifa/BLM riots of 2020 stopped all of a sudden.

    If Trump gets in office or white people get spicy some day then expect the start of Muslim acts of terror here in this country.

    • Stilicho

      The Geert Wilders speech in Texas would’ve been a team of two but for the security guard who saw them rolling up with their AKs and dropped them. Turns out, that was an FBI created terrorism too (agent behind it fled the scene). Your point remains though

  2. anonymous

    The “shoe bomber” was a false flag. He did not have proper ID, and was escorted through security by “an unidentified individual.”

    This was a gov’t scheme to push through back-scatter x-rays and reinforce the “need’ for no-fly lists.

    Bottom line, the same guys who sponsored the Moscow shooting are the ones who sponsor shootings like Sandy Hook and elsewhere.

  3. Anon Concealed

    “If you start randomly shooting people at an Indiana mall, multiple dudes will return fire pretty quickly.”

    Nah. I hardly ever venture into Glenbrook, but when I last did so, they had the obligatory “no guns” decals on the doors. Of course, I paid these decals … uh … all the attention they were due. And I know all other concealed carriers do likewise. Right?

    • Lergnom

      Hi, all. Interesting thread, as always. I read something in the foreign press about Bataclan, back in 2015. It seems that a few terrorists were making their escape and thought to shoot into a coffee shop. Bad idea. There were some Spanish speaking… businessmen(?) inside who took exception to being shot at, and returned fire. Local gendarmes discovered they were Cartel gunners, in France for unknown reasons. I don’t know what happened to them, bu I don’t think they were detained long.
      Stay safe

  4. Arete

    I have no theories/answers, either, but have pondered the very same question for a long time.

    I have a bad feeling one is coming, though…

  5. Botched_Lobotomy

    Because that would be counter to the long range plan. If muslims were shooting up everyone and blowing up buildings there would be an outrage against muslims and maybe we’d eventually get someone to start deporting the muzzies. The smart play is to lay low until muslims are the majority and then take over via Congress.

  6. Troy Messer

    I think about this a lot too.

    I think there are many reasons. One is that they know that they would unlikely get away….with a big assumption that concerns them.

    Another is that compared to what ever third world shithole they came from, things are good here. And so they become the satiated consumerist most of us are.

    A third reason is that even though sandniggers might be crazy, they are not stupid. They are playing the long game by having a bunch of kids.

    • Big Ruckus D

      ^ all this, and the fact I don’t think there are actually that many true believer muzzies (and even less so non-muzzies) who are hard core enough to want to martyr themselves for a cause, no matter how much lip service they pay to it.

      Look at all the insults and indignation heaped on the White man. One might think it had been well more than enough by now to inculcate an insurrection, and yet (despite what idiots have falsely claimed since 1/6/20) we still haven’t had one. Virtually nobody wants to put their ass on the line and self sacrifice, it is just simple human nature.

      I figure we will be well into full on collapse and mass democide before enough people decide to actually fight, by which time it is too late and the damage is already done. History is replete with examples of just how ineffectual humans are at perceiving dire threats and being proactive in tamping them down before they run out of control. Passivity and complacency are obviously the natural state of most modern humans, having been pacified and bought off with GMO bread and woke circuses, where the bearded lady wants to fuck your children. And still there is no critical mass of people willing to step up and stop all this shit by unrestrained force.

      I don’t think there will be, either. The Russian revolution and Nazi Germany (among others) have aptly demonstrated that the insanity can go on much longer than can be rationalized in hindsight. And it nearly always takes some exogenous event, like a stronger adversary, to end a crisis like that.

      • Anon

        There have been a few Whites that have stepped up, lone wolves, but the media and LE quashes their efforts, removes their vids and manifestos, and dehumanize and demonize them, while boomers bitch that everything is always a false flag and they were racist too while reaching for the remote to flip to more nogball and chug another beer.

        The only people who do act feel like they have nothing else to lose.
        Plenty feel like they have quite a lot to lose: their jobs, retirement/social security, comforts, friends and family disowning them, etc so they don’t do anything, maybe a vote for someone paying lip service to their issues.

        When people are willing to risk prison, and/or death, like the Founding Fathers they love to quote but don’t emulate, then there might be some change. More outside pressure from hardships could turn coal into diamonds, or it can just burn away to ash.

        For now, like the last post, what we will see is more slacktivism like people buying a Greenwood Trump bible and feeling satisfied that they did their part.

        • Tim

          But…but…but…Vets are our mighty bend the knee heros that will save us all and demand “respect” for fighting for us! Hahahahahaha

      • Troy Messer

        Big Ruckus D is right, as usual.

        White men are weak and cowards. It really is as simple as that. I know there is a thing called.projection but it doesn’t mean I am wrong. I am very poor: no spouse, no car, no house,.just enough rice and beans. The only thing I have is seeing and taking care of my grandkids and I don’t want to lose even that very little. So I can imagine what a responsible person with a house with a lovely wife must be going through.

        This peak of civilization brings peak bread and circuses. We don’t want to give those up. Got the new (backdoored) Apple iPhone after all.

        Anyone who does act is only gonna be labeled a racist lunatic and white men would rather have our kids get literally sexually mutilated rather than be called a bigot

        Because we are atomised, we can’t meet in meat to give each other a spine. When it comes to organizing, we are literally retarded. It seems individualism has an Achilles heel.

        Our side keeps saying we are not going to vote our way out of this. Well that means the V-word. Perforating people and getting perforated is very messy. And a testament to our cowardice is an unwillingness to perforate.

        If you say you love peace, you must be capable of violence. If you can’t or won’t do violence, you are not peaceful, you are harmless.

        IMHO, the first step is admitting you have a problem. And the problem is white men are weak cowards unwilling to commit violence to save the things we allegedly believe in.

        So I will go first. I am afraid and Idon’t want to lose what little I.have

      • Steve

        I’m sure that that is one factor involved, however, I believe there is another, more insidious angle being played. In the county where I grew up, you no longer see American names on all of the signs you see on the side of the road, or planted in peoples yards at election time. Instead, they are almost all middle-eastern, or Indo/Paki. Why hose down the infidels at the local eatery and/or library when you can get elected and control the local levers of power over your enemies that way?

    • LFMayor

      Why would I risk what I have for a bunch of retarded ingrates that want me humiliated and dead? This society is not worthy of saving.

      Now. Pinch me or mine between some hard spots and you’ll damn well find out just how weak, afraid and cowardly I am. Stand by while the ship comes about.

      I wait. And I FN hate waiting.

  7. Arete

    Regarding the last two comments above, there is definitely an argument to be made for them playing the ‘long game.’ (If you haven’t read “Submission” by Michel Houellebecq, it’s worth the read) but holding off on isolated terrorist attacks in order to advance a more sophisticated plan infers a level of organization and top down control that I doubt exists. Which leaves the question, of why those attacks don’t occur much, just as murky.

  8. Bean Dip Tray

    Give it time, they’ll activate the sleepers for a kayfabe false flag or to fundamentally transform society.
    The always fearful this is the end Karens of both sexes will clamor to give up more rights for a false sense of security after the next by deception wage WAR move.
    Don’t waste time on the hive and there is nothing more dangerous than stupidity in large packs of crowds looking to put the dunce cap on you for a struggle session.
    Peace and safety uber alles will be the chant and there will be neither.


      10-4 on that. I’m no longer interested in trying to out shout the stupid bleachers.

      I’ve built my ark. And I don’t need to Karens, fags, joggers or even two normie zombies to round out my guest list.

      Keep stacking bros.

        • Berglander

          The fun part is, by doing exactly that you influence others. People see you at the gym. They remember you stopping to help them stack hay or unload the lawnmower out of the truck. Soon you’re known as the guy who lifts heavy, runs, shoots, boxes…but also remembers their kids birthdays and will stop to play a quick round of street hockey with them. Building community isn’t complicated; a guy just has to do the work.

          • SirLawrence

            Yeah Brother that’s most of it. Just showing up. Put in the reps. Make little slices of joy in the everyday toil. I try to do this, but could always be better.

            In the low moments of clown world grind I can fall into great frustration over seeing the state of White men around here. So much ghetto.

            So thanks for the reminder to keep doing what I can do.

            Like so much of what vexes our side, we tend to get stuck working backward from the big problems lurking out there and forget that like building strength it takes a timeline of little habits strung together, day after day.

            There are endless little opportunities for us to build up – and signal to each other while we do so.

            Which is why it’s so frustrating so see so many fail to do even those. But we also have to remember how both sides are contagious and our examples echo more than we know.

            We live the truth we want to propagate. All else is just junk food for the mind.

  9. Gryphon

    I think that the Failure, in political terms, of the usual “Mass Shooting” events here in the FUSSA to make ANY headway towards the goal of Gun Bans/Confiscation has led the communists to conclude that anything ‘Big’ like this event in Russia is just going to Backfire on them, as it will get picked apart on the Internet just as fast as the FSB is wrapping up the bunch of Ukro-nazi Patsies there. This article shows that the Russians are closing in on the actual Planners of the incident:

    Remember, all “Terrorist” Events are carefully-planned POLITICAL Acts, and maybe we don’t see that many Here because ‘politics’ don’t seem to be that affected by them…

    • Don Curton

      Good point. Take Uvalde. It wasn’t 2 seconds after the shooting ended and we went straight past all the usual gun control bullshit and started talking about WHAT THE FUCK were the cops doing??? Standing around with their punisher phone covers while little kids were being slaughtered? Yeah, anything big will be picked apart in seconds over here. Maybe quicker.

      And I still want to know how an unemployed kid, with no driver’s license, bought thousands of dollars of gear.

      • Gryphon

        They already announced that the ‘isis terrorists’ were connected to various entities in “Country 404” and the Iskandar/Khinzal Missiles are being used. One report of a joint Ukro/NATO Base (Underground) being destroyed, along with a Polish General and some Staff.

        One thing is Certain – Cutting someone’s Ear off is a great way of getting him to Talk…. And BTW, where are the other 7 people who were reported to have been Arrested for ‘involvement’ in the attack?

      • Anon

        There is a speech where obama has a slip and mentions creating or supporting ISIS/ISIL whatever the term was of the day.
        It has always been a catspaw of israel and the us alphabets.

  10. Pat H. Bowman

    These are complex issues. There are many reasons for “why not here?” chief among them is at some point we tend to retaliate. Return fire is also a concern. However, I think the main reason is they don’t need to. The FUSA will be conquered by demographics. It’s baked into the cake at this point. Eventually the currency/economy/government will collapse and then FUSA becomes Haiti. Or maybe Venezuela.

    Why don’t we fight back? Also a complex issue. For me, I’ve finally reached a point in life where things are really, really good. I live in a house in the country, on acreage, it and the cars are paid for. I just built a nice workshop. We’re raising chickens and gardening. We have a great church family. I’m at the pinnacle of my career.

    Do I want to give this all up, layer up in multicam, throw on the chest rig and go fight…whom? And where’s the rest of my squad? What is the objective? What’s the plan for when the shooting finally stops? I can think of a lot of people who need killing, but how does that get us closer to once again being the land of the free and home of the brave? Half the country depends on gibs from the other half; think they’re going to go to work without a fight?

    These issues are so multi-faceted, it’s hard to see a way out. So, I prepare as best I can to ride out what comes and try to enjoy the life I worked my ass off to achieve–and frankly, would not have if not for the grace of God.

    I don’t have the answer(s); I just know it’s not a simple equation.

    • Arthur Sido

      That is a great comment. I am in a similar place. What would I do or could I do besides going out in a blaze of glory and then being smeared as a racist violent extremist?

      • Big Ruckus D

        I’m fully in agreement with your conclusion. I guess the only thing that surprises me is the complete lack of lone wolves targeting individuals who are all too deserving of a little extra-judicial action. The father of a child molested or murdered, the guy whose wife was raped by an invader, or the judge who let the perp out to commit the offense in question.

        I can’t see any means of effective action on a more collective basis until the loss of law and order. Once the threat of the system catching and stomping your ass for doing what needed doing is a non-issue, I think we’ll see and hear about plenty of scores being settled.

        • Pat H. Bowman

          I’ve been asking the same question. Add to your list, people who couldn’t be by their loved ones side as they died due to “restriction” (especially after it was revealed the treatment is what killed said parents). Parents of children killed by the clot shot. Owners of small businesses destroyed while the liquor stores stayed open. Parents of kids who were trans’d. Maybe it is happening and they’re keeping it under the radar.

  11. Squib

    There is a man, with long hair that wears a dress. He thinks he is an Admiral. He is a leader in our health department. Another man who campaigned from his basement and got elected President. He starts yelling when forced to speak more than 3 sentences in a row. Another man, married to another man, with no background in the field of transportation- who is our transportation czar. Blacks, duly elected, that have openly stated it’s war on whites, but they are gonna start with Trump first.

    There are other means besides bombs and bullets to destroy a culture.

  12. Max Wiley

    I had to think about this one for a while.
    Successful insurgencies are always supplied by a third power. These should probably more accurately be termed proxy wars. What is happening in Ukraine is notable in that it is reversing the trend of the post WW2 period for a major power to stumble in a full up contest with an insurgency supplied by the other great power. See: Vietnam, Afghanistan (either one).
    My point is that terrorist attacks and tactics don’t happen in a vacuum but they are 98%+ carried out locally (“in theater”) by very small groups of people, usually five or less. The carefully planned and executed attack by a fairly large team on foreign soil is largely a unicorn. It is difficult to pull off, for many reasons. I’m going to postulate the theory that it largely *doesn’t* happen without the direct help of a more capable third party that is using the “terrorists” as cat’s paws, largely unwittingly, to accomplish a certain political goal of the third party and not that of the terrorist.
    Look at any of the large terror attacks that have defined the past 50 years and ask “cui bono?” and it will almost always be a third party, that certainly had the means, motive, and opportunity.
    I guess that’s a long winded way of saying why there instead of here: because the reasons and beneficiaries are deliberately obscured by at least a degree or two of separation.
    This can be said of 9/11 and the Hamas 10/7 attack as well, IMO.

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