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A young Alabama mother was allegedly abducted before being tortured, sexually assaulted, and killed by a group of eight suspects in a horrific attack recorded by the perpetrators.

Videos obtained by the Birmingham Police Department show Mahogany Jackson, 20, being beaten and forced to perform sex acts at gunpoint, Detective Mark Green testified in court Monday. 

The mother of one arrived at the home of one of the suspects, 24-year-old Brandon Pope, to hang out with friends on February 25, WBRC reported. However, she was allegedly being set up to be raped and murdered.

Green said the first video shows Jackson naked outside, with 25-year-old Teja Lewis beating her and 23-year-old Si’nya McCall kicking her. 

After that, McCall can allegedly be heard directing the others to “put her in the trunk.

What is really ugly is that black “women” were involved, but it isn’t like there is no precedence for this. The rape, torture and murder of a White couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom, by a gang of blacks included women who were participants. For the gruesome details, if you are unaware: The Knoxville Horror and The Knoxville Horror: Crime, Race, The Media, And “Anti-Racism”

While White women of course engage in some criminal behavior, it is far rarer for them to be involved in violent crime and this sort of sexual violence is very rare with White women. With black women? It is all too common. black women seem to revel in mayhem, violence and torture just as much as their male counterparts and with black women raising so many black boys alone, it is little wonder so many end up as violent criminals that not only commit crimes but delight in hurting and degrading people.

Alabama gets to house these eight animals for the next half century or so, when they ought to already be swinging from a gibbet.


  1. Skeptic

    A few things to unpack here, Arthur.

    First of all, and this will sound callous, but if this had to happen, I’m glad they did it to one of their own instead of a White woman. Notice that the victim is 20 years old but already had a 3 year old. One less single black mom going around popping out more welfare sprogs is a good thing in my book, but my God, this was horrific.

    If you read the story, it looks like one of the sheboons was actually directing all the action, which suggests that this is some negro girl on negro girl hate. And frankly, the female of that species is even more primitive and outright cruel than the male, if that’s possible.

    I think it was Steve Sailer who crunched the numbers and discovered that black females are actually more murderous than any other sex/ethnicity except for black males.

    They are not like us.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    Lower than rabid animals, the whole damn lot of them. What is most disconcerting is that behavior like this is no longer so uncommon as to still be considered an outlier.

    We are witnessing the fall of civilization in real time, with no viable and realistic solution but to suffer through it. Actually doing what would be necessary to stave it off would be a horror in its own right. Naturally, it’ll come to that eventually, but only after all hope is lost and the most awful of circumstances have been brought upon us, forcing the use of wholesale slaughter as the only path out

    • Out West

      When societal control, (as little as there still is), drops to near zero, and the jailhouse doors are swung open, as recently happened in Haiti, the resulting violence will be biblical.

  3. Lasagna

    As a person of color who has given birth (I refuse to use outdated gender identity terms), there is no evidence this sexual encounter was coerced, you always have to make up everything to support your bigoted agenda.


    • mike

      “Videos obtained by the Birmingham Police Department show Mahogany Jackson, 20, being beaten and forced to perform sex acts at gunpoint, Detective Mark Green testified in court Monday.”

      This came out of the new summary above. Evidently there is plenty of evidence the sex was coerced. Why do you negresses always dispute reality?

      • TakeAHardLook

        Because acknowledging the reality of the black race IS, in and of itself, INTOLERABLE.

        Those blacks capable of honest observation and inductive reasoning will have reached the same conclusions that I have, decades ago, that: the black race is retrogressive, anti-civilizational, unutterably violent, and represents a divergent line of homo sapiens, not to be confused/included with any other race on this Earth.

  4. Don Curton

    I’ve read where Apaches who took prisoners would turn them over to their women to torture. Seems the women were more naturally vicious and cruel in that regard.

    Women in general can be way more cruel in ways that men just won’t do. Ethnic women lead the pack, but white women aren’t necessarily innocent in that regard. I think being the physically weaker sex leads them to using cruelty over direct violence.

    Just my opinion.

      • anonymous

        Same with the women in Afghanistan:

        “When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains, and the women come out to cut up what remains, jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains and go to your gawd like a soldier.”

        Rudyard Kipling

  5. Arete

    This is so depressing, on many different levels. As a couple of commenters have pointed out, it appears to be the women (two in particular, two others involved but seemingly not the orchestrators) who planned this; the first two were apparently the ones holding “MaHogany”‘s head and filming during the forced fellatio. I would absolutely guess it was jealousy; MaHogany probably f***ed one of their baby daddies, so instead of holding the man to account for his infidelity, they were going to punish the object of his ‘affection.’ Typical thinking. Also typical is that the men involved seem stupid and easily led; the women are no doubt just as stupid, intellectually speaking, but have a scheming mentality that these male morons apparently can’t discern, even those it’s going to land them in prison for many years. (Not that they wouldn’t have ended up there for something else.)

    The depressing part is that at least one of these women had children, and I would guess all or most of them do; it was just probably not noted in news reports. So what chance do these children have, being raised–or whatever poor imitation of that is probably going on–by such pieces of human trash, whose baby daddies are either gone or occasional visitors?

    Not much.

    Also depressing is that probably the male half of this group has also fathered multiple children they don’t actively raise, so we’ve got an ever perpetuating crop of children whose potential–whatever it may be–is neglected to the point that it withers and eventually disappears.

    I was a high school teacher in a community that had about 35-40% black kids. There was a clear and distinct difference between the kids who came from intact, middle-class families with two parents, and those who came from the ‘hood.’ Welfare has indeed ruined the lower-class black family. It’s disastrous for society, and a tragedy for the kids who might not have the capacity to become rocket scientists, but could be productive, civilized members of society if they had some stable parenting.

  6. Big Ruckus D

    And all that is (amongst the reasons) why civilization will be lost. The carrying capacity for the inconceivable amount of fuckups and dysfunctional human debris that now exists does not exist on this planet, and never can. The productive are far too badly outnumbered, and those who wreck our society face no real accountability such that they just go on wrecking.

    Once civilization (and the resources that it provides in abundance) are lost, there will be a mass die off the most unhealthy and vulnerable, and of those who cannot muster any semblance of self sufficiency. That, coupled with violence at scale, will do the job of policing the population and reducing it’s numbers to something that can be sustained, without the burden of endless freeloaders and defectives who just can’t cut it. Of course that assumes (but is by no means assured) that something like a nuclear war, or pandemic of such massive lethality doesn’t kill most or all of human life on the planet. It may well be that we will simply not endure at all. At this point, I could – without much effort – objectively make a case that humans are a self evidently failed species, and should fuck off entirely.

    Since humans generally find eugenics distasteful (and I can kind of understand the ethical reservations about going there myself, as it takes us down a deal road rife with the likelihood of all sorts of abuse) it will only be done by force of nature, or by things finally getting so bad that even those of us with a conscience will finally dispense with our moral misgivings and resort to mass purges. Both scenarios have played out repeatedly in human history, and we can expect to see one or both occur again in the foreseeable future. Short of divine intervention, I see no other possible outcome. The present status quo cannot possibly be maintained indefinitely. It has already gone on far longer than reasonable with no real resolution; the consequences keep getting deferred by what human ingenuity still remains. The continuous loss of competence assures that will not continue to hold back the flood of consequences we are long overdue for.


      Amen Brother Big Ruck!

      Keep stacking, prepping, learning and tribing up. Starting to get my garden in with the early Texas spring.

    • Arete

      Can’t disagree with any of this; I guess I’m just rather stunned that it’s accelerated so quickly. I am old enough that I can reasonably hope it won’t make my life unbearable, but it’s increasingly difficult to be sanguine about my grandchildren’s futures.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Not to sound like a wise ass, but welcome to the club. I can’t say I’m surprised by the exponential rate of increase in the decline, that’s a given considering that the circumstances needed to create this very scenario were already extant decades ago, longer than I’ve even been alive. And I fully expect my life (and lifespan) to be negatively affected by what is clearly inbound. I’m only in my 50’s, so unless I die of natural causes in the next year or two (and I’m in generally good health, so have no reason to expect that outcome) I’m going to have a front row seat for the shit show.

        That’s bad enough, but it sickens me to think of the future of my nieces and nephews (I didn’t manage to find a good woman and start a family myself, regrettably) as they are all good, kind and smart kids who don’t deserve the shit about to be unloaded upon them. But that is the reality of what is on tap. And yes, it angers me terribly. I want the bastards responsible for the ruination of what was my country – and all their gleeful minions – destroyed. Preferably in a most painful manner, to drive home the point that I really am pissed at what they’ve wrought.

        I take only some small satisfaction in knowing that many of the perpetrators of our demise (not all of them, unfortunately) will suffer horribly in the upcoming collapse. But then so will I, and many other decent people who didn’t sign on for this outcome. Regardless, we all get to eat from the shit sandwich being served, because it’s the only thing on the menu.

        • Lineman

          I saw a study that there is probably between 15 to 20 million White guys that have Pro White tendencies so we really wouldn’t have to eat the shit sandwich if we actually cared enough to build our own restaurant…That takes sacrifice though and most are still to comfortable at the moment for that to take place…

    • Arete

      And I will add that I also agree with you on the eugenics issue, but it’s unfortunate that justified distaste for that has metastasized into an attitude that reproductive “rights” trump all, even for people who have unequivocally demonstrated–often over and over again–that they are not only unfit to be parents, but are uninterested in it. There are too many examples to count (like the recent case of two women in the Baton Rouge area who left eight children alone so they could go gambling, with the result that a 10-yr-old and a 12-yr-old murdered a 3-yr-old) but we just seem to feel there are no circumstances under which people can be forcibly sterilized.

      That might be okay if we had a society and a legal system that didn’t put up with continued failure–if children were summarily removed from the ‘care’ of unfit parents at the outset rather than after years of harm–but we don’t.

      About five years ago I underwent training to be a Guardian ad Litem. I had retired and it seemed like a useful way to volunteer. I can still remember the family court judge delivering some remarks, upon our ‘graduation’ from the training, about how the successes of the program kept him going. The ‘success’ he chose to highlight was a couple (unmarried, I’m sure) who had finally managed to have a child returned to them after it had been taken away and put in the foster care system. I say ‘finally’ because it was their EIGHTH child. They had produced seven previous children, all of whom had been taken away from them because of neglect or abuse, and none had been returned. (The process of finally granting permanent guardianship to a relative or of permitting an adoption takes a minimum of 2-3 years in this state, because the unquestioned assumption is that ‘family’ reunification is always the desired outcome. Consequently, many people who’ve had their kids removed know how to work the system. When whatever period of time the judge at their last hearing has designated for some evidence of progress is about to expire, they suddenly show improvement, then everything gets extended again.)

      In spite of all the harm to children from continued uncertainty and change in their formative years, we incentivize family dysfunction by subsidizing it. Daycare and healthcare are all paid for, along with other things, while decent parents who stay together and try to build a good family are struggling to pay for these things. Keeps a lot of people employed, I guess…

      • Big Ruckus D

        I can’t argue with any of what you’ve said. The crux of the problem is that humans are the only animal that through ingenuity and collective policy making have essentially neutered nature’s built in processes of winnowing out the unfit, discivic and defective among us. Not only are they coddled and enabled from cradle to grave, but we are now at the point of all official directives actively encouraging the making of more hopeless screwups.

        The entire transfaggot complex is a major component of that. As is the facilitating (instead of treating) of rampant psychological defects in so much of the population. So too is normalizing obesity and other forms of mutilating the body. All of western society is riven through with this garbage. Thus, not only does the mindset that allowed for it have to be stamped out first, but all the product of this diseased thinking – the human debris that is dragging us all down – needs to be disposed of. Yes, that’s harsh, but show me an actual working solution that can be realistically implemented and funded for the next several decades, at a minimum.

        We’re broke, and we cannot afford to institutionalize and treat all these misfits. Treatment to get their minds right isn’t even possible in many cases, so strong is their delusion, that they are unreachable. And many of them are genuinely dangerous, being predatory especially towards children, so need to be put down like rabid animals anyway.

        In short, there is no solution that doesn’t involve scores upon scores of dead, if there is to be any hope of reestablishing a functional society. What proximate cause ultimately brings about that amount of death and cleansing of the gene pool is the only detail to be determined, as I see it. If we’re lucky, mother nature will deal a joker that does much of the unpleasant work for us. If we aren’t, good men will have to do very bad things. I certainly don’t relish the idea of being one who is committing wholesale industrial scale slaughter, no matter how justified. It’s a dirty, stomach turning job; doing that shit changes a man, and not for the better.

        The only other alternative is not to clean house, which is to concede it all to the freaks and allow what will effectively be the permanent ruination of all humanity. That is not an outcome I’m willing to accept.

        • Lineman

          It would definitely be a hoot to get a good number of you around a campfire to discuss a solution to what ails us…I can guarantee though by the end of the night we would have it all figured out…


    Amen Brother Big Ruck!

    Keep stacking, prepping, learning and tribing up. Starting to get my garden in with the early Texas spring.

  8. Scot Irish

    Remember when there were epic famines in Africa with the exception of Rhodesia and South Africa?
    Why can’t we just let them die from whatever they can’t figure out?

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