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What Comes Next: Global Edition

There is so much nonsense, bad news and propaganda flying at us on a daily basis that it is easy to get caught up in the “Right Now”. What stupid thing did Biden say? Did he fall down again? Which black guy with a ridiculous name shot a different black guy with an equally ridiculous name? What are They up to today in Their quest to destroy the civilization built by Whites? It drains me mentally at times and I am sure it does for many of you as well.

It is useful at least for me and simply as an intellectual exercise to take a step back and look at the big picture. Where is this all going? There are at least two Big Pictures that I think about. What is going to happen to the U.S. as the American Experiment fails and what will that mean for the rest of the world?

Something I have written about many times is how unusual the world people my age grew up in. My pre-adult years were consumed globally with the Cold War, a bi-polar world with The Good Guys, America and our vassal state “allies” in Western Europe, on the one side and The Bad Guys, the Soviet Union and their vassal states in the Warsaw Pact plus China on the other. Then it changed rather suddenly, coinciding with me becoming an adult, when the Soviet Union collapsed and America stood alone. That single world power situation has been the case for the last 30+ years.

Both of those global paradigms are unusual. For example, look at this map of empires in the 18th century….

Even when the British had their massive empire from North America to Africa to India and Australia, they faced plenty of competition from peers in Europe, especially France and Spain. The Portuguese and Dutch also had significant territory. It was a muddled and ever-shifting map of influence as European powers vied for control of the world. The people in the rest of the world in South America, Africa and most of Asia? They were mere observers of the struggle between the great powers of Europe.

We seem to be headed for a similar situation with a multi-polar world but a world that is no longer controlled by European powers.

The twin avoidable disasters in Ukraine and Gaza have gone a long way to permanently driving many nations away from the U.S.. While it might seem that both are popular if you get your news from Fox News, in reality both are extremely unpopular both here and especially abroad. This has had the effect of pushing emerging nations to seek new partners, and the big winners thus far seem to be China and Russia. While the U.S. wastes our rapidly dwindling diplomatic muscles on Ukraine and Israel, the ChiComs and Russia are stepping into the vacuum we have left behind. While America pours money into two foolish wars, other nations are creating a new world order that leaves America out.

Just in the last week we saw a diplomatic kerfuffle in Niger, not to be confused with Nigeria. Normally no one would care about Niger, it is a land-locked country in Africa that is mostly in the Sahara Desert. The population of 25 million is 99.3% Muslim. Why would anyone care about Niger? First and foremost, Niger has some of the world’s largest uranium deposits and “In 2021, Niger was the main supplier of uranium to the EU…”. Plus there is this…

Air Base 201 is owned by Niger but build and paid for by you. It sits smack in the middle of a desert near the city of Agadez and houses Reaper drones but also a runway long enough for C-17s to land, probably to bring in all of the supplies you would need in a craphole place like this:

We can argue about the merits of a quarter billion dollar base in a land-locked nation that is full of Jawas later…

Anyway, Niger was apparently confused and thinking it was an independent, sovereign nation. The new leadership said we had to leave the base, probably looking for some Zelenskyy bux to deposit in Switzerland as a bribe to keep it over. To smooth things out as The Adults Are Back In Charge™ of American diplomacy, the administration sent a chick, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee, to tell these sand niggers what was what and that they are not allowed to sell uranium to Iran or get too cozy with Russia. I am sure it was delivered politely and respectfully, here is U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Molly Phee

If PMS became a person, it would look like that. Keep in mind, that is her official portrait, other pics I saw of her looked even worse so that is her at her very best. She actually paid someone to cut her hair like that. You can imagine how bitchy her demands were just by looking at her and after her demands the aforementioned sand niggers told her and the U.S. to go fuck ourselves and GTFO of Niger. Oops!

After the meeting, (Colonel Amadou) Abdramane went on television to condemn the “condescending attitude” of the Biden administration.

“Niger regrets the intention of the American delegation to deny the sovereign Nigerien people the right to choose their partners and types of partnerships capable of truly helping them fight against terrorism,” he said.

It doesn’t help that the U.S. has very clearly taken the side of Israel against various Muslim nations, most recently as part of Israel’s ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people. While we alienate Islamic nations, Russia and China are making major in-roads in Africa, the Middle East and Indian subcontinent. Our “alliance” with Israel, more accurately understood as a relationship where American endlessly is forced to pay tribute to Israel in the form of money, weapons and American lives in return for Israel using our own money to bribe U.S. politicians.

The Chinese in particular have been very active in building infrastructure like ports in Africa and unhampered by modern Western sentimentality and altruism are poised to exploit African resources to the very limit. A decade ago China declared it was going to build ports around the world and boy did they.

A decade ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched the Maritime Silk Road, the oceanic component of his flagship Belt and Road Initiative aimed at improving China’s access to world markets by investing in transportation infrastructure. The initiative’s investments have since slowed as Chinese growth falters, the United States pushes back and countries question the indebtedness the projects brought.

But China has already secured a significant stake in a network of global ports that are central to world trade and freedom of navigation. Although the stated goal of the investments was commercial, the United States and its allies have grown increasingly concerned about the potential military implications.

Xi has frequently talked of his ambition to turn China into a “maritime superpower.” The port network offers a glimpse into the reach of those ambitions….

….When Xi announced his plan, China had stakes in 44 ports globally, providing a foundation for his strategy.

A decade later, China owns or operates ports and terminals at nearly 100 locations in over 50 countries, spanning every ocean and every continent. Many are located along some of the world’s most strategic waterways.

That is a major win for China. In a world of global trade where many of the wealthiest consumers live in America and Western Europe but those regions rely on consumer goods, oil and pharmaceuticals just to name a few from places like China and the Global South, being able to control ports and shipping means controlling the distribution and access not just to new iPhones but also to food, oil, medicines, critical infrastructure components, steel, etc.

The Chinese flat out don’t give a shit about stuff like the environment or human rights. They will bleed Africa dry and not give it a second thought, and American and European consumers won’t care either as long as they can pretend it isn’t happening.

Russia already has ample natural resources but needs more people, I assume Putin is smart enough to not fill his country with brown and black people. Russia also has armed forces that are experienced and hardened for modern battlefields while America has armed forces full of fatties, feminists and faggots. Russia is making friends all over the world by appealing to the “Us vs U.S.” mentality and let me tell ya, it looks like everyone is buying what Putin is selling.

It is not just Russia and China of course. Turkey is quietly rising in prominence. With 85 million people and a top 20 GDP, Turkey is a slowly emerging power. Black Pigeon Speaks talked about this a bit and the Turkish desire to revive the Ottoman Empire and distance itself from NATO, an “alliance” that makes little sense in 2024 and especially not for Turkey.

Turkey is something like 80% Muslim and has always been an odd man out in Europe and NATO. India, with nearly 1.4 billion people, is set to supplant China as the world’s most populous nation and also is flexing some of her economic power with increased ties with Russia. Like many former colonized nations, there is a great deal of resentment toward the former empires in the West, specifically the U.K., despite India being a far more civilized nation now thanks to centuries of British control.

The other nations of the BRICS+ group (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are increasing their cooperation as a newly rising counter to the U.S. and E.U. Forward Observer noted in today’s Global SITREP:

  1. BRICS+ CONSIDERS FORMALIZING ITS INSTITUTIONS: The BRICS+ forum, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, is considering standing up governing bodies and institutes to formalize its processes instead of using its current network and summit approach.
  • This is in response to Saudi Arabia being invited into the bloc but not formally joining BRICS+.

Why It Matters: A governing body would likely act similarly to the European Union and begin to resemble a rival UN since BRICS members and applicants are spread globally. This could facilitate China’s multipolar world goal but also bifurcate the world and delegate diplomacy to supernational bodies instead of international ones. – J.V.

In short, other power brokers (China, Russia) and newly emerging blocs like BRICS+ are poised to replace the old Western world order centered around the U.S. and Western Europe. A new world order directed by BRICS+ likely won’t be a favorable one for the declining powers like America.

Without Pax Americana to threaten other nations, I expect to see long running and simmering feuds to start to boil over. Some are obvious as China likely will seek to reunite Taiwan in the very near future but there are plenty of others. North Korea and South Korea. India and Pakistan. Iran and the rest of the Middle East versus Israel. The world is on the cusp of a new round of smaller conflicts that will reshape the geopolitical landscape.

Philosophically speaking, the era of Western liberalism is at an end and with it the promise of a utopian multicultural paradise. Nationalism is back on the menu boys, but not for the West. Nations like Russia, China, India and Tukey are unabashedly patriotic and chauvinistic. The very traits decried as evil in the U.S. and Europe are flourishing in the emerging powers and that is making them stronger just as multiculturalism and globalism is gutting the once mighty West.

While I am looking forward to seeing liberalism and globalism get a come-uppance, I am under no illusion as to what this will mean for my people. Already pariahs on the world stage, Whites will soon find ourselves also outnumbered in our own countries. That won’t stop the rest of the world and the Usual Suspect traitors in our midst from continuing to demand that Whites subsidize the breeding of invaders in the third world who will then continue to flood into the U.S.

As the non-Whites gain critical mass, it is certain that violence against my people will ramp up to new levels while any attempt to fight back will be labelled “White supremacist terrorism”. The various globalist outfits that were created and continue to be funded by Whites will likewise turn up their ant-White rhetoric. Here is just one example:

The United Nations’ Secretary-General António Guterres personally selected Pakistani-American Ayisha Siddiqa as one of his advisers to help “accelerat[e] the implementation of his climate action agenda,” a 2023 UN announcement stated. Siddiqa was a Time Woman of the Year in 2023 who has co-founded two youth climate activist organizations.

This ungrateful bitch named Ayisha Siddiqa is “Pakistani-American”, an oxymoron, and hand-picked by the UN Secretary-General to champion “his climate action agenda” but as you can see from reading the story, “climate change” is what I have always said it was: just the latest cover for anti-White rhetoric. She comes right out and says so:

The UN adviser didn’t get involved in climate action because of the opportunity to protect the environment, she said, but because she wanted to rail against the West for its wars and involvement in the Middle East, which she claims is intimately connected to oil, according to a May 2020 post on X.

“You want to know why I got into climate activism, it wasn’t because I wanted to protect the environment (although that is a very valid reason). I became involved [because] the West slaughtered, bombed and starved my people to death in the name of oil. And no one talks about it,” she wrote. 

In other words, she doesn’t give two shits about “the environment” and probably even this dumb bitch understands that every actual conservation movement that has ever existed was the work of Whites. She instead simply hates White people and understands at some primitive level that one way to wipe us out is to do so in the name of “climate justice”.

The future is bleak for our people as blacks and browns, aided and guided by the rootless cosmopolitan elites behind every anti-White effort, rapidly undermine and destroy the civilization we have built in order to replace it with the sort of shithole subsistence level existence that we have tried in vain to rescue their people from.

The global reshuffling won’t just be bad for Whites, it will be even worse for everyone else, but They don’t care as They would rather rule over rubble than be part of a civilization my people created.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Can’t find much to argue with there. I expect as the FUSA collapses into a true shithole (politically, socially and economically et al) that many parts of the world, particularly much of Africa, and Israel (notably) are screwed. It has been American money and power that has propped the latter, and American money (in the form of misguided “charity”) and bullying that has propped of the former. With the FUSA lacking the financial wherewithal to maintain those extortionate handouts, sub Saharan Africa will see population collapse, as they will not even be able to feed the present population such as it is.

    Meanwhile, China clearly has the intent (and the capability, barring their own collapse) to exploit and strip Africa to the bare walls. They also are unburdened by the innate racial guilt that White America has been steeped in, so I could easily see China having no compunction about largely clearing the continent of pesky bwanas, should they decide it’s necessary to fulfilling their larger plans.

    As to Israel? Well, when the whole world (save “the globohomo west” headed by the FUSA) dislikes you, or is at the very least indifferent, you are in big trouble if your biggest benefactor for cash, weapons and muscle goes tits up. And we clearly are trending that way. Of course, knowing the mindset of Israeli leadership, I can easily see them going full nuke in a final fit of juvenile lashing out if they perceive their top sugar daddy just ran out of funds for their endless defense, and ghosted. All the same, can you say shit outta luck? Who else (asking rhetorically, of course) is going to come to their aid as the US has? Heh, yeah. Game over man, game over.

    Things here will go from bad to worse. Our best hope is that federal and state government collapses under its own weight and dysfunction. Some actual effort will have to be made to neuter local govt, I suspect.

    That would at least remove the ever present threat of state authorized and sponsored goons interfering with us (the good guys) doing the stuff that will need to be done. Not that doing so won’t be fraught with risk to our lives and fortunes, but if we don’t need to worry about the king’s horses and king’s men running interference and persecution squads for the invading hordes (as well as the home bred varieties among us) the housecleaning becomes much more readily accomplished.
    In any case, I see a lot of suck on the horizon.

    • Mike_C

      “easily see them going full nuke”
      The Samson Option was sold as “retaliation against an enemy that has critically harmed Israel through invasion or other military attack” and thus post facto justification of support for nuclear-armed Israel. Why should they not be allowed their form of MAD?

      Yet no few of their own commentators talk about using their nukes not against say Tehran, but rather against European capitals. Apparently for the sin of not loving them enough and failing to pay yet more tithes, and (claimed) blood money in the case of Germany. It’s narcissistic and psychopathic.

    • porteno

      The incredible thing about the Jews hatred towards Whites is that Whites are the only demographic in which they can hide. Jews will stick out like a sore thumb in the middle east, India, China, Africa, and everywhere else.

      And when the Whites are attacked and oppressed by the various yellow, brown, and black peoples throughout the world, the Jews will be forced to go along for the ride.

      The various yellow, brown, and black peoples throughout the world have neither love nor guilt towards the Jews, so there won’t be any special effort to separate them out from the various situations that arise.

      It is amazing to me that these people have no capability to see such basic facts.

      • Alex Lund

        And the main supporters of mass immigration are

        In Europe we have Barbara Lerner Specter and Henryk Broder (those are the two that right now come to mind) and they are not stopped.
        If in germany a “bad, bad” Nazi shows up, the jews through their Council of Jews in Germany (not German jews!!) demand that we Germans do something about it.
        But if a jew demands massive immigration (and the consequences are that the muslims in Europe – guess who demanded that we invite them to dilute the anti-semitism of the native Europeans? – make life very hard for jews in Europe) no other jew says something.
        Some years ago a jew wanted on the Gates Of Vienna website to know why jews are not liked and why Jewgida ( Jewish Counterjihad group in Europe) was not liked.
        They were given some answers and never appeared again.

        Yes, they dont look into the future. They will happily pat each other on the back when the whites (the archenemy AMALEK for them) is dead but then they will look up and see that the others dont like them either. Oops.

        And to the blood money.
        I once hat a jew as a colleague at work and he told me that we Germans owe the jews a bloodguilt.
        For the first drop of jewish blood it is 7*7=49 blooddrops. (Dont ask me how they came up with this number. But he said me that this was taught at the synagoge.)
        For the second its 7*7*7=343 blooddrops.
        And so on.

        So, how many blooddrops are there in a body / per litre blood?
        Any questions?

        • porteno


          Pick any Jew who is in the news causing problems. I don’t care if he or she is a politician, a business man, media personality, groomer, or protestor. And stack any of those you have picked into a line-up of “diversity.”

          Any of these idiots will come up as “white” to their fellow line-up participants.

          So when “diversity” comes into its own…how do Jews think they’ll maintain the upper hand?

          Not a single soul in “diversity” owes Jews any debt whatsoever, no hollow-cost, no blood libel, no cheek-turning, no cultural ties, no nothing.

          And, as far as I know, there is no Jew (at least in public life) that could ever blend in to Vietnam, Niger, India, Jamaica, indigenous areas of Latin America, most of the Middle East, etc., etc.

          So, once they do whatever they think they want to do to any person of European descent, where will they go to avoid the same fate…?

          I just don’t get it.

          Milking the cows dry is one thing…but killing the bulls when you are a steer and the only other living things around you are wolf packs…that is another thing entirely.

  2. Bear in Indy

    A comment from a blog I read
    “One word: Uniparty.
    Three words: They hate us.”

    Like the words from “The Sounds of Silence.”
    Frightening but true.
    Bear in Indy

  3. Filthie

    Whitey isn’t going anywhere. Sure – he’s going to get culled…but to be fair he seriously needs it. I think you hit it right on the head when you poasted that pic of that clownish woman sent to read the riot act to the Nigerians. Sending a woman to lay down the law to moslems is a grave insult in and of itself. All across the west… Europe, America, Canada… we have a leadership crisis. Problems like that always sort themselves out. Right now all Globohomo can do is escalate and try to bluff the rest of the world.

    But Whites in general – and Americans in particular…are smart and resourceful. Regaining the upper hand is as easy as sweeping these leftist derelicts and freaks aside, and putting serious men back in power. Get the jews out of our finances. The wars with Ukraine and Israel can seriously be stopped in one day. Restoring a fair market and honest relationships with the world would take about a year, and everyone will get rich in the process.

  4. Bean Dip Tray

    Summed up in three words: It only gets worse.
    These things happen in Bolshevik Revolution 2.0 redux.
    No vote on the Fundamental hammer and sickle Transformation as 2020 was the last of that civnattery.
    Don’t forget the most important CCP Port, Savannah Georgia.
    They have some Yenan way fellow traveler comrades there.

  5. Hickocks Ghost

    I started reading Douglas Reed’s book the Controversy Of Zion. It all started to make sense and answered a lot of questions I had. The Zionists’ oldest religious teachings and books are so similar to Islam that it is staggering.
    The one important similarity is anyone not of the tribe is sub human dog shit and should be killed.
    They, as do the Muslims have always had world domination and subjugation as their end goal.
    We should arm the Muslims even enough let them both kill each other off.
    Many good reads on the subject here:
    Antisemitism is not racism, it is survival instinct kicking in. Remember, Every Single Time.

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