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Well It Was A Good Run

I’ve been running a Youtube channel for a while, I don’t post any original material there and instead I use it mostly to repost old videos from Vertigo Politix and new videos from American Renaissance. I would get random strikes now and then but suddenly over the last couple of days I have gotten a couple plus had extra videos removed.

The one on February 21st wasn’t even a public video so some blue haired landwhale at Youtube checked it out intentionally. One more strike will do the channel in and I have years of naughty topic videos. The two videos above, Diversity or Else! and Basic Facts About Race in 13 Minutes are from January 15, 2022 and July 30, 2021 respectively. I guess the Eye of Sauron at Youtube has focused on my channel and it won’t be around much longer.

On the bright side, I have a channel at Odysee that automatically syncs up with Youtube so most of my videos from the ‘tube are uploaded over there. I’ll keep backfilling the old Vertigo Politix videos that are missing but American Renaissance already has a channel there so no need to duplicate their efforts.

Everyone should figure on seeing significant efforts to clamp down on political dissident as the “election” gets closer.


  1. Karl Ushanka

    I had a channel with my blog years ago. Every year or so I notice another video either switched to private or outright deleted. Also, there was a week recently where I received 6 email messages for each blogspot post that was removed. (Just 6?!) Luckily I have backups of everything, and I’ve started posting old material at Substack.

    Google’s DEI-AI is out for blood. Straight Christian Unvaccinated Gun-Toting White People blood apparently is it’s favorite. It’ll be fun to watch their stock drop this year as their AI woes continue to piss off everyone except the n*gs and f*gs.

  2. NA

    PS: Seeing headlines about investors calling for Google CEO to be fired as a result of Gemini’s “Here’s your black George Washington photo.” Company could become less evil. But any future less-woke CEO would face employee revolt.

    Thousands of “Googlers” are convinced it is their sacred duty to promoke wokeism and deplatform badthinkers, and that will not change no matter who CEO is. Would require founders to return and deal with mess, which ain’t gonna happen when they’re buying island compounds and hosting parties requiring guests to dress as adult babies in diapers.*

    * “Guests either got to wear a diaper with an oversized comical pin, a ruffled baby hat that came with a rattle, or adult-sized footy pajamas accessorized with a teddy bear and a sucker,” Swisher wrote. Guests apparently stayed on theme; Swisher wrote that she spotted “some of the most powerful people in tech and media — all decked out as newborns.” Brin roller-skated around the room in a onesie, and then-Rupert Murdoch wife Wendi Deng rocked a giant diaper over leather pants and stiletto boots… each catching a White Russian cocktail from the frozen breast of an ice sculpture woman… ”

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