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We Wuz Samurai And Sheeit!

Wait one second, I think I found the missing black samurai from Shōgun!

An Eaton man has been sentenced to five years in prison after he struck his child in the eye with a sword in January 2021….

…..On Jan. 23, 2021, court documents said that Smith was involved in a domestic fight. After the fight, (Neal Leroy) Smith, who was reportedly “in a rage,” took his children outside of his home to build a fire.

While outside, the documents said that Smith began swinging a katana around. At one point, Smith reportedly threw the sword at one of his children, striking her in the left eye. The documents state that the blade caused “deep lacerations” to the child’s eyelid and eyeball. The child was transported to a local children’s hospital for emergency surgery.

Smith called 911 and requested an ambulance. However, the documents stated that he lied about what had taken place. Smith reportedly told medical staff that they were “playing with things that they shouldn’t have been” and he accidentally struck the child with a stick. The sword was taken in as evidence.

The documents state that once the child was taken to the hospital, Smith let the scene and could not be located. When the child heard Smith tell the doctor that he accidentally hit her with a stick, the documents said that the child “stated that he was lying when he said that.”

That sure sounds like breadcrumb impulse control but Neal Leroy Smith could be a White guy, I couldn’t find a picture of him but being your diligent correspondent I went to the court records for Delaware County, Indiana and found this….

Just to be sure, I also noticed that the article linked above mentioned a different arrest for “…strangulation, neglect of a dependent and domestic battery” and sure enough I found a different case for the same guy, same address for those exact charges…

That confirms that Neal Leroy Smith is indeed a black fella, armed with a sword and throwing that sword at his own child. His address is a pretty rural location so I am guessing, but cannot confirm, that his wife might be a shark of the muddy variety.

Don’t mess with a black samurai!


  1. Bean Dip Tray

    You can still find out about the suspects…for now.
    The glorious peoples (no ownership of anything) of Kalifornia bans that activity and PDs are using Lego heads on arrest/booking photos for much hilarity.
    They feature sad faces, mean mugs and plenty of cray cray.
    It has to be removed in two weeks so no comrades have hurt feelings but why wouldn’t they want to brag about their arrest for street cred.
    A few blocks away there was a case of a family feud ending in a sword fight fatality and the sword on the wall turned out to be a sharp one.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Sho ’nuff. if the suspect is described by the “media” (propagandists, one and all) only in the vaguest of terms (height, and general type of clothing worn, typically including a “hoodie”), then I immediately know just what sort of individual we are looking for. The forced omission of any pertinent information has become the single biggest tell for that which they don’t want us to know. I’m actually shocked they make it that easy for us to figure out.

  2. Bad Dancer

    Because that so called proverb irked me so very much I dug into it and found, surprise, no historical basis for it. One written example of the words is from a book called “The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Realty” by Cheikh Diop who claims it is a well known proverb but as with so many other things in the book cites no source.

    There is a lot of thought whether the mythical black samurai was actually a samurai, a retainer, or a kept pet. Actual Japanese texts make it very clear he was viewed as some exotic novelty and with the Japanese sense of superiority and aesthetics I can not fathom any other view.

    As per usual african-centric historians claim that blacks were the founding race of every nation and continent but what I find particularly hilarious in this case is the researchers they often selectively cite in regards to a black origin of Japan are vehemently anti-black. A frenchman by the name of Georges Maget whose writing is as strange as many of the doctors and naturalists of the time. It is also skewered by the Japanese in their newspapers for the crap it is. Maget claims the Japanese are the result of crossing white and black blood to get yellow or some such.

    Another source cited is Albert Ashmead who is so anti-african and anti-japanese they’d make a WWII propaganda department think that perhaps they were taking things a bit too far. Digging in to Ashmead the entirety of his thought is that he had read Maget and used it as a stepping off point.

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