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We Wuz Fair Skinned And Sheeit!

Last week there was a fairly typical mass shooting in the city of Brotherly Love and Brotha Lee Shootin’, Philadelphia, where 8 breadcrumb yoofs were waiting at a bus stop when a group of three gunman jumped out of a stolen Hyundai, ran to the bus stop, blazed away at their intended target and ended up hitting him and 7 other yutes of color.

As you know, I spend an inordinate amount of time reading up on mass shootings and watching videos of mass shooters in action as well as black criminals at work in other settings. I can tell you with confidence that there is a very distinctive way that blacks who are in the act of committing a crime move, a sort of weird gait because they are amped up and are often almost in a speedy mincing tip-toe run. It looks kinda like someone making fun of fags but they are doing it subconsciously. When I watched the video, even already assuming the racial identity of these clowns, I could tell right away just from how they were running that they were blacks. Furthermore despite the masks you could see their black skin.

However, when the story came out I noticed something right away from the po-leece.


Light complexion? Compared to what? He is wearing gloves but you can see his face plus his behavior gives it away. He sure ain’t Norwegian.

The guys were caught fairly quickly and their mugshots are now available….

Three suspects are already in custody.

Jermahd Carter, 19, was arrested around 3:30 p.m. Tuesday at a relative’s home on the 12000 block of Academy Road.

Carter was arrested without incident after Marshals surrounded a home on the block.

On Monday, authorities announced the arrests of two other shooting suspects: 18-year-old Jamaal Tucker and 18-year-old Ahnile Buggs.

All three suspects are charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and a slew of other offenses.

Which of these three guys has a “light complexion”?

When the police are just as bad about the woke bullshit, pretending that there isn’t a racial element to criminal behavior patterns or even working with the media to suppress criminal suspect descriptions and mugshots, it makes crime harder to prosecute and puts the very people they pretend to care about at greater risk. The media is perfectly happy to run this crap or suppress black faces and names in the name of equity.

It is all planned and all leading up to something ugly.

Actual mugshots of shooters with light complexion


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    The greatest and most fitting catch phrase for blacks in action was coined (or at least spoken) by a moderately light skinned one: mulatto Darrell Brooks, the Kenosha Christmas parade killer. In a pre-rampage music video he sang, “We ain’t doin’ no more marchin’! It’s time to get retarded!”

    When I was a kid I always liked that Darkwing Duck phrase, “Let’s get dangerous!” If I lived 1,000 years I couldn’t come up with a phrase to top Brooks’ in terms of encaprolating black exuberance and general beharior.

  2. Harbinger

    Can AI be programmed to identify perps by their step-toe gait? Betcha it can. Betcha it won’t be, though, because noticing patterns is, by definition, racist.

    The N-lightening is nothing at all new. I’ve seen plenty of photos on the ‘Most Wanted’ local cable station that were clearly homeboys and -girls but with a skin-lightening filter that made them appear White on a quick glance. It really makes me question whether LE really wants to nab them or not.

    If I were a cop and knew that the bleeding-heart leftist D.A. was only going to drop charges, I wouldn’t work too hard to find and apprehend, at the risk of my own life. Especially in a No Humans Involved (NHI) case such as this one.

    • Bear in Indy

      That lack of effort, is what local LE has done: because the Indianapolis prosecutor just turns a blind eye and sends the perpetrators back to the street.
      Demoralized, and unable to recruit, IMPD (Indianapolis Metro Police Department) is down several hundred police officers.
      This is due, of course, to the local Democrats, Mayor, prosecutor, and city council, that have been elected; and reelected, despite the crime/murder rate.
      Just wait, the illegal aliens gangs, haven’t even got a foothold: Yet.
      Bear in Indy

  3. pyrrhus

    At this point, the cops are in it for their pensions and the occasional bit of graft they pick up…They know there’s a target on their backs….

    • Big Ruckus D

      One then wonders when they’ll figure out the pension won’t be paid. I mean, if there is no future benefit to be had (as has been promised, but past an certain point will not be delivered) then will they walk off the job, or is the privilege of being a dick with complete impunity enough to keep them doing their masters bidding?
      The same could be asked of the military.

      • Lineman

        Once it hits that point that there won’t be a pension coming they will use their power like any other gang to steal food and keep ruling the slaves…

        • Big Ruckus D

          That’s kind of what I figure, at least the real authoritarian purebred asshole types. They already have a foothold, with vehicles, equipment, weapons, comms, etc. Once the wheels fall off, they can straight up steal whatever the fuck they want or need (though not without some level of risk, obviously) and do all the shit gangs like to do in furtherance of their power and profits. They’ll kind of like premade cartels.

          Some of the cops will undoubtedly bail, as they will be able to see what is coming (resentful “civvies” willing to taken them and their families out) but the hard core roid rage types will probably morph into straight up bandits. The good news is that will make it easier to dispense with them, without any reservations.

  4. Hickocks Ghost

    I am hoping that the hard ass Haitian cannibal savages will eat a lot of these soft welfare fed niggers.
    Rural areas,backhoes, coyotes, buzzards and other scavengers can feast on them, after proper preparation via incoming high velocity projectiles that they will never see coming.
    Urban wise, pile them up fast enough so a lot of them die off “suddenly” from lead injections, as well as the rampant disease unburied bodies causes.
    Lebron James said we could, when he said “White people are literally hunting us.”
    I guess you will have to call it poaching porch apes because I refuse to buy a license.

    • Lineman

      Hopefully you have Tribe that will have a early warning system in place so you can be prepared for them when they do show up…

  5. Bean Dip Tray

    Promote them to DA and chief of police for Philthydelphia.
    Another CPUSA (D) crown jewel up there with Detoilet, Baltiless, or Chimpcongo.
    Joseph Sobran was right about the resentment felt by some races.
    Experiments to make them fair skinned that have been going on for sixty years have failed.

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