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This Is Bad

Reports out of Moscow indicate a major mass casualty event at a mall called the Crocus City Hall. Initial reports are of at least 40 dead… is reporting that at least one gunman was captured, I would NOT want to be that jackass as I suspect he was not read his Miranda rights. This video is circulating….

That is pretty ugly.

If those guys are linked to Ukraine somehow? The gloves will come off and that means a lot of dead Ukrainian incoming.

Stay tuned.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    Who do you think put the gunmen up to it? Z’s bastards? I’m pretty sure the ethnic Ukies are getting ready to mutiny. Maybe he wants provoke Russia to force NATO to fund and the grunts to fight to the death.

  2. Filthie

    Well Putler had a lot to gain with restraint and patience and it all worked to his advantage. He over ran the parts of the Kraine he wanted, he threw out the Ukes and just had to sit back and let the Ukes bleed themselves out as they threw themselves at his entrenched defences.

    If your suspicions are correct, Art…and they are certainly plausible… the west is now in such bad shape and so desperate…they’ve had to turn to terrorism. I don’t think the Russians do 4th generation warfare…they’ll just hunt down the perps, kill their families, their donors and enablers and anyone else that supports them, and then finish the job in the Kraine.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t moved on Odessa yet, to be honest.

      • Gryphon

        RT has Pics and Video- You’re correct, that Fire is not “improvised”. I would seriously doubt any claim from ‘clownworld’ that they were Not Involved. The couple of recent ‘incursions’ into Russia from The ukraine seem to have been conducted by Polish and american “Mercenaries”. With the usual assortment of ‘western’ Tanks, APC’s and Trucks. One of those units was Eliminated by a NatGuard crew with a TOS-M1 Flame Rocket Tank….

        “Terrorism” is the only thing left to the FUSSA and its allies, and it won’t play well in a Nation that just re-Elected the most popular President Ever, with about 80% of the Vote. Tsar Vladimir will be completely unconstrained by ‘domestic politics’ in making whatever Response he wants….

  3. pyrrhus

    Given that the US and UK warned about a terrorist attack on Russia 2 weeks ago, there have to be major suspicions about MI6 and the CIA involvement…I suspect that things will get hairy for any westerners still in the Ukraine….

  4. dirtroads

    I have a friend that moved there. I messaged him to check on them (they live in that area) and this was his reply:
    “I imagine terrorist attacks will be increasing as the west loses its grip.There will be a heavy price to pay as a result. They don’t play here”. Just food for thought from an American that lives there.

    Is it too convenient that “ISIS claims responsibility” already? Given recent history of Europe and US colluding on all sorts of stuff, and the warning a cpl of weeks ago, one is compelled to consider the possibilities. Seems the attack, whatever the origin, handily blames Arabs while Dem Boyz continue to demand more American dollars to fund their war. Isreal wants war with Iraq because funds ISIS/HAMAS etc. Dem Boyz need the US to fight fund and fight that war for them. Now the deaf/dumb/blind citizens may be more compliant with support?

  5. Steve S6

    Russia does not go in for being sodomized. If they can link it to CIA/MI6 expect retaliation on all their locations worldwide. One thing I don’t expect is for Russia to retaliate against civilians which is certainly what is trying to be provoked. Ain’t gonna be pretty no matter what.

      • Mike in Canada

        Agreed. Who had ‘US intelligence successfully predicted a terror attack in a foreign, adversarial country for March’?

        Vlad just got another mandate. His people are solidly behind his leadership. Two armies being stood up for the summer, just like that, no conscription required…. yeah, this is serious.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Fully agreed here as well. And if any of “our” people (CIA, cough cough) were in any way involved in planning or execution of this operation in Russia today (and let’s be honest, it’s a near certainty they were) then those the Russians can be confident were in any way connected should be liquidated post haste.

        This stuff is not only incredibly stupid, it is dangerous as it will force an escalation (which is what it was intended to do, naturally) and the world doesn’t need any more of that bullshit at the moment. Regrettably, the US state dept and those running .mil are a bunch of smug and condescending pricks, and mostly what I imagine Vox Day would consider Gammas, as their entire attitude towards statecraft reflects that way of thinking. The US PTB think “they got this”, but they are badly lacking in seriousness and competence to do this stuff and keep the blowback contained. It is my expectation they have just committed a major tactical faux pas.

        Gas up your vehicles with the quickness, this will almost certainly hit gas prices tomorrow as it portends much badness for at least near term geopolitical stability. Dammit anyway.

  6. Bean Dip Tray

    Did the Criminals In Axtion and perfidous Albion advertise on CL for shooters? (s/)
    War with Russia is what they hunger for and they will not stop until they get it.
    They have SARMAT II rated bunkers and don’t care about the dirt people hive.
    Too distorted lens Long March to burn down FUSA to notice that China is in tight with RF as an ally.
    We used to have adults in charge who knew this outcome was to be avoided by any means necessary but these are Terminal Madness times.
    Make WAR on all personal weakness and get your sporks tuned and ready.

  7. Pat H. Bowman

    I saw on Future Conflict that Bathhouse Barry dropped in unannounced at 10 Downing St. last week. I mean, sure, he could have had a hankering for some fish ‘n chips and decided to reduce his carbon footprint and flew to London to get some. And while he was there, he just happened by the PM and decided to pay a visit. Yeah, that’s probably what it was.

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