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The Only Time A Coon Will Call The Cops On Another Coon

The Indianapolis Metro Police, on the job!

The video is pretty funny….

My wife was convinced the homeowner was a black guy, I said no way. She was right…

Like she said, only a black person would call the cops because of a racoon in the house. For all of their tough guy bluster, blacks are very spooky and easily frightened by things like….well, like racoons or being in the country when it is dark or magical viruses. Many blacks are still wearing those silly paper masks because it hides their identity during crimes but many others are legit scared of getting the Covid. The only thing missing from the video was the smoke detector beeping.


  1. Skeptic

    Actually, one of my favorite aspects of black mayhem videos is that there’s always someone – usually a water buffalo – in the background yelling, “Caw De Po-WEEECE!”

    Then of course they bitch when the cops show up and enforce the law.

    • Arthur Sido

      There was a kid that got shot not too long ago, mama called the cops, cops showed up, kid came charging out of a room and got drilled. Of course the cops were at fault.

  2. Big Ruckus D

    There once was a coon loose in the kitchen
    That got the house nigga to bitchin’.
    So he called up the pigs to take care of the task
    while he stood by scared shitless and wearing a mask.
    All the while his trigger finger be itchin’.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Surely you have heard of the I need a mambulance 911 audio of the MOFO deer in the back seat of the car where Rastus grabbed a deer hit by a car?
    Classic gut busting morale maintenance.
    I have two on the back porch and they are smart.
    Some supper leftovers froze and the Rocky placed it under an airvent!
    Just placed some Turkey smokies out there for the critters.
    IMPD formation left some Karens unhappy as they will not respond to calls about someone walking in their sacred suburban muh demockcracy comrade yard or a white male gave her a dirty look while using some choice expletives and finger gestures.
    The glorious Fundamental Transformation enrichment means that they don’t have time for Karen calls.

  4. Mike_C

    Coon’s lucky it didn’t break into a Chinese restaurant. They wouldn’t have called the cops. Instead it’d have been chopped up and stir fried in a trice.

    “Hey, the cashew chicken tastes different today.”
    “You like? We get new supplier. Special free-range chicken today.”

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