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The NANALT Fallacy

The NAXALT fallacy is a common one. Someone is presented with overwhelming evidence of something and that person will respond with some variation of “Not all (X) Are Like That”. X can be referring to women drivers or the height of Asians or of course black criminal behavior.


This fallacy is certainly most used when it comes to blacks, to such an extent that you could call it the NANALT fallacy “Not All (N-Words) Are Like That”.

There are three stumbling blocks when getting Whites red-pilled on race realism. One is the endless propagandizing about how Whites are responsible for everything bad that has ever happened and is currently happening to blacks. How can you be mad at blacks when everything you see them doing is your fault? The second is that most most Whites avoid interactions with blacks, whether consciously or unconsciously, so their experience with blacks is limited.

The third problem is the NANALT fallacy. Most of us have worked with or gone to school with at least a few blacks and in my experience those blacks weren’t all that bad to be around. One example is Mike, a guy a couple years ahead of me in high school. He was on the football team and was the only black kid at our high school. There was a young black woman I worked with at Fidelity Investment, not very closely as we were in the same role but different teams. She was very professional and friendly when I did interact with her. Finally maybe 8 years ago I hired a black girl who was a very hard worker, although I also worked at a different location for the same company where a black guy worked and he was the most stereotypically lazy black you could imagine.

Because of these types of limited interactions, lots of Whites fall into the NANALT fallacy. It is absolutely true that there are blacks who are decent people and I don’t think anyone would argue against that. We might not choose to hang out with them or want them marrying our kids but they are decent enough. What many don’t understand is this:

A tame black that has learned to behave professionally in a controlled environment is not representative of blacks as a whole and often is not even accurate reflections of that tame black in question outside of that environment.

Like mildly autistic people, successful blacks are capable of using “masking” as a way to fit in with White society. This is not a bad thing from a White perspective. Whites have created a once prosperous and free society where blacks that can learn to mask their normal behavior, suppress their unpleasant culture and mimic White behavior can do quite well for themselves.

Because so many normie Whites live in controlled spaces and the only interactions they have with blacks are with those same tame blacks in a controlled environment, it creates some cognitive dissonance for them. They know Jamal from work and he seems like an OK guy and being nice to him seems like you are being noble and “color blind”. On the other hand, when you are looking at the news you see an endless parade of blacks in mugshots scowling at the camera having committed some horrific crime. So the normie is confused. Understandably he thinks that single tame black in a controlled environment is more representative of blacks as a whole than the blacks they see on TV or the statistics they see or all of the blacks on display when they drive through a “sketchy” neighborhood.

When the normie is confronted with the undeniable evidence of black IQ, black criminality and the inability of blacks to integrate into civil society despite 150 years and trillions of dollars trying to integrate them, he falls back onto Jamal from work who says “Wazzup” to him some mornings, making the normie feel a little hip and cool for a moment. I am quite confident that most of these tame blacks are only one trigger away from dropping their mask and chimping out. Breonna Taylor is a great example of this, she is portrayed as an upstanding citizen in smiling pictures wearing her EMT uniform but her boyfriend was a drug dealer that she assisted in his criminal enterprises, leading to her death when her drug dealer boyfriend started shooting at cops.

The NANALT fallacy is probably the biggest obstacle for red-pilling Whites on race realism and the fact that we are in a race war.


  1. Ohio Copperhead

    It’s not actually that, per se, in my opinion. I’m almost certain that most those whites who seem to be using that fallacy in sincerity are actually using it to cloak, perhaps even from their conscious mind, what they don’t dare confront directly: the reality that blacks present a problem for those wishing to maintain civilization, one that can’t be solved without methods they’ve been taught all their lives to consider the height of imorallaity. So to avoid the mental fatigue and pain that would entail they just make believe that they believe that the fallacy has any significant truth in it.

    I actually just sent a short paper on that issue to the some of the VDare crowd. Want me to email it to you as well, Arthur?

  2. Filthie

    First… the word is “nigger”. It was invented for a reason. It delineates the difference between honest black people and…well…niggers. We shouldn’t let the left take ownership of the language or redefine terms.

    Second, the NAXALT tactic works because we don’t have a proper answer to it. What they’re actually saying is, “What about all the GOOD blacks…?” It’s a valid point to an extent; there are all kinds of blacks that are good folks that don’t indulge in nigger behaviour patterns and Dissidents need to be cognizant of that. And… that is the ultimate crux of race problems today: Whitey is forbidden to discern between good black people from black niggers. This is how the left has been waging a sadly successful war on meritocracy and good judgement. They get away with it because we don’t want to fight with them and we back away from confrontations with them. That is going to have to stop.

    If you don’t want to be called a nigger, then don’t act like one. THAT is “social justice”.

    • Lineman

      Problem is there is such a small percentage of good blacks and by good blacks I mean those who aren’t just mimicking White Behavior which that’s what most are doing, that they really all have to go back for us to have civilization again…It’s going to very violent and bloody to get to that point though…You should hear how they talk about us when they think no one is listening the stories I could tell about very rich niggers bashing Whites when they think they are all alone…

  3. saoirse

    When some virtue-signaling sap tells me that “Not all ________ (nigs, jews, mestizos, feminists etc.) are like that” I immediately respond “Then, we’ll settle for 98%”. This puts the onus on them to come up with more than just their pet exemplar. They run out of steam real quick. I on the other hand can reel off all kinds of negative examples. Then the frustration/cognitive dissonance comes out and they auto-pilot over to the name calling and self-righteousness. I always point this out and tell them they lost the debate. At that point it’s useless to continue, so I walk away with a big grin on my face.

  4. Greg

    I’ve noted ever since my days in the military many decades ago, that there are blacks and there are ni**ers, and the ni**ers come in all colors. But I’m also mathematically literate, and understand the upper part of the bell curve for what it is: a tiny minority. That minority more that two standard deviations from the mean is one in twenty or less. The other 95% merit all the stereotyping we see.
    So I can admire a Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell for who they are, six or more standard deviations above the mean, and yet when I pull into the lot of a 7-Eleven and see a darker than normal crowd at the entrance, I will seriously question just how badly I need to make this particular stop. So, as always, the best way to avoid tribal violence is quite simple: DON’T BE THERE.

    • Steve

      I think the deal is that the awful ones, like get discussed here and elsewhere, are still a fairly small fraction. Last figures I saw, Chicago cops figure over 80% of the violent crime comes from somewhere around 1,000 blacks. Out of around 900,000 blacks in Chicago. Obviously that rate is many times that of the white violence. But still, to several significant figures, none of them are murderers.

      A better tack, IMO, would be to point out that to several significant figures, they are of no benefit. They bring nothing to society. If they are all downside, no upside, what’s the point of tolerating them?

  5. Harbinger

    Do they extend the same courtesy to us? Are there bleeding heart blacks who chide their feral peers with, “Not all Whites are like that” in reference to their infantile belief that White lynch mobs lurk around every corner?

    Nah, didn’t think so.

    Corollary to NAXALT is I Know A Good One (IKAGO), which is most often the basis for the Goodwhite’s extrapolation from the black “friend” they are so proud of having to the rest of that doomed race. I, personally, do not “know a good one”, nor do I have any desire to meet one. Wolves in sheep’s clothing, nothing more.

    • Lineman

      That’s the thing that will get a lot of those IKAGO killed and eaten by their GO when civilization breaks down is the GO will always revert to their savageness…

  6. Max Wiley

    All of this can be avoided with the realization that the plural of anecdote is not data.
    Why don’t people know critical thinking anymore?
    One wonders.

    • saoirse

      Critical thinking was abandoned, along with most of the trivium, long ago in the public school curriculum (followed soon after by private and parochial schools) and replaced with emotions-based ‘analysis’. It’s all part of the plan and has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams!

  7. Stilicho

    @Lineman– exceptions prove the rule because they are exceptions. Moreover, africans always tribe up to protect the bad ones from justice, making them guilty as well. Much like another tribe. Live by the collective, die by the collective.

  8. Scot Irish

    I’ve never had black friends. My only experiences with them have been through work. I knew a couple of good workers that were black.
    One thing that always amazed me was how they all stuck together. Even the good ones would keep their mouths shut.

    Tribal indeed!

  9. Bobsuruncle

    I dont live to be wrong while looking for the exception to the rule, its ignorant, lacks experience, logic and reason. Ill still with narrowing areas of probability, pattern recognition and gut instinct, kept me alive so far.

    • Berglander

      And it’s up to us to fix it.
      I didn’t come out of the womb the way I am now. Used to be a lib, then a con, than a TRUMP! guy, and now here I am. Not the only one, either.
      Conversations we have with folks will likely not ever have the immediate effects that we wish for, but they do bear fruit.

  10. Don W Curton

    “Because so many normie Whites live in controlled spaces and the only interactions they have with blacks are with those same tame blacks in a controlled environment, it creates some cognitive dissonance for them.”

    That right there! Being educated and working in a highly technical field, almost everyone I interact with on a daily basis is on the far right side of whatever ethnic intelligence bell curve applies. Whenever I have to deal with someone in the general public, I’m amazed at the sheer stupidity on display. But even filtering out 99% of the news, I still see that the majority of one particular group is not cut-out for civilized society. The few +3 sigma intelligent persons I know don’t cancel out the rest of them.

    My wife, while never quite using the NANALT wording, is heavily into that mindset. Even though she’s 3 years younger than me (born 1965), I still occasionally want to scream out “OK Boomer” whenever she starts in on IKAGO speech. Just don’t get her started on wetbacks, for that she has enough personal experience to overcome the mental conditioning.

  11. Anonymous White Male

    Concerning negro vs. nigger: Chris Rock did a bit in the 90’s where he said,
    “Now, we’ve got a lot of things. A lot of racism going on in the world right now. Who’s more racist? Black people or white people? Black people. You know why? ‘Cuz we hate black people too! Everything white people don’t like about black people, black people really don’t like about black people. There’s some shit going on with black people. It’s like the civil war going on with black people, and there’s two sides. There’s black people and niggas. The niggas have got to go! Everytime black people want to have a good time, ignorant-ass niggas fuck it up! Can’t do shit… can’t do SHIT without some ignorant-ass niggas fucking it up!”

    Now you know why Will Smith slapped him 25 years later.

    Concerning the NANALT: Apparently, users of such specious reasoning would never get in a cage with a lion or tiger because not all carnivores would maul them and dine on them. Or invest in a business that had a 1% chance of success. Intelligent people make probability estimates about things. If the probability of me running into one of those “good blacks” is only 10%, I’ll pass. Interesting how 10% also is associated with the “talented tenth”. You don’t make rules based on exceptions. If you do, you will usually end up broke or dead.

    • Don W Curton

      Concerning Chris Rock. Apparently that as well as several other skits were written and performed to appeal to his black audience, who found them very funny. White audiences who saw the skits also found them very funny. But Rock wasn’t exactly happy that White audiences found those skits funny, cause that was racist. Only blacks were allowed to laugh at other blacks, or something like that. He’s since recanted and/or denounced those skits simply because not only do Whites find them funny, they send them to other Whites.

      Apparently black comedians over the years developed material for black audiences and separate material for White audiences, with hopes that never the two should cross.

  12. Tree Mike, ef bee eye code name, Foghorn Leghorn

    Very interesting subject and exchanges today. Anony White Male nails it. I use Chris Rock’s Nigga Skit, as my AH HA moment of clarity. I was clued before, but after, I could put it into a few words.

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