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The Most Boomercon Headline Ever

Trump partners with Lee Greenwood to sell ‘God Bless the USA’ Bibles

Oh my achin’ bacon.

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced that he had partnered with country music singer Lee Greenwood to sell “God Bless the USA” Bibles, which also include the founding documents of the United States.

“I am proud to be partnering with my very good friend Lee Greenwood… in connection with promoting the ‘God Bless the USA’ Bible,” he said in a video posted to Truth Social.

“Religion and Christianity are the biggest things missing from this country and I truly believe that we need to bring them back,” he said. “All Americans need a Bible in their home and I have many. It’s my favorite book. It’s a lot of people’s favorite book.”

I would bet a fair amount of money that Trump has read very little, if any, of the Bible.

The Bible text uses the King James Version translation, which debuted in 1611 after King James I of England & VI of Scotland commissioned it in 1604.

Included with the Bible are copies of the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the Pledge of Allegiance, and the handwritten chorus to “God Bless the USA.”

Well sure, if the King James was good enough for the Apostles, it’s good enough for you!

They will sell the crap out of that.


  1. saoirse

    Bible? No way! Fuck Trumpenstein and his retarded MAGA maggots! I just ordered another thousand rounds of ammo. Going from an anti-White commie gulag to a theocratic jew-loving (hence anti-White) gulag doesn’t exactly inspire anyone that holds his race above all else. Isn’t Lee Greenwood the guy who’s always being ridiculed on WRSA?

  2. MN Steel

    The World Tour should be bangin’!

    First to Botswana to celebrate the gay sex DJT was instumental in legalizing, to drop off planeloads of food and return with Newcomers, paid for with your tax debt on planes chartered by churches.

    Then on to Japan and their thorough Americanization and the rapid spreading of Anus Eating Virus that kills 30% that catch it, to see if we can sell more arms to beat back Chi-Nah or something.

    Back to the US to Lock Her Up and Build a Wall Deport Them All and other Boomer Fairytales.

    Everyone in the army since that god-awful song was released has a knee-jerk gag reflex triggered upon hearing his dulcet tones emanating from a mono sound speaker.

  3. Bean Dip Tray

    Surely Trump knows about the but, but, but, with Captain America jacket.
    They are trolling us hard.
    We need some good counter gaslight.
    Peter Fonda came around at the end and trained his suns up with some interesting comments about the CPUSA (D) and the immaculate Chicago jesus messiah, the One!
    Still love Easy Rider for the apehangers USA jacket and the unhappy ending or Barnes is reality.
    O/T-I thought of another name for the bridge that the Dali needed some room to destroy…the Marilyn Moseby.
    His original song was released in 1984 about the same time as that pinko POS poseur Springsteen and his lyrics are not pro USA at all on that overrated album.

  4. Big Ruckus D

    Aw for fucks sake. Father of the vexxine, and now this shit? His tribal backers aren’t gonna like this. Then again, they are probably profiting from it somehow. Maybe he can do a special edition talmud just for them.

    This kind of tacky, money-grubbing bullshit is so gag-worthy, and yet politicians keep doing it, and people eat it up like it’s a bacon cheeseburger from back when you could get still a good one that wasn’t frankenfood.

    As the kids like to say, it’s so cringe. Or maybe now it’s “that’s sus”. I try not to pay attention to this garbage, but I still find it both insulting and embarrassing. Don may as well don the small hat and take up a position as a money changer in the temple. He can bring Jared (aka Damien Thorn) along as an advisor. I’m no Jesus, but I’ll happily wield the whip if I can take a few good shots at these charlatans.

  5. Troy Messer

    “Then again, they are probably profiting from it somehow.”

    That is why they picked the KJV of the Bible. So (((they))) wouldn’t have to pay to license a readable translation.

  6. TakeAHardLook

    Yes, DJT is a disappointment on so many levels, not least of which is his incessant bragging. Support him, though, because the alternative is unthinkable–as it was unthinkable in 2020, but the outright, blatant theft back then put His Diarrheal Illegitimacy into power.

    I remember DJT (and DeSantis too) wearing their small hats and doing obeisance at the Wailing Wall. That alone is a necessary step to being successful in U.S. politics. Forever marked as a tool, willing to suck (((J))) weiners, openly declaring themselves for The Tribe.

    It is not fun at all to have ringside seats to this (relatively rapid) demise of the USA and all White Western Nations. This is not a “phase that we’re going through;” the massive changes we see daily are IRREVERSIBLE.

    No-one in FedGov, LE, CBP or National Guard can be trusted to back the American people; those organizations are, in fact, universally hostile to the American people, as the former are paid (off) by said FedGov, etc.

    All that can be done is to prep, to hold dear one’s immediate family, then community, county and–if we’re lucky–one’s state.

    Good luck to Decent Americans everywhere.

    We’re gonna need all the luck we can get!

    • Berglander

      Nope. Not voting for that man again. He was such a cool candidate. Turned into a massive faggot under (((foreign))) control. Never even mentions the J6 people locked in GULAG. Aside from all that, we now all know that elections aren’t real…and likely haven’t been for a long time.
      Things are going to get worse, regardless of who is in office.

      • Arete

        To be fair, he _has_ mentioned the J6 prisoners, and more than once. A very quick internet search will show the outrage (that he called them hostages, that he promised to free them, that he called on Biden to free them) by the usual ‘news’ suspects.

        That said, this hucksterism is embarrassing, for sure.

        • Big Ruckus D

          I don’t care to vote for any of these clowns as a matter of principle. Yes, I’ve heard all the arguments that not voting gives a better margin to the opposition, but this lesser of two evils bullshit has always been a con to manipulate us into accepting garbage candidates, because that’s all they ever run. The whole game is rigged from the get go by the RNC and DNC, and the only way out is to crash and burn and hope like hell something better can be built in it’s place. Which admittedly is unlikely on a historical basis, we are more likely to get an off the rails Hitleresque figure emerge from a collapse, than a George Washington (though he wasn’t so great either in hindsight, once one considers his role in events like the whiskey rebellion).

          I’m not necessarily an accelerationist, though I guess my position may well be functionally equivalent to that since I’m telling the current system to piss off and die. There is nothing of the currently existing federal government, or those working in it – whether elected, appointed, or merely hired to staff the beast – worth saving. Burn it all down and cast its countless teat sucking minions into the back side of hell. The system and all those who comprise it have long since outlived their usefulness to anything but their own power and paychecks.

          Voting from Trump, assuming that 1. We actually have an election, 2. that he “wins”, and 3. that he is actually allowed to take office, just means we further delay the inevitable while he pussyfoots around putting symbolic band aids on giant sucking chest wounds that are already fatal.

          He is a civnat boomer through and through, so will not do anything policy wise to improve our demographic disaster. Hint: declare war on Mexico and fuck their shit up badly in retaliation for the ongoing invasion they have fully accomodated and participated in, and deport or execute invaders by the 10’s of millions, stripping birthright citizenship as well. Think he’ll do that? I have bridge in Baltimore to sell you if you do, it’s a nice fixer upper opportunity. He will pursue policies that continue the financialization scams to pump the market (which are just about out of juice anyway) so he can claim to have a great economy on the basis of bullshit numbers (heh, just like pedo joey does, natch) and his promises to the Jan 6 political prisoners are simply not believable in light of his track record from the first term. He is a known quantity now, and cannot be taken at his word as he has broken it repeatedly. Oh, and the shitshots, which he continues to stroke his ego over, even if not quite as frequently. Absolutely tone deaf, and I’m dumbstruck that he still doesn’t get it.

    • saoirse

      “Support him, though, because the alternative is unthinkable”
      NO! Enough of the ‘gotta hold our nose’ bullshit. They’re all “unthinkable”.

      “Forever marked as a tool, willing to suck (((J))) weiners, openly declaring themselves for The Tribe.”
      But you’re still willing to support him?

      “This is not a “phase that we’re going through;” the massive changes we see daily are IRREVERSIBLE.”
      So why bother with Trumpenstein? Go prep like you suggested and forget that piece of shit.

      Take off the dark glasses so you can actually take a harder look!

      Expecting the Trump chumps to really start coming out as we get closer to the selection circus. Amusing (and disgusting at the same time) to see how low these willfully ignorant cowards go to justify voting for their daddy figure.

      • TakeAHardLook

        All points well-taken. My personal reason for “voting for Trump” is to allow me & mine more time to acquire land, seeds, food, etc. for the coming hard(er) times.

        I am under no illusions of Trump being our savior. He had many chances but instead, bloviated his way thru his term. Anyone who worships at the Wailing Wall cannot be counted on for the welfare of the American people.

        I am more in alignment with Big Ruckus D as to trying to salvage something positive from the ashes, because, as perviously stated, this IS irreversible.

        • Big Ruckus D

          I get the desire to buy time. But I honestly don’t think Trump getting back in the shite house buys us much, if any. It is apparent an engineered collapse is well underway, and if the dickheads running this op get so much as a faint smell of being deposed by “the vote” (at least that which can not be convincingly overcome and hand waved away by cheating), I figure them to accelerate their plans all the way up to total wonton destruction just out of spite.

          I can wish all damn day that it weren’t so, as I have further preps I’d like to have made, but as they say at the drag strip, you run what you brung. And I think we are cued up at the starting line and close to getting the green light. I figure before the year is out, shit gets real. Could easily see it popping off over the summer, even.

  7. Leo

    On another note– is there any place, online or otherwise, that sells a US flag with 50 six-pointed stars?

    I’d fly it. Where I live, people would think it means I believe in “tha’ Rapture”. The real meaning escapes them. Because of the damn leftists/globalists.

      • TakeAHardLook

        Interesting! It is a thing of disgust to realize that our Nation is “founded upon JUDEO-christian principles”!

        Read: BIG “Judeo,” small “christian.”

        What did (((they))) do for the founding of the Nation, other than invest in/own and actively trade with merchant shipping that brought the low-tech farm equipment to our shores, when we ought to have picked our own damn cotton–forever condemning us to be burdened with the biological weapon to end all biological weapons?

        • Arthur Sido

          The early Americans should have imported European peasants to pick the cotton, we would be far better off today if Africans had stayed in Africa (and preferably starved to death).

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