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The Emotional Fragility Of Blacks

The one and only interesting story in college women’s basketball for….well, pretty much since girls started playing basketball at colleges, has been Iowa’s Caitlin Clark. She is a six foot tall point guard playing for Iowa and she is breaking all of the records you can break. Many are breathlessly claiming she is breaking records by Pistol Pete Maravich and Steph Curry, which is just silly. She is probably the greatest player in women’s NCAA history but I doubt she would even make the squad for most decent sized boys high school teams. She is playing a different game entirely.

Not only is she a great player, she is also apparently quite smart. According to Wikipedia:

In her sophomore year, she was named a first-team Division I Academic All-American by the College Sports Information Directors of America, since renamed College Sports Communicators (CSC). As a junior, Clark was honored by the CSC as the 2023 Division I Women’s Basketball Academic All-American of the Year before winning the same award for all Division I sports.

Lots of “sports journalists”, something of an oxymoron as sports writers should just report the score with a little flavor instead of trying to be deep writers or something, aren’t big fans of Caitlin Clark because she is White and of course that brings up issues of “equity” and “White supremacy” because White people aren’t allowed to like White players (or singers or actors or….) while of course blacks are allowed and expected to prefer black athletes. How many blacks were big fans of Larry Bird? One writer was claiming that Caitlin Clark wouldn’t be successful in the WNBA, perhaps because she isn’t a dyke but mostly because she is White. Another sports “journalist” named Lindsay Schnell wrote this pile of steaming crap: Women’s basketball needs faces of future to be Black.

The reason? black women don’t get the recognition they deserve. Huh? The WNBA is 70% black but women don’t get the attention they “deserve” in women’s basketball?

The best thing to happen to women’s basketball in forever and she is endlessly crapped on already and all because she is White. If she were black and named La’Katelinicious or something, it wouldn’t be an issue but because this is basketball, blacks think they own exclusive rights to a game that was invented by a White man.

In a delightful and predictable twist, yesterday during the women’s SEC championship between LSU and South Carolina there was a brawl that broke out among the, um, “ladies”.

Johnson. Seriously. This reads like a parody…

Tempers flared after an intentional foul by LSU’s Flau’jae Johnson on MiLaysia Fulwiley turned into a near melee as another South Carolina player touched Johnson, who then pushed Ashlyn Watkins as she looked to be celebrating right in front of the LSU player.

That’s when South Carolina’s Kamilla Cardoso came out of nowhere to knock Johnson to the ground and players from both benches ran onto the court.

It’s also when a man — identified by the ESPN broadcast as Johnson’s brother — ran down from the stands onto the court, forcing a uniformed police officer to have to restrain him and remove him from the floor.

Flau’jae Johnson fouled MiLaysia Fulwiley. JFC. I doubt either of them is on the Academic All-American team. That Cardoso chick is a monster though, she stands 6’8″ tall and shoved the 5’10” Flau’jae to the ground like she was a toddler. That is when Flau’jae Johnson’s brother hurtled the scoring table before being cuffed and removed from the building.

What was he going to do? Kick that big chick’s ass?

This story has everything. Silly black names, blacks acting like thugs and a black guy jumping over something. Meanwhile Caitlin Clark’s Iowa squad won a hard fought contest against Nebraska to win the women’s Big Ten championship. No fights were involved. Here is the Iowa women’s team, it looks pretty non-ghetto to me….

I guess when you have so little going for you, you become incredibly fragile and insanely jealous about “your” stuff, like basketball. It is just another example of black’s exhibiting White envy and their own inferiority complex.


  1. Moe Gibbs

    Now that the “ok” hand sign has been duly outed as an undeniable symbol of White solidarity and oppression, can the double-handed “heart” symbol as exhibited by Caitlin Clark be far behind? Blacks have very cleverly figured out the codes by which we blue-eyed ice devils feebly expose our evil souls, as we cannot seem to manage the intricate gang signs that the noble bruthas invented and popularized.

    Kudos to the White chick for outscoring every sheboon in the watered-down game of “women’s” monkeyball, but it’s still a silly sport in which I have less than zero interest. Why waste my time watching a bunch of sweaty lesbians throw elbows and scream ebonicisms at one another on TV when I can catch pretty much the same thing live at my local Popeye’s chicken or Chuck E. Cheese?

    Women’s sports died stillborn as a money-making enterprise in this country ages ago, as no one, women included, has the slightest interest in paying to see second-rate athletics performed at a boys’ high school level by some of the country’s most unattractive females (looking with revulsion at you, Megan Rapinoe). It does not help that many of them also have personalities even uglier than their resting bitch faces.

  2. Alex Lund

    Ok, just to read the names of the blacks makes my face start grinning.
    How do they come up with such names?
    Sorry, I forgot. Because we took them as slaves and were bad (read: tried to bring some civilization into their lives) they forgot how they nemad themselves in Africa and now have to re-invent themselves.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Sorry, other than horseback riding, horse racing, and skiing (delightfully Un-Africanized), I am done with sports. Yes, I got to see the Gods Play in football and you could go to games without fear of death. But now? Sports of any kind, including NASCAR is just another word for All Blacks. It’s brutal, it’s nasty business, and it is simply boring.

    • Filthie


      Some professional sports seems to have devolved. They slowly degenerated into ‘sportzball’ and now they’re turning into ‘niggerball’. Football just basically nigolatry now.

      Whitey is better off without this nonsense. Cut the cord, hit the off switch. At this point, if niggers are in the game, you and yours should get out. If you insist on playing…the consequences are on you.

  4. Steve S6

    What do the announcers do? Just use player numbers? I can’t imagine trying to pronounce those random alphabet “names”.

  5. Big Ruckus D

    Flay’Jae and MiLaysia.

    That’s it, that’s the whole joke. Nothing more needs to be added.

    You may all start laughing heartily now.

      • Big Ruckus D

        Yo yo dawg, I’m just embracing the black privilege of being lazy today. I’ll try to get back in proper form tomorrow. Now ‘scuse me while I go gets some ribs ‘n cornbread ‘n sheeeit.

    • Big Ruckus D

      Heh, yeah. Except they’ve already tried moving in on golf, as well. Although that project seems to have stalled for the moment.

      I saw some uppity transfaggot also just got slapped down from participating in some women’s golf tournament. A small win on principal, but then I don’t really concern myself with golf anyway. All the same, it’s nice to see them suffer at least a temporary setback from corrupting historically white institutions.

  6. SirLawrence

    All those White fathers put their daughters in noggerball to spend hours upon hours soaking in nogger “culture”, to literally rub elbows with some of the most violent and degenerate of urban joggers in the world because it is high-status to have a daughter in college and in sports.

    All of those White fathers see no problem with delaying motherhood, marriage, and sending their precious out into the urban hives and globohomo media complex for the cheap accolades of female sporty status and college credentials with some remote status striving of a profession of schoolyard games.

    The cucking is astronomical.

    Still we have white knights lamenting how a few mutants of the war on boys slipped into the girls locker room to beat them at their own fantasy when in reality these White girls are held in close proximity with black animals increasing their likelihood of rape and violence and mulatto spawn exponentially.

    I know women basketballers and nearly all have a story to tell of exactly those things.

    Even if this girl isn’t already programmed to hate her kind and the natural order, she will learn very quickly that her status and paycheck require her to sell out her people.

    And in that she will finally come full circle to sit beside her proud daddy at the footwashing station to shine the nogs in perpetuity.

    • Lineman

      Yea I’ve been blocked on Gab (when I was still on it) by stating that very thing to supposedly guys who were on our side of the aisle…I also stated that girls should not be going to college and that really got them bent out of shape…

      • SirLawrence

        Yeah Brother the “conservative” man is a tin-man. Empty chests. Most want to roll progress all the way back to 2019 to really show the libs.

        Not long back calling the bluff on their stronk independent wyves got you in trouble. E.g. If colleges run on misogyny and “rape culture”, then why is the most important thing then to send your daughter to college?

        Even now with the whole tradwife/tradlife counter-signaling on the socials, it is still verboten to point out that holding a gun or a baby or a cookbook in front of the camera does not mean one is not whoring out on the socials, appealing to the same gods just different brands.

        Real life is for living. The rest is a larp. Always will be. Coming home means being able to be honest about the most discomforting things that cut close. None of us are above it all but if we trade in the same dishonesty and status as the snakes, we will always be trapped in their charms.

        • Big Ruckus D

          Amen. The number of putatively “conservative” men who are fathers of girls and still want to turn them into strong independent girl bosses™️ replete with college indoctrination and participation in sportsball (which is even worse since women’s soccer and softball are hotbeds of dykery) is terribly discouraging.

          They are stuck in a mindset of molding their daughters into what the prevailing culture expects of them, instead of changing the prevailing culture to something that is better suited their daughters long term well being.

          They also capitulate to their wives, who have their husbands testicles in a ziplock bag buried somewhere their purse. And of course, they must agree to this arrangement or end up risking divorce rape, because their wives, in large part, were also brought up to be strong independent girl bosses™️.

          Genuinely hard times will wipe most of this shit off the slate. And genuinely hard times are coming. Regrettably, that appears the only force sufficient to have any chance of resetting the culture back to anything that resembles sanity. And that may not even do it, if I’m being honest.

          • Lineman

            It’s ironic at how many things cuckservatives are defending that were started by the Communist, one of the biggest being the public school system…

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