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The Degrading Death Of The Once Mighty British Navy

There was a time when the British navy ruled the seas. A fairly small island nation but with an empire that as the saying goes the sun never set upon. As with everything else about the United Kingdom, the past has faded quickly and the present is an embarrassing reminder of how quickly an empire can collapse.

HMS Prince Of Wales was commissioned in December of 2019 and cost over $4.4 billion (3.5 billion pounds), but less than five years later it is basically mothballed and might be sold off, leaving the UK with just one aircraft carrier.

Successive governments of both major parties opted to cash in the ‘peace dividend’, assuming with criminal complacency that a major war was no longer a possibility.

Shrinking defence spending let them plough vast sums into health and welfare without significantly increasing taxes.

While this policy might have been voter-friendly, it was spectacularly naive.

Today, the Army is smaller than it has been for two centuries, the Royal Navy is a pitiable shadow of its former strength and the RAF has woefully few combat jets. When top brass warn that we’d struggle to defend ourselves in a war, it is truly chilling.

The UK is one of the main cheerleaders for prolonging the war in Ukraine and even expanding it to include NATO forces. How can the UK hope to fight against Russia? It can’t of course and instead assumes America will take the lion’s share of the fighting, but the U.S. isn’t in any condition to fight Russia either.

Granted, the aircraft carrier is mostly a relic of a bygone era just as the battleship was mostly already obsolete when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor and sank so many of our battleships (while none of our aircraft carriers were in port, oddly enough….) but still, for England to be unable to field a proper Navy is an embarrassment. Like America but more so, the United Kingdom opted for a massive social welfare system and mass migration, and now finds itself a pitiable shadow of what it once was.

Our other “allies” are in the same poor shape or worse. NATO isn’t a competent fighting force and relies entirely on the U.S.. I doubt the UK or France or Germany could survive for very long in a near-peer conflict without U.S. assistance. Considering that the U.S. can’t even recruit enough soldiers to fill the ranks and our whiz bang weapon systems are not nearly as lethal as we were told, the rest of the world is realizing that the U.S. truly is a paper tiger.

It won’t be long until someone puts that to the test and when it does? The carnage will make the trenches of World War I look like a stroll in the park.

Ready to go to war Guvnor!


    • Steve

      The only problem with that is that there are a few foreign vultures waiting in the wings for that cleansing fire.
      If we get the fire, we have to deal with those vultures, we well as the biological garbage we have to take out as well. We’ll be overwhelmed.

  1. Exile1981

    Canada’s navy is also a joke, our subs are effectively death traps and most of our ships are so obsolete they are going to be useful for maybe the first 20 seconds of any shooting conflict and only as a way to divert missiles from other ships around them.

  2. Don Curton

    I long for the days of mean tweets and a president insisting that our NATO allies pay their share of the dues. Even better, quit NATO, quit the UN, burn down their headquarters and salt the earth afterwards.

  3. anonymous

    Britain is now subject to the rejects of their Empire.

    The USA is now being subjected to the rejects of ‘our’ Empire.

    Rome was overthrown by the rejects of their Empire.

    And so it goes with dynasties in China, Persia, and so on.

    It is fascinating that white men from a small obscure island in the North Atlantic could have put most of the globe beneath their rule. That they have failed and collapsed under the dregs of their Wogs is neither interesting nor surprising.

  4. Yankee Terrier

    There is need for the English soccer fans to emerge under the flag of the cross of Saint George and cleanse the UK of all muslim , African, and SubContinent influences AND individuals. The English ruffians when properly organized are who Wellington was referring to when he was asked “do you think your soldiers will frighten Napoleon?” to which he replied “I don’t know but they scare me!” This was 2 days before Waterloo. The Brits need to act soon, which I fear they won’t, but they do have the fight buried in them somewhere.

  5. Mike in Canada

    So ends more than five centuries of unrivalled naval tradition… as a naval history buff, this is beyond discouraging to me.
    Rule Britannia, no more.

  6. Alex Lund

    Who could have thougt that putting all your money into welfare for the invaders, sorry immigrants, and LGBT… issues would have negative side effects?
    Nobody could have foreseen this. Nobody!

    TRo quote Ayn Rand: You can ignore reality for a while but one day relity will crash through the wall of your imaginary “how the world is according to our leftwing predictions” bubble and hit you like a sledgehammer with barbed wire square in the face.

  7. Leo

    The carrier air wing had a US Marine Corps F-35 squadron as a major part, as the UK couldn’t put together a full wing.

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