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That Is Some Big-D Energy!

The crime itself is pretty standard black-having-a-fit but the mugshot? Perfection.

Big Dick Is Back In Town! Only the classiest of class acts wear a shirt like that in public.

Prosecutors say a man with an active arrest warrant killed his girlfriend after an argument by running over her with his car in a strip mall parking lot.

Jeremy Cummings, 38, had been on probation for a felony weapons case since August 2022. A judge put out a warrant for his arrest last June for violating probation, and the warrant remained active until police arrested him in connection with the murder last Thursday, according to court records.

Prosecutors said he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Joquetta McDonald Robinson, in the parking lot of the Foreman Mills store, 122 West 79th Street, around 6 p.m. on March 13.

Joquetta? WTF. CWBChicago is a treasure trove of stories like this. At least they won’t need to worry about that felony weapons case.


  1. Big Ruckus D

    Joquetta. And again they choose names that are a source of great…jocularity.

    Brohephus in the mug shot there may have that big D energy, but he’s got nothing on Big Ruckus D. Well, besides an upcoming murder rap and a trip to the pokey, where he will learn about real big D energy. Better get a hair cut, too. Don’t want to leave all those dreds to pull…

  2. Lineman

    Just goes to show you what kind of country we live in when they will let this piece of excrement walk around with a warrant out for his arrest but send the FBI after Granny who took a selfie in the capital building…

  3. Harbinger

    a warrant for his arrest last June…

    This tells me that those warrants are just a formality, and no one was ever assigned to locate and actively haul this cretin’s ass in. They know that in time Big Dick will find his own way back into the net. No need to waste LE resources in active pursuit.

    There are a number of sure cures for rampant recidivism, the least distasteful of which is locking repeat offenders away like the law prescribes. Yeah, I know. But a race realist can still dream.

    • Lineman

      There are a number of sure cures for rampant recidivism, the least distasteful of which is locking repeat offenders away like the law prescribes. Yeah, I know. But a race realist can still dream.

      I would say the least distasteful would be deporting back to their homeland and the most locking them up on our dime in MHO…

  4. Jay

    On the bright side, at least he took out the trash before heading back to the Pokey… I wonder how long before he gets out to break probation again? 24 hours? 48?

  5. Old Cranky Guy

    Arthur, I was over your way last Thursday thru Saturday at the big tractor show in Auburn. Again I was amazed at how polite, considerate, and pleasant every one there was, even to complete strangers. Of course there was no vibrant diversity there either, which probably explains it.

    Old Cranky Guy

  6. TakeAHardLook

    Again, we see the convergence of low IQ, zero impulse control, inability to calculate consequences for one’s actions and a nanometer-thick veneer of civilization–which is cracked by the merest slight, or feeling disrespected.

    Nogs. A divergent line Out of Africa that should have died out from its insignificance and worthlessness centuries ago.
    The entire continent of Africa survives on donated gibs from White Western nations.

  7. Bean Dip Tray

    Promote him to mayor of the CPUSA (D) golden crown jewel besides Detoilet and NYC or the behind enemy commie lines Baltimore/Philadelphia hole.
    The victim totem pole is getting crowded and the original CPUSA (D) plantation pet lifetime voters don’t care for the foreign competition at the GIBS/EBT buffet.
    Even professional voters know that there is a limit to the free stuff that YT will pay for.
    LMFAO earlier at some Denver (muh weed, put your weed in it) comrade voters complaining about the no borders and sanctuary city that they voted for.
    I’m always giddy when useless idiots get it good and hard with no lube.
    Send some of that Chicago enrichment west and Big Rastus will be in 303 D-Town.

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