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Technically Spring has sprung but as is usually the case here in the upper Midwest….it’s cold. Two days into “spring” and this is the situation…

At least the wind has died down, the last two days it was slightly warmer but super windy making it feel a lot worse. Of course that was a great time for a mama piggie to have baby piggies so the wife was out at 2 AM yesterday and spent all morning midwifing the mama in bitterly cold and windy temperatures. Another mama pig is getting really close, should be any day now and of course we have snow in the forecast for tonight…

This graph is painfully accurate….

I would make October even smaller, that is by far the best month weather-wise and it seems to go by in a flash.

You take the good with the bad I guess. The weather this time of year sucks, months dragging by of cold and wind where the sun rarely makes an appearance but on the other hand we don’t have many snakes and zero alligators.


  1. Harbinger

    We’ve got the opposite here in South Texas. A few random days of ‘winter’ (this time around it was exactly two bitterly cold nights in January), glorious weather in spring (mid-February through March), brutally hot summer (April through October) and then back to glorious weather in autumn (November into January). Its a cool 72 today, but tomorrow we are back into the 80s (it reached 90 for the first time this year toward the end of February). We just had our a/c system serviced three days ago in anticipation of another wicked 7 month long summer season.

    Oh, and we also get solar eclipses. Not looking forward to my little town being overrun by astronomy tourism next month.

    • Arthur Sido

      The eclipse is going to run right through Indianapolis and just to the south and east of us, I might drive into Ohio a bit but I won’t be going far to see it.

  2. SirLawrence

    The upside is the monkey murder months are real short relative to the dormant months. Unfortunately, they still haven’t come up with a pesticide that manages to prevent the propagation of niglet pupas below the frost line and so every summer a new hatch emerges and immediately starts destroying everything.

    I prefer the Great White north, in general, but since $$>White Solidarity everywhere, including the frozen mountains, I opted for a more temperate spot where the whites celebrate their dusky dung beetle sports champions and mudsharking daughters, but at least they smile and are polite and blessed my days when they are screwing me over that last nickel as part of one of their many hustles to monetize everything above the frost line.

    All about trade-offs and your appetites. Spring is here already. So that’s nice.

    • Original Grandpa

      Lawrence, “$$>White solidarity” is partially true, sadly. Priorities won’t change for some until “it hurts”. Nearly everyone up here in the Great White North that has arrived recently, are folks who decided “White solidarity” is greater than their love of money; and have found welcoming communities of like-minded folks – and have found “money” is not nearly as important as safety and a more temperate society…

  3. kevinH

    It is just too bad that the weather isn’t as effective at keeping the swarthier types away as it is with giant toothed reptiles.

  4. Lineman

    That’s why I get a kick out of people that tell me we can’t move to MT it’s to cold up there…The temp up here was mid 60s the last week…I grew up in the Midwest and I would take our weather up here any day of the week over it…I hate the wind though so that might be the factor…

  5. SirLawrence

    Wasn’t but a month ago when everyone north of mizzou was bragging about how cold it was and how it weeds out the whimpy men and only RealWhiteMen(tm) can handle the frozen norte.

    So which is it? Are you irrigating the crops yet?

    I get the notion of validating our personal choices, but I don’t get why Our Guy insist on making universals out of personals and denigrating other men’s choices via some disposable passive-aggressive online flex.

    There are tradeoffs. We all get to decide which parts of the great suck we prefer over the others but there is no place that is immune to the culture, the suck, or the idea of trade offs in general.

    If there is a moral position to one’s geographic choices vis a vis our people, I have yet to see it in writing – or in practice that supersedes one’s personal economics.

    Some of the whitest, most beautiful places here, or on earth really, are terrible/difficult places to live.

    In no small part due to the apparently innate suicidal tendencies and conditioned atomized, deracinated, and progressive cultural orientation of the whites already there.

    I say, all the pipe-hitting wignats out west can clean up their own backyards first. Then do the sell job on its greatness.

    I wish them well. I wish all our remnant to thrive where they are.

    For the time being, however, money talks and money makes it all go round. Everywhere. And I’ve been everywhere.

    Folks here are nice as can be. Right up til they chain their dogs to the tree, abuse their kids, litter and burn and pollute their creeks, celebrate blackness and stronk girls and gunsluts and missions to Africa and ghost you over a job you are trying to give them instead of the Mexicans or the big box store because some other guy will pay them more – or they are too tired from making hay off the urban sunshine’s moving in who they hate but will pay 2x.

    Everybody hates the outsiders; everybody loves their home equity rocket ship and little hat level price gauging.

    Everybody has a price; everybody is for sale. Reconcile that.

    The “weather” is the least of our problems. But cold is cold and hot is hot, no amount of pride can change that.

    • Lineman

      Sounds like you have a lot of bitterness in you from someone doing something to you in your past but that wasn’t me and it was just an observation of the excuses people use that really is just an excuse because it can get cold anywhere…

      • SirLawrence

        Bitter is the flavor of our decline. Just the truth.

        I’ve seen enough white brothers screw each other through Covid and profit from the war that it hardly phases me.

        But we should all be so moved by the inert, flabby feminized cuckening that has overtaken everything.

        There is some line between a man’s excuses and his preferences, however, that gets blurred by our own ideas of what’s right and good.

        Plenty here haven’t moved an inch in generations and yet have no idea what’s coming or what has befouled their brothers afar or what needs to be done during the coming transition.

        Plenty of actual excuses too, so I hear you on that for sure.

        Opinions are bountiful, solutions to our actual problems are scarce. Big Ruckus D sums it up pretty good down below.


    I used to run cross country and track as a youngster in northwest Ohio and February and March were the most miserable months to train. Cold, bleak and friggin’ windy. It seemed like you were always running against the wind freezing your face.

  7. Greg

    We’ve had a week of “teaser” spring, with temps typical of late May. It won’t last, and my best hope is that a few more nights of hard frost will kill off the bugs that were fooled into hatching out early.

  8. Coelacanth

    Wife has a scad of cousins in upstate Noo Yawk. One of them told me that they had 6 seasons up there – winter, more winter, still more winter, still more winter dammit, mud, and construction…
    He’s not wrong.

  9. Bean Dip Tray

    It was snowing lightly the other day during Pineland Safehouse visit and the pallets of wood are drying nicely and that smell when it is burning is so comforting and warming.
    Some rounds of wood splitter action when it warms up!
    I’ve already collected and owe some labor to Harold the Brain.
    Sunny and chilly with strong wind here in Crapitol City, comrades of the collective.
    Grab up your EBT card and pick up a barbecue party supply stockpile courtesy of the US Taxpayer, si se puede!
    Don’t forget to flip the bird to all statist utopian subhuman commie RAT scum as part of the New Civility.
    Yes we can!

  10. TakeAHardLook

    Well, the above “Current Weather” screenshot DOES show “Air Quality Excellent” (the AQ in my freezer is excellent, also).

    My aunt lives in Maine; I once asked her what it was like. Her response: “We’ve got two seasons: August and Winter.”

    Then she sent me a photo of her north-facing backyard on July 4th Weekend: still about three feet of slowly-melting snow from the 30 foot rooftop drift accumulated that previous winter.

    Nah. Never visited her there. Ever.

  11. Big Ruckus D

    We’ve been unseasonably warm here in my neck of the woods for a couple of weeks now, but with some 2-3 day stretches back near freezing overnight, as it was still officially winter and the early spring like conditions were just a bonus. Many flowers and trees have already been in full bloom for nearly 2 weeks now. Not sure if this portends badly for an brutally hot and humid summer (which we typically get here anyway to one extent or another) but I was done with winter, totally tired of the cold, and doubly glad to be back on DST now. I’m not much of an morning person, so the offset of daylight further into the evening is very much my preference.

    Lots of outside projects that need doing, so need to find my motivation to get them started here ASAP. I will say regarding our respective chosen home bases, that while I can find plenty to bitch about where I’m at in terms of demographics (and all that comes from that), tax policies, commute times and yes even the weather, I was born and raised here, and my whole immediate family is all here (within a sub 1 hour drive radius) so it’s home. I could contemplate living elsewhere, and perhaps will eventually have to make that decision if my present AO is overrun before enough serious effort can be mustered to save it. I’m ready, but most around me are still bullshitting and making excuses. I suspect many posting here will find attitudes to be much the same in their respective AO. The conciliatory, fake Christian “all are welcome” mind disease of self-disenfranchisement by way of “tolerance” is alive and well. We need crusades, and yet have precious few crusaders.

    White men have been moving along, trying to leave behind those who have advanced on their previous living environments for too long. With that, we (collectively) have abandoned land, resources, communities, houses, and businesses that were built up – oftentimes from nothing – and ceded them to ungrateful, parasitic shitheads. We need to stop doing that, and instead take them head on and force them to STFU or (preferably AND) leave. All of this is our creation, and we should have sole claim to it without the dogshit of humanity repeatedly stealing it away from us and ruining it. This has gone on far too long; my grandparents were the first generation to practice white flight in the 50’s, and look where that has gotten us all.

    I can’t stand Don Henley as a person (giant flaming libtard jerkoff that he is) but he had a lyrical bit in “The Last Resort” that states “there is no new frontier, we will have to make it here.” That pretty well sums up what we need to be doing, instead of running off to an ever shrinking redoubt that is being actively encroached on anyway. If we continue to do the latter instead of putting up the fight required, we will end up like the Serbs in the Yugoslavian-Bosnian war, or “Native Americans” (a term that I take issue with semantically, because having been born here, I meet the strict dictionary definition of “native”, but anyway) who were pushed into ever smaller scrub land for their reservations and have been floundering in mediocrity ever since. And that’s not just a bad way to go, it is quite likely the worst possible outcome.

    • Lineman

      Traveling right now so can’t respond with a lot but I just want you to do me a favor and think about what you wrote about the Indians and see how that applies to us in staying isolated within just our tribes and trying to hold territory…More later…

      • Big Ruckus D

        I think I grasp what you are alluding to, but I remain uncertain whether those of us of like mind are better served by being concentrated in a narrow geographic area, or being scattered. There is merit to both arguments, in that being concentrated allows us to pool resources, but also leaves us more readily wiped out in greater numbers by the enemy (ala the Serbs) should they attack with sufficient resources and capability. In that case, being scattered gives (some) of us a better shot at survivability in small pockets that are a bit more off the radar.

        Patton characterized fixed fortifications as monuments to human stupidity, and in at least some contexts, that makes a lot of sense. It is the ever present “all the eggs in one basket” quandary. So, I can see the wisdom of both ways of viewing the issue of how our resistance is best distributed for the greatest chance of success.

        There is also the fact that pulling up stakes and leaving everything behind is an easy solution to pay lip service to, but practical considerations make it less easy to implement in reality. Yes, that may be viewed as a cop out (and it is, to some extent) but when ones own parents and siblings, nieces, nephews etc. are all (or mostly) within their existing AO, and it is unlikely that they can all be convinced to upend their lives to move to a distant and unfamiliar territory, barring the immediate and clearly present threat of being slaughtered by invasive adversaries. That, regrettably, is an innate characteristic of human psychology, and is very difficult to overcome with mere hypotheticals (no matter how self evidently imminent they may be) to justify such an extreme action. I don’t relish the idea of leaving everything I know behind and starting over, because it is difficult. And I make no bones about the fact that I try to avoid creating self imposed difficulty in my life, to the extent I can avoid doing so. Sometimes circumstances dictate that I must do so, but there is a certain threshold that must be crossed to convince me of the need for that. It isn’t there, yet.

        • Berglander

          “ I was born and raised here, and my whole immediate family is all here (within a sub 1 hour drive radius) so it’s home.”

          Years ago at Ft. Knox, I was doing night land nav and stumbled across and old homestead, complete with a family graveyard. Took a few minutes to look around, there were headstones from the 1700’s.
          Years later I thought about how much of a mark we leave on a place, and how we become a part of it. Those people had both their ancestors and children buried there. They’re literally in the soil and the plants all around.
          I understand the impetus to all gather together, but I also believe that we need to hold on to the places that are dear to us.
          One thing that kills me are the “I just retired from living in California for 60 years and moved to Montana” people.
          So, you’ve lived there 60 years and built…nothing? And now you want to jump ship and come out here where everyone else has put in the work to build a community? Ain’t nobody got time for that.


      Great song BRD. Last verse says it all:

      And you can see them there
      On Sunday morning
      And stand up and sing about
      What it’s like up there
      They call it paradise
      I don’t know why
      You call someplace paradise
      Kiss it goodbye

      I consider myself a Christian, but I’m happy to be a dissident in the midst of normie Christians who slavishly support (((the problems we face))).

  12. Bongwater

    Here by saint george floyd square we had 4″ snow-but relax the rest of minneapolis is still chimpin’ and pimpin’

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